Hunting Gear Tips: What to Wear While eBike Hunting

Hunting Gear Tips: What to Wear While eBike Hunting

New hunting ventures generally mean making some tweaks to your loadout. As the weather changes and different game seasons cycle in and out, the clothes you wear, boots you lean on, and camo you hide behind all change.

However, many riders are curious about what hunting gear they should take when riding on a hunting ebike. For example, what boots provide the best traction on an ebike and are the considerations different between models?

Luckily, we've provided this brief guide about every hunting gear consideration you need to make when riding on a hunting ebike, no matter the weather or season. 

7 Hunting Gear Tips for Hunting with an eBike

Hunting Boots

Hunting boots can be tricky because you don't want boots that won't give you traction when you need to peddle. But you also don't want boots that can't hack it in the snow or mud. 

First, it would help if you had something that offers a full range of foot motion and won't constantly bump up against the eBike or anything else. Also, don't forget about feeling the boot out first to ensure it won't chafe your heel or ankles as you ride. That's especially true if you intend to use up a good portion of that eBike's range

Next, you want something that offers a good pedal grip so your boot isn't slipping and you're not tumbling over. For example, a fat tire ebike may require greater strength to pedal manually, so purchasing boots with a full range of motion and good grip is important. 

Finally, consider whether or not your ebike has long-range. Suppose your ebike is rated for dozens of miles. In that case, you have a little more freedom to select a boot that's better suited for comfort and hunting, despite being slightly uncomfortable to wear on your bike. Ultimately, choosing the right hunting boot depends on your particular environment and how much peddling you'll conduct on an ebike. 

Hunting Clothes/Camo

Hunting clothes are not as challenging to select as hunting boots. For the most part, the throttle of your hunting ebike will overcome any additional weight or restrictions. 

You should wear the same amount of layers you would normally wear as a rule of thumb. Even if it's cold outside, be sure that you still dress in three layers: base, middle, and outer. Why? Because even if you're going to skip pedal assist and heat up while pedaling the eBike, you're going to cool off rapidly once you reach your destination. 

On that note, be sure that whatever layer is exposed matches current hunting regulations in your area. For example, if you must wear an orange vest during the season, it's a good idea to wear it while you ride to avoid any mishaps. 

7 Hunting Gear Tips for Hunting with an eBike


Get a backpack with a hydration system. It's easy to think that an eBike is going to do all of the work for you, but that's not the case. Maintaining your balance, pedaling, and other motions will have you working in ways you haven't since childhood. 

Not replenishing your body with proper fluids is dangerous. Additionally, you never know when your ebike will break down on you. 

You may feel that it's better to lean toward something with more storage capacity instead of giving up some room for a bladder. However, properly accessorizing your eBike will offset this issue. 

Hunting eBike Accessories 

There are plenty of hunting ebike accessories that open up storage capacities and make your life easier. For example, these hunting ebike accessories will help you get the most out of your hunting trip:

  • Bike racks to store a backpack
  • Cargo trailer to haul any bagged animals 
  • Headlights for visibility at night
  • An extra battery pack to prevent breakdowns
  • Reflectors for safety

Storage Options

eBikes can offer several different storage solutions, which we mentioned above. However, saddlebags and cargo compartments are excellent storage options because they install in several locations on your eBike. For example, storing gear lower on the bike helps it maintain a good center of gravity, further improving stability. 

Items you may want to keep on the eBike instead of on yourself include flashlights, tools, game calls, turkey decoys, your lunch, and spare clothing. While many storage solutions are water-resistant, you should verify them before purchasing. 

Most eBikes will also feature a rack that will make it easier to mount additional packs and larger pieces of gear like a tree stand. However, it's not always going to be present. Nevertheless, it's a feature worth holding out for if you regularly bring lots of gear. 

Gun/Bow Carrier 

You can use a sling while you ride, but it can be a costly mistake. You never know which way the trail will stagger you, and it can easily send your firearm tumbling. That's why it's a good idea to outfit your eBike with mounts specifically to hold your firearm or bow. Of course, the same benefits regarding the center of gravity carry over as they do with any other type of cargo.  

Don't forget about the sidearm, either. You may feel comfortable keeping it unloaded and on your hip in some cases. But, on the other hand, it can easily fall out when the trail gets rough. 


The last accessory you want to keep an eye out for is a dolly. If you don't know, a dolly is essentially a trailer for your eBike. Something like this will come in handy when you've had a successful hunt. 

With a dolly, you can tow a buck or any other big game back to your truck. 

The good news is that eBike dollies are widely available. So all you have to do is figure out which can be equipped for your eBike and set yourself up with the necessary equipment to make it work.  

At any moment, the most important thing to remember is your safety. No matter what gear you select, you need to ensure that your entire setup is uncompromising to your well-being. Things can get dangerous quickly when dealing with rough terrain, a motorized vehicle, and a firearm. 

However, by following these hunting ebike gear tips, you should be well prepared to make the most out of your next hunting trip. What's more, you'll enjoy the convenience that a hunting ebike affords.

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