Finding Your First Electric Hunting Bike

Finding Your First Electric Hunting Bike

What to Look for in Your First Electric Hunting Bike

Finally, ready for your first electric hunting bike? Take your time to find the right one. Discover which brands and features are best for beginners.

Rambo Electric Hunting Bike

The number of individuals cycling to work in the US has increased by almost 60% in the last decade. As Americans begin to appreciate the idea and benefits of biking, owning a hunting bike is also becoming a prestigious aspect. If you do not already have a bike, you could consider buying an electric hunting bike.

Cycling can be a useful pastime for you with wide-ranging health and fitness benefits. Having a reliable bike can help you take your hunting adventures to an entirely new level. If you are looking for an adrenaline-filled hunting experience, then electric hunting bikes can be your answer.

Finally, are you ready for your first electric hunting bike? Take your time to find the right one. Discover which brands and features are best for beginners.

1. Understand What You Need

Most people are keen on buying electric hunting bikes despite their naivety on the classification and styles. You need to have a better understanding of the various e-bikes in the market and why they fall into specific categories. Electric bikes fall into classes one, two, and three.

Most of the hunting bikes fall into the class two categories.

The Class One E-bikes

The class one e-bikes make up the first class of these e-bikes. This category of bikes only activates their electric motor while the rider is pedaling. The engine is only limited to 20 miles per hour beyond which your speed depends on your pedaling.

The Class Two E-bikes

Most hunting bikes fall into the class two-category of e-bikes. This category is throttle-assisted, meaning it is highly suitable for single-track trails and other challenging terrains. The bikes are pedal-assisted, which makes it easy for you to navigate your way during hunting expeditions.

Class two e-bikes have a limit of 20 MPH while the motor is limited to 750 Watts. When settling for a hunting bike, it is important to understand the extent of control you have concerning power. The class two e-bikes allow you to adjust your level motor control and power depending on your needs.

Some of the most advanced class two hunting e-bikes include the Rambo electric hunting bikes. The bikes have a range of features that make your hunting experience less stressful. The features include provision for a cargo trailer and other useful additions such as dual-use backpacks.

Class Three E-Bikes

The class-three e-bikes can hit an average of 28 mph while pedaling. The bikes must have speedometers because of the high-speed limits you may hit while on off-road biking. You may need to adopt extra safety measures when handling these bikes, especially as a beginner.


Hunter with Electric hunting bike


2. Understand the Weight and Placement for Your Electric Hunting Bike

You may not know this, but the weight has a direct implication on how electric hunting bikes fit into your life. Imagine navigating past harsh terrain with a relatively heavy electric bike. If you are starting, this may not only be stressful but can also cause you injuries.

Weight is an important consideration, particularly in cases where you bike alone. In case such a bike falls on you, the risk of being injured may be extreme. As a beginner, nothing as frustrating as having to push that heavy bike a long distance due to a flat tire. All these may be consequences of riding a heavier bike.

Placement refers to the exact position of the battery pack. The higher up the battery pack is set, the higher the center of gravity will be. For a beginner, it is safer to consider a mid-framed battery pack placement.

These considerations ensure that you do not need to worry about the unexpected loss of balance and the injuries that would emanate from such falls.

3. The Size of the Battery

Rambo ebike Battery

You need to consider the battery when deciding on your next hunting bike. The size of the battery determines range, so you need to consider the number of miles that your e-bike can cover on a single charge.  Otherwise, you could run out of juice early and have to pedal it back like a standard bicycle, only heavier.

Going for a powerful battery will be an important consideration as you shop for a hunting bike.  To get a ballpark idea of the range, you can identify the range by checking the Amp hrs of the battery and double it.  

Let's say the battery is 15Ah, then double it to get 30 miles on a single charge, that's 30 miles without pedaling if you use the pedal assist function then the range is increased further.

Or you can try using the below eBike Range Calculator to get a more precise range, enter the two details and see the range you can expect if you use the only throttle.  Pedaling will extend that range even further.



4. Your Purpose Should Matter

An electric hunting bike has varying uses chief among them being is leisure hunting. Other uses may include touring purposes. For each of these options, it is important to consider certain factors.

If your bike is for adventure or long-cycling expeditions, you may need to consider additional features such as rear-storage racks for water and snacks. You may also need to find an electric bike that can survive a challenging terrain without succumbing. The rack should be spacious enough to carry your prey.

As more electric bikes emerge over time, you may be spoiled for choice as manufacturers focus on a greater extent of personalization to meet the specific needs of bikers. For a beginner, you have the option of searching patiently for a bike that will suit your needs.

5. The Hub-Drive Motor Versus the Mid-Drive Motor

The mid-drive motors have a motor sensor that senses your pedaling routine and offer electric assistance based on your motions. If you are a beginner, this type of bike makes your ride feel more natural. This is because your acceleration depends on how hard you pedal.

The only caution when operating this bike is that it has more parts that can break as compared to the hub-drive sensor. This is a concern for the rider on an off-road electric bike.

The hub-drive sensor on the hand will tend to give you a push forward feeling when pedaling. Most times, it feels as though there is an extra electric push that makes your pedaling easy and speedy. The hub-drive tend to make your riding experience to feel unnatural because of the limited effort required from you.

Again, choosing a mid-drive motor or a hub-drive motor will depend on your off-road terrain.

Choose the Most Suitable Electric Hunting Bike

The various types of e-bikes available will revolutionize the idea of hunting. Regardless of being a beginner, you can enjoy incredible hunting and biking experiences where distance and terrain are no longer factors of concern.

However, you need to consider the pointers in this guide to buying the best electric hunting bike that suits your needs.

When all is said and done, cycling and hunting can lead to mental relaxation and meditation.

For a wide range of e-bikes for hunters and biking accessories needs, contact us.

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