How Long Do eBike Batteries Last?

How Long Do eBike Batteries Last?


Well, you bought the ebike of your dreams! As far as we know, ebikes are types of bicycles that are powered by motor and battery.  The battery of the bike is the one that keeps it moving. Thus, you need to know how long do eBike batteries last. This way, you can work on taking care of your ebike battery and ensure it lasts at optimal performance for years.

Here is a general rule for calculating battery range



An ebike battery can work on a thousand charge cycle, meaning if you take care of the battery and it's a good quality battery, you could get up to 1,000 full charges before the cells start decay. But this also depends on the battery type that your electric bike is using. Before purchasing an ebike, you must check and do thorough research about it. Know before you buy.

 Lithium Batteries runs almost all ebikes today. They can hold up to 1000 cycles. No doubt, most ebike users, especially hunters, prefer it.

    How to Prolong Your eBike’s Battery Life?


    With proper care and maintenance, your ebike batteries can last up to three years. Bike batteries price is not cheap! You cannot just simply throw a bunch of your savings to buy new. That is why you need to learn some tips in prolonging your battery's life.

    Check out some tips below.


    Avoid Storing Your Battery in Extreme Cold or Hot Environment

    For hunters, they often go on a trip most of the time. Their bike endures cold and hot environments, and the same goes for their battery. It is completely fine to ride your bike in extreme weather conditions, and your battery can endure that. But one thing that you must practice doing is storing your battery in a moderate temperature. That means that during winter, make sure to keep your battery and the bike itself in a place where it is not shortly exposed to the frigid cold.


    Don’t Submerge Your Battery in Water

    Yes! You read it right. Electric mountain bike is one of the best bikes in terrain because it can endure any obstacle. But one thing you missed to know is that some users fail to acknowledge that the battery of electric mountain bike is not waterproof. All ebikes are water-resistant, but not waterproof. If the water penetrates inside the battery, it will inevitably affect the state of your battery. So, don't ever submerge your battery in water.


    Remove your Ebike’s Battery While Transporting

    Don't forget to remove your battery in the bike during transit. The constant harsh vibrations from your car are not suitable for the internal components in the battery. Remove the battery during transportation, and this will also make your ebike lighter and more manageable.


    Charging etiquette

    When plugging your ebike battery in to charge, be sure to plug your battery or ebike in first before you plug it into the wall. The instant high voltage from the charger may shock your battery if you plug it into the wall first.


    Storage and Charging


    • Store your battery and bike in a room with room temperature between 35° to 80° F.
    • Keep your battery away from the heat source.
    • Avoid leaving your battery charging overnight. Make sure to disconnect the charger from the battery and the wiring after charging.
    • Never completely drain the battery, but always try charging it to 100%.



    • Before cleaning your bike, remove the battery.
    • Do not use high pressure hoses when cleaning your electric bike.
    • Do not immerse your battery in water. Use a damp cloth in cleaning it, simply wipe it and avoid direct contact of water.



    So, How Long Do eBike Batteries Last? Typically, an electric bike’s battery can last up to 8 years. This depends on how you treat it and the battery type you are using. Make sure to regularly check the status of your battery so that you can act instantly if you find any problem.

    When shopping for an eBike the battery supplier is also to be considered. Ebike brands that use high quality components tend to use good battery manufacturers. A general rule is you can't go wrong with Samsung and Panasonic. While LG is also up there as a good battery maker. Generally the cells are better quality and they hold, and release energy slower during use, instead of depleting quickly. 


    If you're now equipped with enough to make an education ebike purchase deciion, or still have some more questions about other aspects of what makes an ebike great, read this more detailed article that covers more than just battery range: Electric Hunting Bike Review 

    Happy hunting!


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    March 04, 2023

    What’s the of replacing my e-bike pinarello dyodo battery?

    Rosalind Longson
    Rosalind Longson

    May 22, 2022

    I am think of buying a brand new 2 year old electric bike which has never been used. Will the battery still be ok or will the life of the battery be shortened as it hasn’t been used?

    Ricky White
    Ricky White

    May 22, 2022

    It’s great that I’ve learned so much new. You certainly deserve thanks.


    May 22, 2022

    my battery keeps cutting out is it on it way out, or is it because its cold and frosty out side

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