Top 6 Benefits of a Step-Through Fat Tire eBike For Hunting

Top 6 Benefits of a Step-Through Fat Tire eBike For Hunting

Various forms of transportation aids hunters. But when leaning on more traditional platforms such as ATVs and UTVs, there’s a good chance that the sound and smell will warn any wildlife of your presence. Not only that, but many areas prohibit you from using such vehicles.

Investing in an eBike for hunting is one simple way to keep your treks deep into the woods. They’re lightweight, battery-powered, make little noise, and get you to and from most hunting spots without a hitch. Well, that is as long as you select the bike that best suits your needs.

Electric hunting bikes might be on the rise, but they aren’t exactly new. That means the market is loaded with options that may or may not match your demands. Today, we will talk about a variant of electric bike that you might consider—a step-through fat-tire eBike.

What is a step-through electric bike?

What’s the most inconvenient thing about a bike? Having to step over the frame to mount and dismount. If you’re young and healthy and wearing sportswear, that might not seem like much of an issue. However, heading out into the field almost always requires you to wear a good amount of gear.

When stepping on or off an electric bicycle, you’re sure to notice just how limited your range of motion is. Heavy boots, thick pants, and a belt holstering your sidearm, hunting knife, and other pouches might limit your mobility to some degree. 

And if you’re no longer a spring chicken or are suffering from some physical ailment, getting onto a bike might be downright impossible.

A step-through eBike solves this problem by eliminating the structural support that typically runs just below the seat and shapes the lower bar in such a manner that allows you to get onto the bicycle with a relatively low step. So for all intents and purposes, you’re stepping through the bike rather than over to mount.

Something to keep in mind is that designers know that this design can compromise structural integrity. To accommodate the geometry change, the supports are reinforced to support weight and withstand a harsh ride. That means comfort comes at no sacrifice to reliability and safety.

step-through ebikes ease function for hunters

What is a fat-tire electric bike?

A fat-tire eBike is simply an electric bicycle with wide tires.

Why is this feature desirable? Well, the very same reason wider tires are preferred for off-road trucks.

An inherent issue with traditional bicycle tires is that they’re too thin to offer ample traction on rough or loose terrain. By widening the contact patch, the tire can cover more surfaces providing more traction.

You can argue that the increased mass of the tire makes it harder to pedal the bike. However, the enhanced traction promotes the ability to reach traveling speeds much more quickly as tire slip isn’t an issue. That’s a decent trade-off for a little extra work.

As if that’s not enough, we are talking about electric bikes here. In any case, a geared hub motor can offer pedal-assist or even take the workload over entirely. In short, the added mass is of no detriment to the rider making fat tires a natural pair for eBikes used for hunting.

What are the benefits of a fat-tire step-through electric bike for hunters?

From what we’ve discussed so far, you’re likely able to infer everything it is that makes a fat-tire step-through bicycle desirable to hunters. Still, we want to take a minute to recap some of the benefits as well as discuss some of the other points we may have missed out on. 

1. Easy mounts

As we said, the low mount really will come in handy when you’re loaded up with gear. However, you shouldn’t only consider how convenient this feature is in a perfect scenario.

Think about how exhausted you’ll be after a long day of hunting, remembering that your boots are loaded up with mud, and the cold air might harm your ability to move. That low step will certainly shine through when it’s time to ride back to your truck.

2. Easily and silently dismount

A defining trait of all eBikes for hunting is just how silent they are. You’ll likely sneak up on wildlife without them ever noticing you’re there. Being able to quickly and easily dismount only further ensures that you can take advantage of the moment to take a picture or simply be able to sit down and take in the wonder that is nature during such encounters.

3. Effortless travel 

Using pedal assist and full motor power to your advantage makes it easy for any hunter to effortlessly travel through the woods. There’s no need to take breaks along the way, nor will you worry much about accumulating blisters on your feet as you move in and out of the woods. Of course, that also means you can sleep in a little longer, ensuring you’re in peak form during that early morning hunt.

What is a step-through electric bike?

4. Distance is no longer an issue 

You might not set up your stand in the place you want because it’s too far into the woods, and you can’t take ATVs due to regulations. So long as you select an eBike that matches both state and local regulations, there is no issue with riding it through the woods. Considering the average electric bike can travel 20 miles on a single charge, going ten miles into the woods is now an option for you.

5. No fear of terrain

As with any electric bicycle, the combination of fat tires and a motor make it possible for you to easily travel to and from your stand. That even includes instances when mud or loose terrain stands between you and your destination. Furthermore, the power of that motor will come in handy when you load your take for your trip out to the woods if you select a model with a rear rack.

6. Comfort all around 

A benefit of riding on fat tires that we’ve failed to mention so far is that they enhance comfort. Their shock-absorbent nature paired with fork shocks and that low, step-through frame makes for a platform that provides unmatched comfort compared to other models. Consider how tired you’ll be at the end of a long hunt, and this detail is hard to overlook.

There is no one universally superior detail for all hunters, and that might mean that even if an eBike offers a step-through frame, it may lack the specs you deem important, which is why you want to take the time and review all of your options before buying into one detail. 

That said, eBikes for hunting are our specialty. We encourage you to take a look at our favorite fat tire eBikes if you’re in need of more advice on which model best suits your needs.

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