BAKCOU Storm Electric Hunting Bike Review

BAKCOU Storm Electric Hunting Bike Review

Sometimes simple isn't enough when you are a hunter, and you always want to ace your skills and chances to level up your game. If you also think like that, then thisBAKCOU Storm Electric Hunting Bike is just the thing that you want to consider.


The bike comes with an affordable cost of 5,398 USD and also provides you with two best color options to choose from matte black and tan. The bike also comes with two motors types, which are your 1000w motor and 750w motor. In this article, we are going to look at some more awesome features that this bike has to offer.





Cover longer distance

Thishunting bike offers you two Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive motors that let you cover an incredible distance of 40 miles with just a single throttle, and if you provide a paddle assistant, then it can go even further than that. The motor gets filled up with the juice of a 48V battery that helps it to reach that distance without having any trouble.

Hunt like professional hunters

If you're a hunter, you don, 't want your prey to know your existence or else, it can alert them and can mess up your game. This ebike is quiet as a cat, and when you are traveling by this bike on the trail, you won't even make a single noise to alert the animals. This feature increases the chances of you taking greater prey with you at your home.



Bakcou Storm


BAKCOU Storm product page


Carry heavy gears and load

One of the things with hunting is that you need to be prepared for everything when you are leaving your home, and going 100 miles to 200 miles away, you cannot leave anything behind. In standard hunting bikes, the most gears and accessories you can carry is never nearly enough.


Although with the Storm electric bike 750W and 1000W motor, you can carry anywhere from 275 pounds to 300 pounds easily without sacrificing your speed and putting much load on your shoulders.


The display allows you to get every information about the bike while you are on the road, from battery level to the performance of the bike you can access almost every detail about the bike.

Gearing system

The bike comes with a 9-speed gearing system that helps you get through any mountain areas no matter how high or how downhill a track you are on.


Storm Display

Not only is the Bafang Ultra M620 mid-drive smart, but it’s also very quiet, which can enhance your outdoors experience even more. On a bike this silent with power control this smooth, you’ll almost forget that you’re even riding.

Thanks to the smart torque-sensing feature, riding your Storm will feel effortlessly natural and eliminate much the strain that comes with riding a bike.

As a hunter, you must know that animals survive off their senses, which means that loud sounds, vibrations, and smells will send them running.

Not only does the Ultra motor allow you stalk and track your prey silently, but unlike gas motors, it doesn’t produce strong odours that can scare them away.


Battery Lithium-ion Extended Distance 48V(17.4Ah and 21Ah)
Display Bafang DP C.18 UART Full Color LCD
Brakes Powerful Tektro HD E750 Quad Piston 203mm Hydraulic Disc brakes
Suspensions BCEG GT MRK 120mm RockShox Monarch Rear and Air front fork

 6061 High-Quality Aluminium Alloy


Like we read above, the BAKCOU Storm Electric Hunting Bike is all about taking it to the next level. It has all and lets you enjoy some extra benefits, so if you also want to experience the next level bike, you should for sure, consider this hunting bike.



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