Top 7 Electric Hunting Bikes for 2019

Feb 09, 2019 3 comments
Top 7 Electric Hunting Bikes for 2019

Are you looking for an easier way to get to your blind or tree stand? Or perhaps check all your trail cams in  a fraction of the time it takes today? 

Is that sweet spot you know getting harder to reach?

When you have to carry 50lbs of gear on your back for 5 or even 10 miles and if you’re lucky you have something to haul back out, using an electric bike built specifically for offroad and woodlands that is also capable of carrying your gear, wouldn’t that make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable?

Bowhunter on Quietkat Electric Hunting Bike

Electric hunting bikes have been around for a few years and technology has come a long way. 

Today an ebike built specifically for the purpose of hunting can make a big difference to the success of your trip and every trip after that. 

I recently sold an ebike to a hunter out in the mid west and as we got chatting about what type of components he would need it came up that getting the ebike was actually his wife’s idea. 

She told him that since he was getting on in years and his knees were not as reliable as they once were, his wife would feel a lot better knowing he had the bike to help him get in and out. 

It was the first time I really considered the emotional aspect of not only the hunter and the benefits the ebike brings to the hunt, but also to the piece of mind the family have. 

Knowing the rider can still travel on the ebike without pedaling (in case of injury for example) by just engaging the throttle.  Or just getting out of a precarious situation in a matter of second.  The benefits stretch further than riding uphill with ease. 

Hunter on Electric Hunting Bike with trailer

Anyway, I wanted to present to you what I feel are the best 7 ebikes for hunting on the market today.  The list truth be told could have been 17 but who has time to read through all those?!

Before getting into the list of bikes I selected I thought it would be helpful to explain a few fundamentals and what actually makes a good ebike and more importantly what makes a good ebike for hunting, including the motor types, and how to calculate the range of the battery, as it’s the battery that determines range.

So what is an electric hunting bike? 

Is it just an ebike with a slick camo paint job? Luckily not!  Otherwise you wouldn’t get very far on one.

What makes an ebike adapt for hunting? Well, a regular ebike is basically a bicycle with a motor attached and a battery to power the motor.  An electric hunting bike is so much more. 

The really good electric hunting bikes that we’ll look at later in the write up start with the motor, a motor that is powerful enough to carry a 300lbs rider and still tow a trailer with lots of gear. 

The bike is then designed and built around that motor. 

BackCountry eBike Mule

The bike frame needs to be built to withstand the rough terrain yet be light enough to lift out of your pick up or trailer.

Front suspension is a very important aspect for a smooth ride.  Nobody wants to clamp their finely tuned bow to their handle bars only to ride 10 miles rocking and vibrating all the way in. 

Ebikes built for hunting also have fat tires ranging between 4” and 4.8” so most terrain is a breeze.

One ebike on the list (The Mule) actually has a walk-assist mode too.  Imagine you are pulling a load on the bike trailer and you come to a terrain or hill that you’re not confident navigating on the saddle.  You can walk beside the bike with the walk-assist engaged at 2.5 mph and the ebike does the heavy lifting. 

 The Mule ebike and rider

As I explain which 7 ebikes make the list and why, take note of the different types of motors.  The motor is the most important aspect of the ebike and depending on what you use it for and where you plan to use it, should be the biggest factor when choosing your next electric hunting bike.

Which ebike motor is best?

Well really it depends on what you’re planning on using it for.  If you’re using it on moderate to rough terrain with some hill climbing a regular mid drive would be best suited.

If you know you will have some challenging hills and/or rough terrain that you need to be in complete control of the power output then the Ultra mid drive is the one that will get the job done best. 

If you have moderate terrain with some hills but nothing too steep (not over 20°) a rear hub motor will do a good job and you won’t even need the higher priced mid drive or Ultra mid drive.

Rear Hub Motor

Rear Hub Motor

The rear hub sits inside the back wheel.  The hub motor is simple and quite inexpensive to manufacture and so usually used on ebikes that don't need the hill capabilities of the mid drive which means a less expensive ebike.  

Hub motors tend to be more about raw power and brute force, it pushes from the back and can feel similar to the force of a motorcycle.  One nice feature is since the rear hub spins the wheel, if the chain was to snap you could still get back to camp or home. 

The mid drive motor works with the drivechain so a snapped chain would prevent the bike from operating.  Not so much an issue now with the bikes on this list as they all use harden steel chain links built to withstand the extra pressure put on the chain by the motor, but still something to consider...

Mid Drive Motor

Mid Drive Motor

Mid drive motors sit encased in the frame between the pedals and offer a more balanced, even force which feels more natural. 

Mid drive motors are known for higher performance and torque when compared to a traditional hub motor allowing it to perform better on hills.

One key reason is the mid drive motor drives the crank, instead of the wheel itself, multiplying its power and allowing it to better take advantage of the bike’s existing gears. 

Mid drive motors are more expensive than hub motors so the ebikes with this motor are a higher price point.

Ultra Mid Drive Motor

Ultra Mid Drive Motor

Ultra mid drive motors are the best motors on the market today.  The Ultra mid drive motor is made by Bafang (G510) and has all the performance capabilities of the regular mid drive and more. 

A regular mid drive has both cadence and speed sensors, while the Ultra has a torque sensor too. 

A torque sensor is the best control you can have over an ebike. The harder you push the more assistance you get proportionally.  There are also sensors that will reduce power when the system senses that the rider is going to shift gears to make the shift smoother. 

What about ebike range?

Well the range is determined by the battery.  As long as you get a battery by a well known manufacturer like Samsung, LG or Panasonic the general rules apply.  Get a lesser known lower quality battery and the lifespan and individual charges are not so great.

But how is ebike range calculated?

The way to calculate the range of an ebike is by checking the 2 key values, volts and Amp Hours (Ah).

When you multiply the number of volts by the number of Ah you get a new value, this value is known as Watt Hours. 

On average in real world terms an ebike will use around 20 watt hours per mile, so that is how we can figure it out. 

Here’s an example:  48 Volts x 10 Ah = 480 Wh.  480 divided by 20 = 24 miles.

And that’s 24 miles with only throttle, no pedaling.  If you use the pedal assist function the range can double.

There are factors that will vary this somewhat. Rider weight, wind conditions, terrain, uphill.  Even really cold weather could cause you to lose 15% more battery juice compared to a nice Summers day. 

But with the calculation I just showed you at least you can read an ebike listing and know the true range you get.


Anyway, Let’s get into it…

Let’s take a look at the Top 7 Electric Hunting Bikes for 2019….. and at any stage you want to check out the full description you can click on the model name or the image itself and the full ebike description will open in a separate page.


  1. The 2019 Mule by BAKCOU

The Mule is available in either the 750 watt or 1000 watt and carries that phenomenal Ultra mid drive Bafang motor so the performance on steep hills and rough terrain makes this ebike a best in class.

Mule Electric Hunting Bike

Priced a few hundred bucks less than the other 1000 watt ebikes on this list yet it’s the only one that carries the Ultra motor.  Built by hunters for hunters, the Mule comes as standard with front light, fenders, rear rack and Teflon liners to help prevent punctures.

The 750 watt model has a top speed of 20mph while the 1000 watt model reaches 28mph without pedaling.  Stand over height of 26 inches so ranging from 5’6” to 6’4” this frame size is perfect.

The battery is a 48V, 14.5Ah extended distance built with Samsung cells.  This particular battery releases energy more efficiently than most batteries so range can reach 40 miles on a single charge.

The Mule also has a cool walk-assist mode so if you need to get off and walk but don’t want to carry the gear you can engage the motor at 2.5mph and the bike will cruise along with you and do the heavy lifting for you.

What I like most about the Mule:

  • The 750 Watt motor is actually a 1000 Watt motor dialed back to 750 so it can be dialed up again.
  • The Mule comes fully accessorized 
  • Walk- assist mode is an awesome hidden feature
  • Has both Eco & Sport modes

product page


  1. The R750XP by Rambo Bikes

The R750XP is Rambo’s 2018 model that was so successful they’re keeping it for 2019. 

Rambo R750XP Electric Hunting Bike in carbon paint

It has a Bafang mid drive 750 watt motor and is powered by a 48V, 11.6Ah Panasonic battery. Top speed of 20mph and can get over 20 miles of range.  Stand over height of 28 inches.  Comes in either the classic derailleur set up or a 3 speed hub.

Rambo Bikes have also the 1000 watt version of the model.  Aptly named the R1000XP, same frame with a larger 1000 watt motor and a larger battery of  48V, 14.5Ah and a top speed of 28mph .  The R750XP and the R1000XP are real good hill climbers making use of that mid drive so ideal for moderate to rough terrain and hilly areas.

What I liked:

  • Frame design allows for a comfortable riding position with stand over height of 28"
  • Has the option of derailleur or internal gear hub
  • Comes in camo or dipped in carbon paint
  • Feels very powerful

product page


  1. The Rambo R1000XP

Rambo 1000XP Electric Hunting Bike

The R1000XP is Rambos most powerful 1000 watt mid drive electric hunting bike.  Also similar to the Rambo 750XP but with a larger battery, more powerful motor and greater top speed of 28mph.  Stand over height of 26 inches.


Since the R1000XP also has the mid drive it’s a good hill climber and can handle difficult terrain. 

Top speed of 28mph and with a battery of 48V, 14.5Ah you can go 20 miles unassisted (throttle only) before needing to recharge or swap batteries.  Rambo wanted to put out in the market a real monster of an ebike so hunters can tackle any terrain and power along silently and scent free. 

The R1000XP is the pinnacle of elite electric hunting bikes.

What I liked the most:

  • Large 14.5Ah battery for better range
  • Massive 4.8" fat tires
  • 4 piston hydraulic brakes
  • Fast:  Top speed is 28mph

product page


  1. The Electric Juggernaut by Rungu

 Electric Juggernaut MDV ebike

The Electric Juggernaut is a unique ebike hybrid, it’s like the lovechild between a bicycle and an ATV.

The Electric Juggernaut is truly an all terrain vehicle.  It has 2 massive fat tires up front, each one with it’s own front suspension and one wheel at the bike.  Originally designed for riding the soft sand dunes of California hunters quickly saw the potentials for taking it offroad.  With 2 wheels upfront it can tackle even soft snow and no risk of the front wheel washing out.

It also uses a Bafang mid drive motor and can tackle all types of terrain and hills.

It has a 1000 watt motor and 52V, 15Ah battery.  Top speed is 22 mph and a range of approx.. 18 miles unassisted and over 50 miles on pedal assist.  The range is hindered by the extra size and weight and that why the range unassisted is not as far as some of the other models listed.

What I liked about it the most:

  • It's unique and an absolute show stopper!
  • Built is the USA
  • All season, all terrain vehicle
  • Completely stable.  No need even to put a foot on the ground when stationary

product page


  1. The Ranger by Quietkat

Quietkat 2019 Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

The Ranger is the only rear hub motor that made the list.  I wanted to include one rear hub as not everyone is looking for the best hill climbing bike out there.  If you want an ebike that is built tough, reliable and has a good Bafang 750 rear hub motor, the Ranger is the best for you.  It performs well on moderate terrain with some hills but performs better on lower gradient inclines.

The Ranger reaches a top speed of 19mph unassisted and go for 20 miles unassisted on a full charge, if assisted by pedal assist the range can double.  Stand over height is 32 inches.

The beauty of the Ranger is what you get for the price.  It’s a Quietkat bike, so built to last, and if you don’t need to tackle steep hills you can save $1000 and choose the rear hub motor Ranger.

Why I like the Ranger:

  • More affordable than a mid drive bike
  • Rugged and feels very stable to ride
  • Lots of power on flats on moderate hills

product page


  1. The Storm by BAKCOU

The Storm is built by the same guys that make the Mule so that’s already a guarantee.

The Storm by BAKCOU comes in either 750 watt or 1000 watt, both versions are the Bafang Ultra mid drive so you get the best motor there is.  The Storm is also full suspension (the only one one the list).  It’s built for extreme terrain and offroad.  It’s very agile and can go pretty much anywhere. 

It has been completely overhauled and upgrade in August 2019 and now is tougher and more powerful than before.  This has 26"x4" fat tires. 

With the extended distance battery made of Samsung cells with 48V, 17.4Ah you can expect to get 40 miles on a single charge with the option to upgrade to a 21Ah battery for even longer range.  This model is more of a joyride than a cruiser so choose wisely, if you choose the Storm you may have too much fun!

What I liked:

  • It's very solid and feels really rugged
  • Full suspension so very smooth ride
  • Air suspension is the smoothest available
  • 4 piston hydraulic brakes
  • Comes with rear rack and fenders

product page


  1. The Warrior by Quietkat

Quietkat 2019 Warrior 1000 watt electric hunting bike

The Warrior is Quietkat’s most popular model.  1000 watt mid drive motor with a top speed of 25mph.

The Warrior boasts a 48V, 11.6Ah but since it’s powering the 1000W motor the range is approx.. 18 miles per charge if unassisted. Double that if using the pedal assist mode.

With a stand over height of 32 inches it’s a larger frame size so can feel big to anyone 5’8” or smaller.

The aggressive style makes it look and feel powerful.  Like all Quietkat ebikes, the frames is rustproof and has a lifetime warranty against flaws in workmanship.  It’s built to take abuse and rise above.  It will raise your hunting success and make it look easy.  Mid drive motors are notoriously quiet so there’s no spooking game.

Why the Warrior is great:

  • fast top speed of 25mph
  • feels powerful and strong.  It's well put together
  • Mid drive so climbs very with with little or no effort

product page

Whichever electric hunting bike you choose, take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Go Farther – Electric hunting bikes help you go farther in a fraction of the time it would take to walk in
  • No Scent Trail - With an electric hunting bike you can move around without leaving a scent trail and gain a very important advantage when you need it most.
  • Move Stealthily – Electric hunting bikes are surprisingly quiet so you don’t spook the game.
  • Carry Extra Gear - They are built to carry 300lbs and if that’s not enough the trailers can carry an additional 100lbs so you can make it one quick effortless trip in and out instead of a tiring back and forth lugging heavy gear on your back.  Plus the bunch of other accessories available like rear racks and waterproof saddle bags for extra storage on the bike and not on your back.
  • Stay Out Longer - With the possibility to carry more gear and supplies you can stay out longer than before.
  • Age is Not a Factor -  Electric hunting bikes make it easier for anyone to reach distant spots without the fatigue of hiking with gear so no matter your age or physical stature those once forgotten golden spots are attainable again.
  • Limited Mobility Not an Obstacle - Hunters with limited mobility, whether it’s an old injury that didn’t heal properly or a life changing injury, an ebike for hunting can make a world of difference and get you back out hunting again.
  • Reach Remote Unspoiled Spots - You can go farther than the weekend warrior is willing to walk.  Leave them behind and take your hunting ebike to that remote location.
  • Check Trail Cameras Quickly -  Electric hunting bikes can go between 20 and 28 mph depending on the model.  You can check your perimeter and trail cameras and be back before you miss anything.
  • Stay Safe – These hunting ebikes are fast so you can get out of a potentially dangerous situation in seconds
  • Environmentally Friendly -  Hunting is also about preservation. Ebikes are extremely friendly to the environment.

I’d love to know what you all think, and if you have another model you would put on this list.  I could have had a dozen more bikes of the same caliber get a mention but this is a good start. 

If you are still on the fence and not ready to pull the trigger, you could take a look at this independent review of the best electric hunting bikes.

If you have any questions about any of these ebikes you can drop my an email  on  I’d be happy to help you find the best electric hunting bike for your needs.

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  • I’ve been wanting to get an electric hunting bike for a while but I’m curious about charging the batteries while out hunting. How long would I need to run a generator for to top off a battery? Would a solar panel even get the job done? Seems like extra batteries might make the most sense. How long would one of these batteries take to charge from empty?

    Randy on

  • HI Berry,
    The Mule 1000 & Storm 1000 both come in 17" and 19" frame size options so you should be able to find the right sixe for you both. The 17" frame is best suited for heights ranging from 5’2" to 5’8" and the 19" frame for 5’8" and above. BackCountry eBikes are the makers or both models you like and they are hunters based out in Ogden Utah and they don’t make average bikes, they focus on elite hunting bikes that will get the job done. They are designed to take a beating a perform well doing so. Both models have that coveted ULTRA mid drive motor so climbing hills and tackling rough terrain offroad will be a joy to experience.

    They only use top grade components that can stand the test of rough offroad as that is what they are built to do. I have sent you additional info by email also, so you can make an educated decision on what suits you and your wife the best.

    John Murphy on

  • I really like the mule 1000 watt and the the storm 1000 watt, do you know what the stand over heights are? Im going to purchase 2, 1 for my wife and 1 for me. Are the components up upgradeable or are they good enough quality for rugged outdoor punishment.

    Berry Whatley on

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