Hub Motor vs. Mid Drive? Which is Best for Hunting eBikes?

Hub Motor vs. Mid Drive? Which is Best for Hunting eBikes?

Hunting eBikes offer you a wide range of performance and different customizable parts.

One of the most important considerations in shopping for ahunting electric bike is the motor. You generally have two options: the hub motor and mid drive.

The hub motor vs. mid-drive eBike debate isn’t so much a Coke vs. Pepsi debate, as much as a difference between a Hyundai and a Subaru. 

Clearly, a mid-drive motor offers better performance, which is reflected by its price tag. However, hub motors offer their own set of advantages, and opting for an electric bike rear hub motor vs. a mid drive doesn’t mean your bike won’t perform to your expectations or demands. 

To better understand which motor is better, the hub motor vs. mid-drive, we’ve provided this guide to help ascertain the pros and cons of each motor for a hunting eBike. 

Hub Motor vs. Mid Drive Basic Differences 

A hub motor is located in the wheel hub of either the front or rear wheel. You’ll often find more rear hub motor eBikes than front hub motors. 

Hub motors function by applying torque to your wheels and work independently of your gears.

On the other hand, the mid-drive motor sits in the middle of your electric bike and is tethered into the gear and pedal assembly. Mid-drive motors transfer torque to your wheels via a chainring that works with your gears to provide more responsive power and acceleration. 

Since mid-drive motors work in tandem with your gears, they offer a more natural feel and better efficiency when driving in the proper gear. 

One important consideration is weight and design. Since hub motors generally weigh less and are located in the rear hub, this offers a whole other range of ebike designs, such as the folding or AWD electric bikes, that many mid-drive models shy away from.

Considering weight, mid-drive motor setups are more difficult to design as a folding eBike or with many customizable components. Fortunately, a lot ofelectric fat-tire bikes incorporate both hub motor and mid-drive motors for better performance.  

With that in mind, let’s conduct an apples-to-apples comparison of hub motor vs. mid drive eBikes in terms of efficiency, ride quality, and maintenance. 

Hub Motor vs. Mid Drive Basic Differences

Mid-drive eBike engine

Hub Motor vs. Mid Drive Efficiency

Hub motors are generally considered less efficient because they only operate in one gear. 

For riders who need to climb up and down steep terrains, hub motors provide a major disadvantage and are less capable of performing the job smoothly and efficiently. 

For this reason, not only do mid-drive motors provide a smoother ride while ascending up hills, they also generally provide greater range.

For example, shifting to a lower gear requires the mid-drive motor to work less to produce enough power to move. As a result, a mid-drive motor draws less internal resources, providing greater range on a single charge. 

Of course, not all hub motors operate independently of your gear system. Even still, if you have two equally powerful motors, one mid-drive and the other hub drive, the eBike with the mid-drive can generally provide better performance on the trail. 

Hob Motor. Vs. Mid Drive Ride Quality

Again, mid-drove motors offer several advantages that hub motors do not for ride quality.

First, due to their location, mid-drive motors generally feature a more balanced weight and provide riders with a better center of gravity.

Secondly, mid-drive motors utilize torque sensors that monitor how hard you are pedaling to allow your bike to adjust and provide a more comfortable ride. For example, if you are struggling to pedal uphill, your eBike will compensate to deliver more power through pedal assist. 

However, this second point may be a little titled, as many hub motors do feature highly advanced torque sensors. For example, theEunorau E-Torque Step-Thru 500W Peak Electric Commuter Bike features a state-of-the-art hall-effect sensor that offers fast power delivery and helps to prevent wear of your wheels, gears, and bearings. 

Ultimately, most mid-drive eBikes come equipped with their own torque sensors, but this is one area where you will have to do your own research. 

Hub Motor vs. Mid Drive Maintenance

This area is where things get tricky because both motors come with their host of issues. For example, hub motors that operate in a single gear have less moving internal parts, other than bushings. As a result, there is generally less wear.

Additionally, if a hub motor fails, your can still manually pedal your bike. Unfortunately, since mid-drive motors work interdependently with the gears and crankshaft, it could vastly restrict your ability to pedal out of the woods and leave you stuck with a dead eBike. 

However, mid-drive motors offer some perks in terms of maintenance. For example, if you pop a flat, you don’t have to deal with working around that big engine in the wheel hub. 

With this in mind, we wanted to provide a chart of a true apples-to-apples comparison of everything we talked about to help you make a decision about which eBike motor is best for you. 

Hub Motor electric ebike

A hub motor ebike

Which eBike Motor is Best for Hunters? 


Hub Motor

Mid Drive



Battery Range


Ride Quality


Customization and Design








Of course, every motor is unique and some high-end hub motors will outperform a low-end mid-drive motor. The main difference ultimately comes down to quality vs. budget.

Hunting eBikes with hub motors generally cost less to purchase, repair, and replace the motor.

Additionally, a hub motor still provides acceptable performance, especially for hunters in the mid-west who don’t need to climb up steep hills and terrain. 

But if you’re looking for high-end quality, you’ll have to pay a little bit more for a mid-drive motor. Not only do mid-drive motors generally provide better power and efficiency, but also improved ride quality. 

So if you’re planning on a long hunting trip with lots of travel, a mid-drive hunting eBike may be your best bet. 

In an apples-to-apples comparison or hub motor vs. mid-drive eBikes, a mid-drive eBike provides better performance capabilities. 

However, the performance and comfort of each hunting electric bike comes down to its brand, as demonstrated by the Eunorau hunting ebike. 

We offer top-quality hunting eBikes from all of the top brands, whether you're looking for a hub motor or mid-drive. Check out our selections and contact us here with any questions.

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