Your Guide to Fishing on An Electric Bicycle

Your Guide to Fishing on An Electric Bicycle

What do any hunters do when they aren't hunting? They go fishing.

Fortunately, you can repurpose that hunting ebike as a fishing ebike to climb equally tough and rugged terrain. 

Everything that helps an eBike to revolutionize your hunting experience carries over. Fishing electric bikes take you miles into the woods to those secrete spots and you don't have to worry about disturbing the wildlife with excessive noise and potential leaks.

While a typical ebike can function as a perfectly suitable fishing bicycle, there are some things you need to be aware of before you purchase a new ebike or take one on your trip.

Here are a few tips and practices to help you get started on a fishing ebike.

Research Local Hunting and Fishing Rules

Unfortunately, your electric fishing bicycle isn't welcome everywhere. Like hunting, certain areas might have regulations that prohibit their use or limit usage to certain eBike classes. Do the research ahead of time to get a general understanding of eBike regulations in your state so you at least know what to expect to run into at any fishing spots.

Also, make sure to read all of the rules listed on the bulletins surrounding the areas you intend to fish — Just the same as you would if you’re unsure if trolling motors are permitted for use on some ponds. 

Scout the Land Ahead of Time

Staying out of the water is easier said than done. Many trails surrounding lakes, rivers, and creeks, are narrow and obscured by heavy brush. It can be hard enough to avoid accidental falls into the water on foot, not to mention an eBike. 

It can be tempting to venture further than you have before, but you shouldn't take the eBike down unfamiliar trails and risk a nasty spill. Walk the line first. Make sure you won't end up taking a nose dive into deep puddles or worse. 

On that note, always be mindful of your range. If you're going deep into the woods to reach a fishing spot, make sure it takes up no more than half of your max range. It's the only way to ensure you've got enough juice to make it back to your truck. 

Your Guide to Fishing on An Electric Bicycle

Wear Proper Footwear

Plenty of your eBike fishing adventures are going to take place in the summertime. So naturally, the heat can inspire you to be a little laxer in your footwear selection, but you don't want to rock anything with an open-toe or lack of grip. 

For one, you never know what kind of brush you'll roll through along the water’s edge. You don't want to risk getting poison ivy or something similar on your feet. 

Your feet will also collect plenty of mud and moisture that will kill traction on the pedals. Even if you intend to use the motor most of the time, you want to wear something with enough grip to keep your feet from sliding off and causing a wreck or injury. 

Ride on Fat Tires

Another feature you always want to see on an eBike used for fishing is a set of fat tires. 

As you ride along, you're going to encounter lots of mud, rock, moss, brush, and other obstacles traditional tires simply can't handle. Sticking with traditional bicycle tires will make an uncomfortable ride and defeat the purpose of the fishing bicycle altogether. 

Fat tire ebikes provide a bigger contact patch and aggressive tread specifically for such conditions. They also offer a much softer ride, which you will appreciate on those rough trails. 

Maintain Your Fishing eBike

Taking your eBike to fishing spots means you will get mud and water on everything. That includes parts chain and other areas that require a clean surface and lubrication. 

Give your fishing eBike a good cleaning after every fishing trip. Otherwise, your bike will begin or may even malfunction during rides. 

It's also essential to keep a close eye on tire pressures before each ride. As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure your tires are set lower than average to travel through rough terrain comfortably. It's also a good practice because of the many sharp rocks and stray fishing hooks you're going to encounter.  

Select the Right eBike Accessories

Look for features that work for you. For example, saddlebags can double as tackle boxes, rifle holders as storage for your rod, and fishing eBikes even come with optional angler-angled packages. Have fun and customize the bike to enhance your fishing experience. 

Which Fishing eBike is Right for Me?

Finding the right fishing ebike depends on a few factors: 

  • Do most of the riding take place on long gravel roads? 
  • Am I riding along narrow and winding creeks and lake beds?
  • How far away is my fishing site?
  • How much gear am I carrying with me?
  • How steep is the terrain?

These questions will help determine which fishing ebike you should purchase. 

Generally, these factors will influence which fishing ebike best works for your set of terrain and fishing needs:

Factors like motor torque, battery voltage, and max power impact how far and fast you can go and on what terrains. 

But even small factors like frame and chains composition should be considered for problems like rust or durability if you take a fall on the path. Additionally, transportation, class, and weight capacity all impact how much you can carry and even where you’re allowed to go in certain areas. 

There is no one universally superior eBike for this territory. Do your research and read online reviews to find the perfect fishing electrical bicycle for you. 

At the end of the day, taking an eBike fishing isn't all that different from hunting. The major difference is that you'll need to be aware of snagging your fishing rod on the brush if you can't break it down. 

It all comes down to mindfulness of local regulations and the terrain. Once you hash those details out, you can quickly hone in on the eBike that's best for your situation. 

As for riding styles and preparation, it's largely the same as any other situation. Of course, you want to avoid water as best you can and avoid biting off more than you can chew. Otherwise, it's as easy as riding a bike. 

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