Folding E-Bikes

Foldable electric bikes are often smaller than traditional eBikes and they generally have a shorter wheelbase.  Also, these bikes have smaller wheels making them easier to carry while on the go.  These bikes are lightweight making them a breeze to handle. 

Another attractive feature of the foldable electric bike is the seat.  It sits higher than most bikes which will give you an added advantage when moving through traffic.  Good for short commutes or longer rides, these bikes can be taken on trains, storage in the trunk of a car or brought inside while not in use. 

Many people who worry about their bikes being stolen purchase these bikes so they can bring them in during the night.  This is especially important for those who live in major cities where crimes can be an issue. 

The foldable eBike can be used by many different age groups.  Plus, using them daily for the purpose of commuting won't be an issue.

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