Top 6 Foldable Electric Bike for 2020

Top 6 Foldable Electric Bike for 2020

Do you enjoy riding a bike? Want to have a capable ride wherever you are? To most of us who are looking for something to use in the grueling commute, a folding bike is a practical choice.

They allow anyone to enjoy biking even if they can’t own a full-sized bike for various reasons. Want to bike to work and still ride the train or a bus? You can only do that if you have a foldable electric bike.

Gone are those days where folding bikes are known as flimsy, laughable rides. Today’s folding bikes have come a long way. Some have powerful motors and ranges that rival full-sized ebikes.

You can have the same amount of fun that also offers great convenience at the same time. Folding bikes often have shorter wheelbases and higher handlebar heights, making them more maneuverable and more comfortable on commutes with plenty of turns and stops.

Note that not all foldable electric bike are made equal. We already did the hard part and present to you the best folding bikes on sale now. Make sure you don’t miss them!


QuietKat 2020 Voyager Folding Electric Bike


The new Voyager Folding Electric Bike by QietKat is considered as the smallest and most portable bike as of this time. This electric bike features a folding frame and folding steering column, concealed battery, and rear hub motor. 

This ebike is perfect for hunters who love challenging yet enjoyable adventures. Perfect for outdoor activities anytime and anywhere because it is completely portable, durable, lightweight, and stealthy. 

Operated by high powered and long-lasting lithium batteries, no doubt that this new folding electric bike supplies a consistent and clean power that makes every ride smooth. 

The Voyager has 5 modes of assisted pedal power and full throttle capabilities, giving the rider a choice of power-assisted pedaling or full power without having to pedal at all.

The seat is adjustable to accommodate various-sized riders. The lithium battery charger completely recharges an empty battery in 6 hours. a lifetime warranty against defective workmanship for the frame.

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The Emojo Lynx Folding Electric Bike


Emojo Lynx

A stylish and eye-catching electric bike featuring a sporty paint scheme, the Emojo Lynx is for those who want to look smart in their commute. Plus, it has a steel alloy mid-folding bike frame with a quick-release locking mechanism.

It is like being able to fold a high-performance bike to carry with you in the car or public transport.

Emojo Lynx sports 4-inch wide Kenda fat tires, a 500-watt brushless DC motor, and a high-tech lithium-ion battery pack that charges to full within 6 hours. The fat tires make it capable of riding offroad, on dirt, snow, or wet surfaces.

It has a maximum range of 30 miles, which is still decent and very usable for daily driving. It has user-friendly features such as a throttle, three levels of pedal assist, and an analog panel that displays the assist level and remaining battery charge.

The Emojo Lynx has a nice set of Tektro disc brakes (front and rear) and a reliable 7-speed Shimano transmission that offers excellent performance.

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Jetty 4.0 Folding Electric Bike by Fifield

Jetty 4.0 Folding Electric Bike by Fifield

Jetty 4.0 Folding Electric Bike is the best-seller because of its glow in the dark feature that will make you obsessed with. Surely, you will not want to leave your house without this bike. 

This ebike is very convenient for all means. You can easily fold it up and stick it in your apartment when not in use or securely stick it in your car or boat during outdoor travels. 

It is a perfect bike because of its efficiency, durability yet stylish that will rock your whole hunting or any outdoor trip. 

The 350W rear-drive motor is so quiet that nobody will know you're riding an electric bike, yet powerful enough to give you the boost you need for easy riding.Defying all expectations for e-bikes, the Jetty 4.0 weighs in at 40 lbs. It's lightweight, coupled with it's folding features, make it the ideal travel companion!

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EMOJO Lynx Pro Sport 500W 48V Folding Electric Bike

EMOJO Lynx Pro Sport 500W 48V Folding Electric Bike

Do you want a bike which is perfect for every ride? then the new Lynx Pro Sport by EMOJO got you! This bike features a sturdy alloy frame paired with 48v 500-watt motor that can easily provide you the best ride even on steep uphills. 

This bike has several stunning features that would really make you want to grab one.Dual Tektro disc brakes, 7-speed Shimano® gearing, standard LCD display with 5 PAS levels, speedometer, odometer, trip time and several more settings, standard metal fenders, and rear cargo rack make Lynx Pro Sport one of the best in the market.

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The Enzo Folding Electric Bike


Enzo Folding eBike

Love riding the looks of a traditional bike? Some riders are still hooked to the nostalgia of riding bicycles based on a centuries-old technology. However, it is hard not to get impressed with the thrill and ‘oomph’ offered by well-made modern ebikes.

There is this bike, a folding one, that does not have the 'eyesore' battery pack and the motor housing. This is the Enzo Folding Electric Bike.

This bike has a mid-folding aluminum alloy frame with collapsible handlebar stem and pedals. This particular Enzo model is equipped with a 350-watt motor and a Samsung lithium-ion battery with a 10.4 ah capacity.

The folding bike has a maximum range of 40 miles, which is quite impressive for its size.

The Enzo features a very ingenious design where the battery pack is hidden inside the bike frame, presenting a sleek and seamless silhouette not seen in other electric bike models, even the full sized ones.

The folding bike also has a rear hub motor that fits smoothly in the rear wheel. No one will notice it is electric in a glance. Another ingenious design is the seat post, which has an integrated tire pump.

According to the manufacturer, the Enzo has a waterproof frame so you can use it in salty or humid environments safely. The bike has a molded wiring harness with waterproof quick connecting plugs.

The bike has durable 20-inch cast wheels with 2.25-inch wide Kenda tires.

The Enzo has 160 mm hydraulic disk brakes made by Shimano, offering excellent and effective braking for a long time. The frame has a well-designed rear rack, high enough to enable the addition of panniers, and yet flush for folding.

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The Emojo Lynx Ultra Pro Folding Bike


Lynx Pro Ultra

Another great folding ebike is the Emojo Lynx Ultra Pro, which packs many features found in full-size high-performance bikes in a small folding bike frame.

The bike has a 500-watt brushless DC motor, giving the bike excellent uphill and offroad riding abilities. Have the confidence to go downhill or tackle twisting trails with the Tektro disc brakes on the front and rear tires.

Go over sand, snow, gravel, or loose ground as the bike has 20-inch Kenda fat tires that give you lots of grip.

Since the Emojo Ultra Pro has a mid-folding aluminum frame, you can easily put it in your car or take it with you on a bus or subway. Bring it to your favorite nature trail or use it as a daily ride. The bike has a rated range of 30 miles on a single charge.

In addition, the Emojo Ultra Pro has creature comforts such as leather grips that aid a lot during long rides, a 7-speed Shimano transmission, thumb throttle and three levels of pedal assist.

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So there you have it.  Our list of the best folding ebikes based on customer feedback.  There are many more models to choose from and we could have listed more.  If you want to browse the full range of folding ebikes you can check them out here. 

Let us know in the comments below what you think, and if there are other folding bikes that you'd like featured in the list.  We'd love your feedback!

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