Top Things To Consider When Hunting On An Ebike

Top Things To Consider When Hunting On An Ebike

Hunting using an e-bike is now becoming a trend. More and more people are enjoying how this activity works and this is even supported through the use on federal land. What most hunters love about hunting on e-bikes is that they get to explore a larger area without leaving a trail of scent on the ground. 

To have a grasp on how this works, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind when engaging in this activity. 

Ready Your Tools For Cold Weather Hunting

Always remember that even though electric bikes use lithium cells as their batteries, they are not fit to be in the cold. Their batteries drain quicker in the cold just like what happens to your gadgets. With this, make sure to come up with strategies to lessen the chances of an empty battery while hunting. 

The first option you may engage with is to take the battery out of your vehicle when not using it. Do not expose it in the cold weather and just put it inside a closed bag to avoid drainage. Ensure that your container is also placed close to your body for extra heat. If resting for a long time, you may also bring it inside your house so it’s more stable. 

Another technique you can try is to place a battery warmer on your electric bike. They consist of neoprene and looks like a wetsuit material. You just have to use a Velcro to keep it close to the batteries. 


Top Things To Consider When Hunting On An Ebike


Choose The Best Motor

Motors are critical for hunting. As the owner, it is your responsibility to choose the motor that suits the terrain you plan on hunting in. Here’s a brief review for your options: 

  • Rear Hub Motors - They are located on the rear wheel’s center and help in rotating the rear wheel to push the bike forward. It’s a cheap option but it’s still reliable for hunting. The only downside with this is that it houses only 60Nm torque which is not that suitable in climbing steep hills. 
  • Mid Drive Motor - These are positioned in the low area of the e-bike - between the cranks pedal. Using the mid drive motor in steep terrains won’t be a challenge because of its high torque of 160Nm. Because of this, you’ll notice that its price is higher than other motors. 
  • All Wheel Drive - This is a new offering in the e-biking industry. To put it simply, it is a hub motor powering both the front wheel and back wheel. Even though it can only provide the same amount of torque as rear hub motors, it’s still a good buy since it powers both wheels with this amount of motor. 

  • Consider Battery Size

    Another thing that you should look into are batteries. Believe it or not, it can make or break a hunter’s win. If there’s no battery, then your e-bike won’t function anymore. That’s how important it is. 

    The housing of the battery is almost the same for every type. What you should do is to check is the electric current it provides. Just check for the number with ‘Ah’ beside it. The higher the value, the stronger the capacity of the battery is. To give you a glimpse on how to compute it, use 2 miles per Ah as the baseline. Therefore, when you see that it has 10Ah, then that means that you may traverse a 20 miles path with a full battery charge. 

    Pick The Best Tire Option

    Always remember that fat tires are a necessity for electric hunting bikes. According to experts, the most ideal size is between 4 inches to 4.8 inches, nothing more and nothing less. This size enables your tire to receive good traction due to its tight grip on the ground. They also assist in the stability when riding on loose soil and sand. 

    Invest On An Ebike Trailer

    Yes, you’ve arrived at your destination and had a successful hunting experience. But the next question is how will you bring back those animals you’ve hunted to your home? The simplest answer to this is through the help of an e-bike trailer. Electric bike trailers are good investments since they are designed for carrying and hauling heavy gears. This is perfect for hunters especially that most of the tools are difficult to carry due to its weight. 

    Other things that you can invest in are rear racks, saddle bags, power light, and roadside repair kits. Do not forget to buy some spare chain links and chain link vices to go inside your repair kit. Some might see this as accessories only but it is critical in certain scenarios. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared, right?

    That’s it! These are some of my advice when you plan on hunting on an e-bike. I’m hoping that this article gives you a glimpse on how your next trip will go and how you can address it. Don’t forget to check out another piece I have, 11 Best Electric Hunting Bikes for 2021, especially if you’re planning to buy one of your own. 

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