Bakcou Storm eBike Overview Top 7 Features for Hunters

Bakcou Storm eBike Overview Top 7 Features for Hunters

The Storm by Bakcou is something we feel needs little introduction. After all, it's made its way onto our top lists for both thebest eBikes for hunters and forfat tire eBikes on the market this year. It's nimble, it's powerful, it's available in multiple colors, and we feel that it has a place in every hunter's life. 

Is that enough for you? While we'd like to say you can take our word for it, we know that you're a hunter. You love nothing more than getting the facts and making a decision for yourself. After all, nobody knows what better suits your needs than you. 

You don't have to twist our arm for a Bakcou Storm review, though. We love this eBike. We'll gladly dive in and show you everything that makes this model such an excellent choice for hunters.

Top 7 Features for Hunters

1. Ultra motor propulsion 

Perhaps the main draw to the storm is the ultra motor. There's so much to like that we'll dive back into the specs in just a minute.

For now, you should know that it gives you 1,500-watt shots of power at your disposal. That extra power can come in handy when you need to get over a rough obstacle or out of the woods in a hurry.

We get that power isn't everything, either, so you’ll love to know that you still get that kind of grunt with the 750-watt base motor option. Trust us. It's way cooler than it sounds.

Bakcou Storm eBike review from eBike Generation

2. Reinforced chassis for max rigidity 

How powerful is the ultra motor? Powerful enough that it could tweak the chassis of an ordinary eBike.

Bakcou's engineers understood this and adjusted accordingly. The frame is reinforced to resists the high stress the motor can produce.

That's also good as it provides peace of mind to you as a hunter. The stronger frame will better resist the harsh environments that stand between you and your favorite hunting spot.

3. Comfort confirmed with full suspension

Rigidity might be something of a concern if you've been running heavy-duty trucks your whole life. You know that those heavy lifters have a habit of beating on passengers.

Well, that's not an issue for the Storm. This hunting eBike is equipped with a full suspension system that offers maximum comfort to the rider.

It also improves the performance of the bike, making it far more articulate and capable of overcoming anything you'll encounter on the trail.

4. Impressive, but upgradable range 

On a single charge, the Storm's 19ah battery can take you 30-40 miles. That's already more than most hunters need.

In fact, that might make it through a few runs to and from your stand throughout the weekend. What if you want more? Bakcou offers an optional 21ah battery that'll offer roughly another 10 miles onto your range.

What if that's just too much? Don't worry. By dropping down the 17ah battery, you only lose a slight range and shave some money on the overall investment.

5. Steel gearing in the motor 

Durability is the name of the game. The newest generation of the Storm offers more than just a tough exterior too.

This model features all-metal gearing in the motor as opposed to the nylon that was once inside. Though the Storm was always impressive, this makes for a much more stout mechanism that'll surely last the test of time.

6. Walk with a walk mode 

eBikes aren't heavy on the grand scale of things but pushing around a 70-pound bike with your gear piled on isn't exactly pleasant. Bakcou understands that you can't ride the bike everywhere and incorporated a new walk mode to help you out.

That's not all, though. This mode takes advantage of the gearing, giving you that extra torque or speed exactly when you need it. That will make a major difference whether you're walking on the trail or trudging through an extreme obstacle.

Bakcou Storm eBike hunting electric bike benefits

7. Tough fat tires 

Fat tires are always a huge deal for hunters. They offer maximum off-road performance with a wide contact patch and aggressive tread pattern.

They also work as a shock absorber, making for an even more comfortable ride. So it’s obvious why you want them on your hunting eBike. In addition, the Storm comes standard with the Maxxis Minion FBF.

These fat electric bicycle tires feature 120 TPI, making them more durable and flexible than many other tires. In other words, this thing comes from the factory with a pretty serious performance upgrade you're not going to want to go without.

Ultra motor is more bang for your buck

That's already a lot to love, and we understand why you're so eager for us to get out of the way and point you to the nearest Bakcou Storm. Hang on just another minute, though. This thing is about to blow your mind. 

Remember when we said that power burst wasn't all there is to love about the ultra motor? We've been holding out. The selectable modes make this bike fit under the lawful classification as a class 1, 2, or 3 eBike.   

That's huge news to hunters all over the country and those who hunt in different states. 

As you know, some states only allow the use of certain eBikes or those with low power levels for use on the trail. With this feature, you can essentially use this bike in any setting, giving you the ability to hunt in even more places. 

We should say that it is essential to maintain respect for local authorities before taking it just anywhere. While this bike can go anywhere legally, you need to make sure you use the appropriate modes for the settings you ride it in, as you can wind up with a fine if you’re not careful. 

The Storm is almost the perfect eBike for all hunters. Its high power potential, performance-oriented build, rigid design, and fat tires are all hard to ignore. But, is it the right eBike for you? 

While we want to say yes, you still need to make the decision for yourself. Check out all of our reviews on the top eBikes and balance the key features, pricing, and unique touches to decide exactly what will provide you with the ultimate hunting experience.

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