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 Eunorau fat tire ebike in the desert


Since the bicycle was first invented in 1817, bikes have been associated with adventure,  exercise, freedom, and movement.  Some bicycling purists have scoffed at the role that electric bikes can play in this journey.  However, at Eunorau, we know that the electric bike gives you the chance to go further, explore more, move more, have more freedom.  They are everything you love about cycling and the cyclist lifestyle, just more.


E mountain bikes give you the ability to see more of nature.  All athletes have their limits.  Respecting those limits and safe cycling habits often mean turning back before you can finish an adventure.  With an electric mountain bike, you have the extra power to take you farther.  It is your backup energy, so that you can feel confident stretching your limits.  Whether you are looking for a road ebike or electric hunting bike, electric bikes can provide you with the confidence to do more.


Eunorau offers a range of affordable electric ebikes and ebike accessories.  You can adapt a current bike or get one of our specialized models.  Our fat tire ebike is a customer favorite because it is designed to provide a comfortable, sturdy ride in a variety of terrains and conditions. 

Our bikes are designed with a mix of comfort and usability in mind.  The step through ebike design allows riders a more upright riding position and is easy to mount and dismount.  While the heavier design of a step through frame might be a disadvantage in a purely person-powered bicycle, with an electric boost, the extra weight is less of a problem.  The mid drive ebike design provides greater performance because it drives the crank, which increase torque.  We also offer a folding ebike design that is perfect for commuters.

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