Mountain Bike for Hunting

Mountain Bike for Hunting

If you’re a hunter looking for a good way to efficiently cover the hunting grounds, catch more games, and improve your hunting experience, a mountain bike could give you the edge you’re looking for.


It’ll help you get to places you never thought you could reach and you’ll be able to transport your catches without spending too much energy.



Benefits of Using a Mountain Bike for Hunting

Compared to walking or using a gas-powered vehicle, a mountain bike can provide you with many benefits during your hunting trips.


The fat-tire and electric mountain bikes are becoming popular among hunters, and here are the advantages you can get from using one yourself.

You Can Move Fast

Most of the time, while hunting, you have to travel long distances between your campsite or car location and your hunting location. This could be up to two miles sometimes. By using a mountain bike, you’re able to cross such distances in a short amount of time compared to walking.




For example, you could take a one hour walk in just a quarter. This could save you hours during hunts, especially if you’re going back and forth between your camp and the hunting location.


Riding a mountain bike would surely be slower than an ATV. However, you get to take advantage of the other benefits it has. It’s also much more affordable, as you’d probably pay more than $5000 for an ATV compared to less than $2000 for an electric mountain bike or even less than $1000 for a normal mountain bike.

You’re Less Discoverable

Hunting using a mountain bike could give you a great advantage while tracking and approaching the game. It provides you with high mobility while staying fairly undetectable at the same time.


The bike can help you be as stealthy as possible. Unlike gas-powered vehicles like ATVs and motorbikes, mountain bikes make much less noise.


The quiet roll they make on the ground doesn’t usually spook the game. Even if you’re using an electric mountain bike, the electric motor could be more silent than your own footsteps when you’re walking.



They’re also scent-free, contrary to vehicles that use fuel and produce fumes, which would scare the prey.


While riding, you also don’t leave as much human scent on the ground as when you’re walking, which makes you even more stealthy.


Some hunters notice that deer get more intimidated and scared by a human who’s walking more than if they were riding a bike, which makes getting close to them much easier using the bike.

It’s Lightweight

During the hunt, you want to be as swift as possible. Having a mountain bike won’t hinder your movements as it’s lightweight. You can easily move it around even when you’re not riding it. It’s also easy to transport with you to many places and it doesn’t need much space to store.


You can easily handle it during the hunt. It’s simple to lock it to a tree and go after the prey then come back to it later.

It Can Help You Transport Your Things

As a hunter, you surely carry a big amount of objects with you, which typically weighs a lot. Besides your hunting gear like your bow and arrows, you probably have to carry supplies and maybe a shelter in the cases where your hunting trip extends for a few days.




Holding on to all these things while walking can be really difficult. Riding on a mountain bike can make it much easier. You can even install a cargo rack to the rear of your bike or attach a bike bag to hold some of your gear.


Another convenient option would be to get a trailer that you tow behind your bike. You can use it to carry your supplies on your way to the hunting location. It’s also convenient to transport the game you caught. This would be highly beneficial, especially in the case of large game.


This is even much easier if you’re using an electric mountain bike because you don’t have to be pedaling for all the travel distance, and you can carry more weight with more ease.

It Saves You Energy

A subsequent advantage to the two previous benefits is that you’re able to save so much energy without having to compromise on the things you want to carry with you or affecting your movement ability.


The electric bike is even more effective in this regard, as you wouldn’t need to spend much energy on pedaling. You just let the electric motor do the work. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have to start pedaling yourself if you run out of batteries. Yet, it’s still better than walking while carrying all the weight.

It Can Handle Most Terrains

Hunting grounds could become rough and hard to travel through sometimes, with all sorts of rugged terrain. Mountain bikes are designed and built to handle these tough conditions.


Using a bike can help you traverse various terrains like muddy paths and grounds filled with puddles. It’s also efficient in snowy conditions. You can even climb hills with relative ease.



The good traction the tires provide can help you navigate your way through the wilderness and forests where there are lots of rocks, leaves, and branches on the ground. You’ll be able to cover more ground and reach further areas easier and faster than on foot.


Fat-tire and hard-tail bikes are among the popular mountain bike options with hunters. The fat-tire bike offers higher traction due to the big size of the tires, while the hard-tail helps with climbing, as it has no suspension in the rear.

Access to Most Lands

If you hunt in public lands, you know that some of them have regulations that ban the use of motor vehicles, yet they allow bikes so you won’t need to worry about losing your traveling method. You can stay on top of your hunting game almost anywhere.

Wrap Up

Getting a mountain bike can help you improve your hunting experience and access more areas than you’ve ever done before.


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