Top 11 Best eBike Accessories for Hunters

Top 11 Best eBike Accessories for Hunters

What do you take hunting with you? As epic as it would be to claim that you can, very few hunters head out with little more than a knife and some string. It's actually quite the opposite— hunters take lots of gear with them. 

It's no stretch to expect that you'll be carrying anywhere from 30-60 pounds worth of gear to your hunting area each morning, especially if you’re hunting from a tree stand.

The same thing applies to your eBike. While it in itself is an impressive piece of gear, you're going to want more than a motor and a set of wheels. You'll want to outfit it to match your hunt, and, thankfully, hunting eBikes come with a range of accessories that you can add on to tailor your bike to your needs. 

So, what accessories are worth the money? That depends on your demands. However, we can discuss what we believe to be the best eBike accessories for hunters to consider.

1. Bike Carts

If a bike cart is available, spend the money and add it to the package. While eBikes are wonderful, they are limited in space.

Unless you're willing to throw that buck over your shoulders, you're going to want a cart to bring your take out of the woods. A hunting eBike cartmight also serve to carry passengers or large gear that won't fit anywhere else.

ebike carrier good for passengers also

2. Racks 

Speaking of hauling gear, racks are a must-have accessory for any hunting eBike. Whether in place to haul miscellaneous items or mount other accessories, you'll want plenty of racks on your eBike.

Even if you don't think you need them, you should outfit your hunting eBike with as many racks as you feel comfortable riding with.

3. Baskets 

Baskets are a step up from racks that are available on select models. These can be exceptionally handy for riders who have backpacks, additional bags, or large gear they don't want to carry on their backs while riding.

If it's an option, we suggest considering it to preserve your posture and increase your bike's overall carrying capacity.

4. Saddlebags/Cases 

You have plenty of items that you don't want to keep in your backpack, nor do you want to expose them to the elements. That's where hunting eBike saddlebags or cases come into play.

These are large containers mount near the seating area, offering a good amount of storage room for your lunch, binoculars, or other valuable belongings. They may not be a necessity, but they can certainly save you from a soggy sandwich that will ruin anyone's day.

5. Accessories Bags 

Much like saddlebags, accessory bags mount to the bike to offer a protective space for your belongings. These are generally a little smaller and can mount to different locations on the bike. They are perfect for storing multitools, bike locks, or other small pieces of equipment.

6. Tool Kits 

Not sure what tools you'll want to keep on your eBike? Not to worry. Many eBikes can come with a pre-assembled tool kit.

It includes virtually anything you need to service your bike and can help you in case of an emergency. What's better is that they typically come in a pouch that you can mount to your eBike in the same places as an accessory bag would go.

7. Headlights 

You will ride your eBike in the dark. Even though you cut down travel time to the stand, you still want to get there before the sun comes up.

You will stay there until it goes down, too. Do yourself a favor and invest in a headlight. You don't want to try and use the silhouettes of the trees to guide you at the speeds you will reach on that eBike.

Rambo ebike bright headlight from eBike Generation

8. Rear Lights and Reflectors 

You just might take an eBike instead of your truck. Your truck might even break down, leaving you with only an eBike to get home.

We recommend investing in side markers and taillights because of these factors. In addition, it will make your presence known to other motorists, and some can be set up with turn signals for added safety.

9. Firearm/Bow Holders 

Where are you going to keep your firearm or hunting bow while you ride? You can opt to keep it on your back, but that's asking for issues.

Suiting your eBike up with a rack to hold your most expensive piece of gear is the best way to ensure you don't accidentally rough it up against the brush.

10. Suspension Upgrades 

Maybe not an accessory like the others, but suspension upgrades are often an option for eBike owners to consider. We recommend pulling the trigger on them.

Upgrading the suspension typically makes the bike a lot more comfortable to ride, which is important when you start loading it up with gear. It also happens to boost performance, which will help you travel through more places safely.

Hunter electric bike package from ebike generation

11. Hunter Packages 

The last accessory we suggest considering is a package pre-made for hunters. These hunter packages for eBikes aren't that common, but they sure are handy.

The manufacturers know what hunters want, and they bundle it all into one kit to make things simple. These kits often include bags, carts, and even lighting that will help you love every last hunt your eBike takes you on.

Accessories will make your life easier, but there is such a thing as going too far. If you were to pack every feature we mentioned on our list onto an eBike, it could easily become a cumbersome nuisance instead of a revolutionary piece of gear. 

That's why it's essential to be diligent in your selection. It helps to look at what the top eBikes come with, but that'll only get you in the ballpark.

Take the time to figure out what makes sense to you. Whatever you think will make a hunt better is what you need on your eBike.

We're more than happy to help you with personalizing your eBike, but we can't sit down and have an open-end discussion. That's why our blog is here, though.

Our takes on topics like the top fat tire eBikes help us bridge the gap and help you understand what bike and accessories best suit your needs!

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