Top 7 Fat Tire eBikes for 2020

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Top 7 Fat Tire eBikes for 2020

Do you like to travel a different path? Maybe cruise down the beach?

Do you simply love biking and would like to extend your riding season? 

Fat tire eBikes might be perfect for you. These rugged and unusually looking rides are not exclusive for off-roaders anymore. Electric fat tire bikes are all the rage as more and more riders realize their versatility and practicality in almost any weather or situation.

Aside from having great off-road performance, fat tire eBikes are probably among the best for daily riding. The onboard motor means you no longer have to worry about the tires higher rolling resistance.

If your daily commute means having to travel over rough roads, you should really try a fat tire electric bike.

There are plenty of big tire bikes models out there. Make sure to pick one that suits your needs. Here are the best models out there, and the list has just been updated to include a new entry.  Here they are:


Rambo Roamer 750W XC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Rambo Roamer fat tire ebike is a mid drive ebike with a dark green camo point job. image is a side profile facing right on a white background

If ‘hunter bikes’ is your thing, the new Rambo Roamer mountain bike is a great choice. It’s hardtail frame sports an extra-wide 4-inch puncture-proof fat tires and a powerful 750-watt Bafang mid-drive motor. 

The Roamer 750W XC can reach up to 19 miles per hour and travels up to 19 miles using throttle alone. 

Of course, you can travel longer distances by pedaling in pedal-assist mode, this model has 5 levels of pedal assist so you can find your sweet spot no matter where you take it. The Rambo Roamer is known for its low height of its frame. It is a good choice for shorter or lighter riders.  

You will find it great for riding downhill or going over rocky terrain where other bikes might produce a jarring ride. The Roamer 750W XC sports 2 Piston Hydraulic brakes on both wheels for better control and stopping power.

The Rambo Roamer 750W XC is great because it has:

  • Heavy Built Frame Rated Up to 300 lbs.
  • Powerful Mid Drive Motor for Hill Climbing.
  • 4 Inch Puncture-proof Fat Tires.

product page 


Electric Juggernaut MDV by Rungu Fat Tire Electric Bike


Rungu Full image

If you are looking for a more ‘stable’ ride, you may want to try three wheels like the Electric Juggernaut MDV. It features a huge 1000-watt motor that is really fun to use in throttle and pedal assist.

Moreover, it has an internal AND rear wheel gearing that maximizes power. Most of all, this unusual fat bike sports THREE wheels – there are two on the front.

The Electric Juggernaut features 4.8-inch ultra-wide Maxxis oversized tires rated for riding on the sand and snow.

Since it got three of them, the fat tire Electric Juggernaut offers triple grip and cushion compared to most models. It has a lot more cushion and grip compared to two-wheel rides. With its powerful motor, it still rides like an ordinary electric bike.

You will enjoy riding the Electric Juggernaut around and over problematic trails and steep hills, traversing on the beach or on snowy roads. Designed for long treks, the Juggernaut features a large capacity 15 a/h battery capable of reaching a maximum of 53 miles.

  • Essential All-Weather Features like Sealed Bearings, Inner Motor Gearing, and Rustproof Aluminum Frame.
  • 10-Speed Shimano Deore, PLUS Ultra-Low Bearing Designed for Climbing Very Steep Hills.
  • ATV-like Performance with its Three Tires. No Kickstand Needed!

Product Page 


Wildcat by Emojo Fat Tire Electric Bike

Want a somewhat simple bike for daily driving? You will really like this Wildcat Fat Tire Electric Bike. It is a great choice for those who enjoy the ride and elegance of bikes. It features a rigid mountain bike frame with a 500-watt brushless DC motor and a 4-inch wide Kendra oversized tires.

Do not let its low-key looks fool you. It features high-performance dual disc brakes, 7-speed Shimano gearing, and a lightweight alloy frame.

The Wildcat is a choice for those who want a ride with no complicated features. It still features convenient features like a thumb throttle and pedal assist, and it can travel up to a respectable 25 miles on a single charge.

The 26-inch rims ensure that the Wildcat travels over any terrain or bumpy roads.

Wildcat’s notable features include:

  • Low-Key Rigid frame with Dual Disc Brakes.
  • New Generation Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery in a Weatherproof Housing.
  • USB Port for Charging Your Phone on the Go.

product page 


Ranger by QuietKat Fat Tire Electric Bike

Ranger 2020 fat tire ebike

The new Ranger is a high performance electric fat bike, this model from Quietkat featuring long-range and rugged components, and it is heavily marketed to sportsmen and long-distance riders.

This bike sports thick 4.5-inch wide tires great for traveling on loose soil or snow. The Ranger is now available starting February 2020 in both 750 watt and 1000 watt versions so you choose how much power you want.

The Ranger also features a pedal-assist that can extend the range. The motor is connected to the wheel hub via a durable stainless steel chain.

The Ranger is a great choice for intermediate and advanced users that value simple yet rugged features. It has a rustproof aluminum frame so you can safely bring the bike on the beach. It is one of the best fat tire ebikes.

The robust 7-speed Sram gearing makes finding your pace very convenient.  But it's also available in a single-speed gearing set up for those tackling heavy brush where a derailleur would get smashed up. Enjoy the ride with the spring coil hydraulic coil suspension.

Ranger has the following features:

  • Rugged Features for Riding in Adverse Weather.
  • Premium Panasonic Batteries in a Weatherproof Housing.
  • Simple and Durable LCD Display.

product page 


BAM Nomad by BAM Power Bikes Fat Tire Electric Bike

BAM Nomad


    The BAM Nomad is a new entry to the Top 7 List as BAM Power Bikes just released it and it has been very well received.  BAM Power Bikes is the electric bike range from Ewheels, USA #1 mobility scooter maker.  Ewheels decided to put their experience and craftsmanship into ebikes and the results are nothing short of stunning.

    The BAM Nomad is my personal favorite from their ebike line.  It’s even more comfortable than it looks, and that’s saying something.  It’s a 750 watt rear hub motor, elegant comfortable frame design, and front suspension so it’s a smooth ride around town or off-road.

    The BAM Nomad is ideal for so many demographics that it’s fast becoming as one of the top-selling fat tire ebikes

    The key takeaways are:

    • Rugged Aluminum Frame
    • 4 Inch Fat Tires
    • Front & Rear LED Lights
    • Front Suspension Fork
    • 25-45 Miles Per Charge
    • 750 Watt Powerful Motor
    • 48 Volt 14AH Samsung Battery
    • Interactive Digital Display
    • 5 Year Limited Warranty on the frame

    product page 

    The Mule Fat Tire Electric Bike by BAKCOU


    Mule ebike

    A very capable ride for serious trekkers, the Mule built by hunters for hunters BackCountry eBikes  (aka BAKCOU) offers durability and excellent performance in extreme weather conditions.

    It features a heavy-built aluminum frame and 4-inch wide Maxxis Minion fat tires. The Mule has 26-inch rims and puncture-resistant tires, a 300-pound weight limit, and an extended 40-mile range that makes deep treks possible.


    It has a thumb throttle and torque sensor pedal-assist that makes it possible to do speedy commutes or sprints even in adverse terrain or conditions.

    It’s conventional, hardtail frame and new modern features set the Mule apart from other electric bikes. The Mule features an unconventional mid-drive Bafang Ultra with a 750-watt and a 1000-watt output, giving you options to choose between more power and more range.

    With its rugged features, the Mule is a perfect ride for trekking in the mountains, riverside trails, or forest trails. Its extended range ensures you will not lose power in the middle of the ride.

    The Mule is a great choice if you want:

    • Powerful and Uniquely Hi-tech Motor with Two Output Modes.
    • Heavy-Duty Frame and Tires Perfect for Harsh Environments.
    • Extended Long Range for Long Hours of Riding.

    product page 


    The Rebel 1000W Truetimber by Rambo Bikes 

    Built for tough environments, the Rebel 1000W Truetimber is also a great ride for enthusiasts and adventurers. It's the latest ebike released by Rambo Bikes.

    It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame, which is great if you want something that will not succumb to rust. Have no problems in traction with its 4.8-inch wide Maxxis Minion tires.

    It has a formidable 1000-watt motor, which is so powerful that it can bring the bike to a blistering 28 miles per hour on throttle alone. Enjoy speeding up on the road or when riding on sloping terrain.  Rambo Bikes also released a 750 Watt version for those conscious of the street legal requirements.  The only difference between the 750 and 1000 is top speed unassisted, 20mph vs 28mph.  The 750-watt model is aptly named R750XP.

    The Rebel 1000W Truetimber is notable for its use of high-end components. You will get a Panasonic Battery (14.5 a/h), Wellgo B807DU Pedals, Comfortable Selle Royal A027HEO Saddle, and 770-mm wide Promax handlebars.

    It has 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes in the front for good stopping power great for downhill and urban riding.

    The Rebel 1000W Truetimber is notable for the following:

    • Heavy Built Frame Great for Any Weather.
    • Very Powerful Motor.
    • Premium Bike Components.

    product page


    The Top 7 Fat Tire eBike list could have been Top 27 with all the new models coming out but 7 is a great start.  If you have any feedback on this list just leave us a comment and we'll reply.  Which of these is your favorite?

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    • Hi Oliver,
      thanks for the question. The Pedego Trail Edition is really doesn’t compare. it’s a 500 watt rear hub motor and no front suspension. Other brands send similar spec’d bike for $1500 but the Pedego is almost $4K. At $4K you should at least be getting a mid drive so you can climb hills and a front suspension.

      John Murphy on

    • I’m surprised the Pedego Trail Tracker didn’t make the list. It’s definitely a higher end premium fat tire electric decked out with great components, battery and drive specs.

      Oliver Morrisette on

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