6 Electric Hunting Bike Accessories

6 Electric Hunting Bike Accessories

6 Must-Have Electric Bike Accessories for Hunters

Imagine planning for a holiday hunting trip. You packed up all the essentials like food and clothes. However, when you are already at the camp, you found out that your bike won’t work. What a total nightmare!

Don't let a few missing accessories derail your hunting trip. Equip your hunting bike with these essential electric bike accessories for hunters.

Have your hunts been unsuccessful? Missing the right gear for good hunting? Well, look no further because you’re just in the right place.

The electric bike gives you the edge while you’re out hunting in the woods. Regardless of the type of electric hunting bike you have, the bike may not adequately serve your hunting needs without the essential accessories.

Hunting bike peripherals help you make sure that your hunting experience will be enjoyable and hassle-free. In an environment as unpredictable as a forest or wilderness, you will definitely need extra accessories to help you avoid inconveniences. That’s why you shouldn’t let a few missing accessories ruin your hunting adventure. Want to be the best hunter in your hunting crew?

Of course, that comes through practice, but you first need to have the right accessories for your e-bike. Here is a detailed list of must-have electric bike accessories to help you have a hassle-free hunting experience.

1. Bike Repair Tool Kit

 Repair tool kits contain the tools needed to fix your electric hunting bike from home. Tools are held within a durable storage bag to ensure that everything is in place during hunting.

Ebike Tool Kit

Some of the tools include: Hand pump, three-way hex wrench, full hex wrench set, motor wrench, pedal wrench, spoke wrench, freewheel removal tool, chain brake, valve stem remover, zip ties, and tire level set. 

Among the mentioned tools, chain brakes or breakers are one of the most essential. Hunting sites are notorious for having rough terrains, and bike chains may snap out of nowhere because of the strain. You may use the chain brakes to repair the damaged links. 

Various types of wrenches should also have a spot in the electric hunting bike tool kit. Since electric bikes have multiple components fastened by nuts and bolts, you may need to tighten them from time to time. Wrenches are useful for that purpose. 

 You don’t want to be disappointed in the middle of a hunt with a flat tire or loose nuts on your electric bike. From changing a flat tire to upgrading your e-bike, a repair tool kit is a must-have electric hunting bike accessory.

2. Solar Charger

Electric bikes, based on their name alone, require electricity. And out in the hunting field, you may not always find a charging socket where you can plug your bike. What options do you have for addressing this?

A solar charger is a less obvious choice, but in the day and age of electric bikes for hunting a solar charger can be the difference between short trips and staying out as long as it takes.

Solar Charger for ebikes

Solar chargers for hunting are not easily found as they are expensive to produce and challenging to make portable.  However, there are some options, like the one pictured that folds in on itself to the size of a small flat backpack, but when laid out is a large blanket soaking up the rays.

Solar Charger for ebikes

Using solar chargers for your electric bike is a reasonable option. For one, most hunting trips occur during broad daylight. This means that whenever you feel like your bike is running out of battery, you can just assemble your solar charger. 

Moreover, buying a solar charger is a cost-effective decision because you can use that charger even at home. By utilizing radiant energy as your electricity source, you are potentially saving money for utility bills. 

You can charge your ebikes battery at the same time it takes to charge it with a household outlet with the right sunny conditions.  It can be a real game-changer! 

3. Headlights

Hunting is an enjoyable pastime for many people. So even if it is meant to be done during the day, recreational and professional hunters also find it worthwhile to hunt during nighttime. This, however, could pose a lot of safety issues.

Getting caught in the dark during a hunting session is dreadful. Poor vision in the wild is very dangerous and can cause attacks by an animal or even self-harm through accidents.

Headlights are important in an electric hunting bike. This improves the vision while you’re out in the dark hunting. It also scares away dreadful predators.

While there are headlights with their batteries, there are also others that can be connected to the power source of your electric bike. This is quite disadvantageous, though, since the headlights may eat up additional wattage. It is best to use battery-operated ones.

Electric bikes offer you multiple lighting options. Installing a battery-powered headlight can easily transform your hunting experience as it prevents you from tangling with a boulder or tree in the dark.

Consider installing LED headlights because they’re more energy-efficient and for their improved lighting quality.

Having a headlight on your hunting e-bike offers greater convenience when those hunting trips take longer than expected. 

4. Cargo Trailer

Hunting enthusiasts seldom come home from hunting trips empty-handed. Most of the time, they bring games such as fowl, wild cattle, and other sources of meat. These are difficult to transport with just an electric bike.

Electric fat tire bikes are perfect for hunting activities since it allows you to pull more weight effortlessly. A cargo trailer offers you more convenience when you need to carry all your haunting gear plus a larger animal.

Single Wheel Cart

Your cargo trailer will provide enough storage space to pack parts of the animal and easily get back to your vehicle.

Having a cargo trailer is also beneficial for bringing stuff with you during your trip. Want to drink a cold bottle of beer while hunting? You may carry an entire ice chest filled with booze using your cargo trailer.

The extra power of an e-bike allows hassle-free pulling of your loaded cargo trailer uphill. There are multiple trailers with a carrying capacity of nearly 200 lbs that you can choose from. 

5. Bike Racks 

Strapping your hunting guns or bows over your shoulder can be quite hectic and tiring at the same time. Adding a rack to your electric bike, however, allows you to easily mount your guns and bows strategically with fast-off, fast-on grips.  

Rear Rack for hunting bikes

A rack also can be used to hang your catch along with your rods and tackle-box to and from camp with no sweat.

You may think of bike racks as a lighter version of cargo trailers. The racks can still be used for carrying paraphernalia, but they are much smaller and easier to handle compared to a trailer. 

Consider getting manufacturer-selected stock racks for greater durability and perfect mounting without interfering with your e-bike's motor or wheels. 

6. Extra Battery Pack

Another must-have accessory for your electric hunting bike is an extra battery pack. Having an extra battery pack with you during hunting allows you to go deeper into the woods without worrying about your battery dying.  

Wondering how you’ll charge your electronics while you’re out hunting? You definitely won’t find a power plug in a forest; however, your extra battery pack can also come in handy in charging your devices when not revving up your e-bike. 

With a spare battery pack, you can ride your e-bike for double the distance and get home safe!

This gives your bike enough power boost to carry you back home or to your vehicle. Since there are no dynamos available to charge your electric bike’s battery, you should always consider having a portable power pack while you’re out hunting. 

Note, however, that you must replace your spare batteries every so often. The lifespan of most batteries is limited. Sometimes, stocking them for too long may render them ineffective and useless. 

With lots of different battery packs available on the market, you should choose one that delivers more power in a single charge and one that fits your budget. 

Transform Your Hunting Experience With Electric Bike Accessories

Having the best electric hunting bike is one thing, but investing in essential electric bike accessories makes all the difference.

These accessories do not only improve your hunting experience. They will also keep you safer and more at ease during your hunting trip. 

Along with the mentioned-above accessories, you may also consider adding a digital screen on your bike’s handlebars.

The digital screen offers vital information as you ride, such as the distance you’ve covered, battery power gauge, and also the GPS data. You can as well adjust the backlight for riding in the night, dim, and bright conditions.

If you are also looking to upgrade to a brand new electric hunting bike, then look no further than our recent post.  Click here to read our Top 7 Picks.

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