Best AWD eBikes for Hunting

Best AWD eBikes for Hunting

Hunting requires a lot of energy, stamina, and focus, and hunters are always looking for ways to increase their chances of success. In recent years, eBikes have gained popularity among hunters, providing a quieter and more efficient mode of transportation. And now, with the introduction of All Wheel Drive (AWD) eBikes, hunters have access to even more advanced technology that can help them navigate through challenging terrains. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of AWD eBikes for hunters and why they are becoming a game-changer in the hunting world.

Hunters are always keen to find new ways to get an edge. Whether it be to go out scouting in silence without scary the game away. Or getting up close enough to take a kill shot without spooking them.

eBike have been growing in popularity every year and hunters are turning to eBikes the same way they turned to improvements in technology that give them a better chance of a successful hunt.

With this, many bikes have been coming out of the market with many advanced features for hunting. Through the many new inventions being created for this activity alone, more and more people have gotten to know AWD ebikes. But what makes these AWD eBikes so special?


What is an AWD ebike?

An AWD eBike or an All Wheel Drive electric bike. It’s a dual motor bike powered by an electric battery. Two motors make the bike more powerful and you if one motor fails the other can run independently.

What’s good about the AWD eBike is that its engineering was really meant to increase the benefits of a regular bike, and it helps riders get through difficult terrains as well. While others are worried about its legalities, many AWD eBike companies and providers assure customers that indeed, it is no less legal than a regular motor.

You see, the law states the motor on an ebike should not exceed 750 watts and there is no mention about it being a combined wattage if more than one motor is on the bike, so if you have two 750 watt motors on the ebike it’s just as legal as an ebike with one 750 watt motor.

With its increased wheel power, it is able to save you from complicated situations as well. Not to mention slippery slopes, rocky mountain areas, and muddy trails. With duals motors you get twice the traction so it’s a no-brainer for the adventurous hunter.


Benefits of an AWD eBike

hunter using a AWD ebike

Since the concept of AWD eBikes are fairly new, not a lot of people understand how much of a game-changer it is. From the gears, to the motors, and to the energy input needed for this, it is definitely better than regular bikes. While bikes are usually used for leisure, the use of AWD eBikes can also be really good for hunting.

Knowing that hunting needs a lot of stamina, hand-eye coordination, and focus, having an eBike, you can conserve your energy for the hunt and use the powerful traction to pull a deer out on a trailer.
Manually biking or walking into an area can already be tiring.

Here are other benefits you might want to know:


Wider Terrain Options

AWD ebikes can be used in any terrain

Given that an AWD eBike can help boost your terrain range, you can actually now hunt in places that are difficult to bike merely by foot. The AWD eBikes help improve one’s speed and ability to go to higher slopes because of its two motors - one present at the front and one at the back.

With this in place, it is able to stabilize itself better no matter the kind of ground you’re faced with. The two motors allow the wheels to grip on the ground and it adjusts whether it's slippery, muddy, snowy, or whatnot.

Emergency Power

AWD ebikes has emergency power

With two motors available, if ever one motor loses power, the eBike is still able to push you up into slopes and other tricky terrains. Having this emergency power can really help hunters who might be on the way back home have a safe trip back. More than just the power, it can also lessen the chances of being stranded outdoors especially in dangerous hunting sites.


Better Balance

AWD ebikes have great balance

The AWD eBikes allow the user to have stabilized biking especially for trails that go upward. With upward slopes or terrains, there is no need to worry whether or not you’ll go off-balance because the two motors help out with that problem already. The motors present in each wheel complement each other by lessening the force and grip on the other side when needed so that you do not feel an extra weight when biking up or down.


Improved Speed

AWD ebikes have good speed

The AWD eBike, compared to other bikes, definitely has a lot of speed to offer compared to regular bikes. Because it is electrically powered, the speed may increase significantly and this also allows you to go to more places in just an hour, increasing the whole hunting experience. The great thing about the AWD eBike as well is that you can control the speed you need, depending on how fast or how upward you’re going.

If you are trying to get to a place faster, you have the option of using two motors but if you prefer to just have a chill pace and save on energy, you can also opt for just using one of the motors on the wheels.

Generally, the benefits allow the bike to become a companion in the most unpredictable times. Because of its engineering & design, the bike is able to assist the user in reaching more areas and managing energy more efficiently.


AWD eBike Reviews

If you are convinced that you do do need an AWD eBike, allow us to recommend some best-sellers that will surely blow you off your seat:


The Rambo Megatron


The Rambo Megatron

This awesome model of the Megatron 1000W E-Bike series offers one of the best features yet. It contains dual battery technology that amounts to 34AH worth of power, and dual motors that are useful for the drive.

Additionally the Rambo Megatron contains three different wheel options: all-wheel, rear-wheel, and front-wheel so you can have the option to choose depending on the situation you’re in. The speed of the Rambo Megatron can reach a minimum of 30 miles per hour up to 80 miles per hour which the regular human biking power cannot usually reach.

This AWD eBike weighs about 90 lbs and has dimensions of about 66 × 12 × 34 in, so it can easily be included in your next roadtrip where you can just put it inside your pick-up truck. Truly perfect for a weekend family getaway.

What we love:

  • Dual battery technology
  • High Speed can reach up to 30 miles/hour
  • Range up to 80 miles
  • Powerful enough to climb even steep hills
Megatron AWD eBike Specs
Range 80 miles
Battery Dual Samsung 48v 17ah
Tire Maxxis Minion 26" x 4.8"
Weight 77 lb.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


The Rambo Krusader


The Rambo Krudaser

The Rambo Krudaser, among others, comes in an attractive camo color that can definitely help your eBike blend among the woods when going hunting. Additionally it has twice the power of 500 watts energy, and it is well-known for having traction that can easily withstand muddy slopes or terrains.

The Rambo Krudaser also has the battery power that can reach about 38 miles, and has a single speed gear that allows it to go through grasses and bushes that are a bit difficult to traverse on usual bike gears. It has aluminum alloy for its frame and tires with Maxxis Minion FBF, FBR 26" x 4.0" specifications.

With a maximum speed of 19 mph, this bad boy is able to speed through complicated slopes with its Bafang 500W hub motors and piston hydraulic brakes. Overall, it weighs about 300 lbs and has a frame size of about 19 inches.

What we love:

  • Dual 500 watt motors
  • Full Front Suspensions make the ride comfortable
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Range up to 38 miles
Krusader AWD eBike Specs
Range 38 miles
Battery Samsung 48V 14AH
Tire Maxxis Minion FBF, FBR 26" x 4.0"
Weight 74 lb.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs

Bakcou Kodiak

Bakcou Kodiak AWD eBike for hunting

The Bakcou Kodiak is unlike anything else. It has TWO 500W hub motors, one in each of the front and back wheels.

It has more power and can do more than any other HUB-DRIVEN BIKE.

With Kodiak AWD, you can go anywhere. You name it: snow, mud, rocks, sand.

It combines the power and performance of Bafang's high-end 500W hub motors with a bulletproof aluminum alloy frame and high-end parts.

The wide-stance, deep-cleated pedals have wide holes that give your boots more grip and keep mud or snow from building up.

The LCD screen makes it easy to use while flying down the trail, and the CST BFT (Big Fat-Tire) gives you more grip and control than any other tire, so you can go where you want to go.

Overall, for the price, the Bakcou Kodiak is a KILLER AWD eBike. It has a long-range, is powerful, and can go anywhere.

What we love:

  • Two 500w hub motors
  • Range up to 50 miles
  • 300 lbs load capacity
  • Powerful enough to climb any hill
Kodiak AWD eBike Specs
Range 50 miles
Battery Extended Distance 48V 25ah Lithium-Ion
Tire Maxxis Minion 26" x 4.0
Weight 68 lb.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs

Eunorau Defender S AWD eBike

Eunorau Defender S AWD eBike for hunting

The Eunorau Defender S is a 1500-watt all-wheel drive (AWD) eBike that was made to handle anything that stands in your way.

It has the power and capability to get you through anything, whether it's tough trails, changing weather, or carrying extra weight.

Eunorau Defender's RST fork absorbs most of the bumps and shocks, especially on rough and complicated routes. This makes you less tired and lets you ride faster.

Even in the worst conditions, the sensitive EUNORAU 180mm hydraulic disc brakes provide enough stopping power. Your safety is never a concern!

With a 9-speed freewheel, you can use a bigger cog to go uphill and a smaller cog to go fast. With the pedal-assist system, you can choose the best speed to get to your destination.

Eunorau Defender's LCD Display shows you important information about your ride, such as your speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level, and more.

Recharging this AWD eBike is easier than ever with the removable battery system. The battery can be brought inside and set to charge with the turn of a key.

What we love:

  • Range more than 80 miles
  • 440 lbs load bearing capacity. Can even carry an Elk.
  • 1500 watt motor. Super Powerful.
  • Great front and rear suspension. Makes the ride comfortable.
Eunorau AWD eBike Specs
Range +80 miles
Battery 8V 14Ah / 17Ah Samsung
Tire Kenda Sport Tires 26 x 4.0
Weight 84 lb.
Weight Capacity 440 lbs

Christini Fat 4

Christini Fat 4 AWD eBike for hunting

Christini Fat 4 is Bafang’s powerhouse!

With a maximum torque of 160Nm and a rated power output of 1000W (1500W Peak), the motor used in this AWD eBike can speed up even the heaviest loads on the steepest hills.

The system's dual sensors and built-in Torque Sensor give the rider full control at all times, and the bike responds very quickly and sensitively.

Vee Rubber Crown Gem 27.5 x 3.8 fat tires are used in Christini Fat 4. They are thick and tough to take on any terrain.

And LCD Display on the Christini Fat 4 tells you important things about your ride, like speed, range, battery life, etc.

Overall, Christini Fat 4 is excellent for people looking for a truly PREMIUM AWD eBike. Powerful and Tough. It's a bang for your buck.

What we love:

  • Can carry heavy loads easily
  • Powerful Bafang Motor
  • Useful LCD display
  • Thick Fat Tires can take on any terrain
Fat 4 AWD eBike Specs
Battery Polly-01 52V 12ah
Display Bafang Color Display
Tire Vee Rubber Crown Gem 27.5 x 3.8
Weight 62 lb.
Fork Christini FAT 150mm

AWD eBikes are a revolutionary addition to the hunting world, offering numerous benefits to hunters that were not possible with traditional bikes. The AWD technology allows hunters to navigate through rough terrains, maintain better balance, and conserve their energy for the hunt. With its emergency power and improved speed, AWD eBikes have become a reliable companion for hunters in the most unpredictable times. As the popularity of AWD eBikes continues to grow, it is no surprise that they have become the preferred choice for hunters looking to gain an edge in their hunting experience.

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