Green Bike USA Electric Folding Bikes

Green Bike USA is an electric bike manufacturer based in Florida, they specialize in electric folding bikes but offer a variety of high performance models.  They promise excellent price and quality on every ebike and are proud to produce such a well performing product that speaks for itself!
Green Bike USA has warehouses in both Florida and California to ensure fast shipping times.  We commit to shipping your new ebike within 48 hrs but 99% of the time we get it shipped the same day so in just a few short days you will be riding your new ebike with a big smile on your face.
Green Bike USA orange folding ebike

Green Bike USA eBikes and the top reasons you need one in your life

  • Strong Build – Green Bike USA are known for their small solid built frames that will last for many years
  • Endless Options – Green Bike USA make many variations of the classic folding ebike.  Some with full suspension for an extra smooth ride and others with the front fork shock suspension.  The even have a full size mountain bike with twin batteries so you can go up to 100 miles on a single charge! That’s the aptly named Infinity.
  • Accessorized – Green Bike USA understands that a bike needs a few accessories as standard.  So they don’t mess around, many other brands sell the rear rack and lights as separate items, not Green Bike, they come as standard.

  • Free Phone Holder - Green Bike USA will send you a free phone holder with every ebike purchase. No matter what.
  • Fat Tires – Usually Green Bike USA has the traditional folding ebike and a fat tire version for those looking to take their new ebike on the sand or dirt track.  The fat tire models are perfect for Burning Man festivals.
  • Safety Features - Green Bike USA wants to keep you safe and that's why the bikes not only come with front and rear LED lights, they also sport left and right turn light signals so you can be have fun AND stay safe on the road.
  • Compact - Folding eBikes are so small when folded they can be stored in the trunk of a car, under the bed or kept in a closet when not in use.  Perfect for those with less space, and ideal for taking on the tram, bus or train so your commute is a care free, traffic free enjoying trip.
  • Theft Free - Since you can fold it up and take it inside with you, you never have to worry about leaving it locked up outside and getting stolen.

 Green Bike USA ebike folded up


As you can see from the above image, the Green Bike USA eBikes can fold up to a very unobtrusive size that can be kept anywhere you go, whether it's under your desk at work, or in the closet under the stairs.

The battery can be slid out and can be charged separately.  Removing the battery takes only a couple of seconds.  see below image:

Green Bike USA battery removal


Whether you need a folding ebike to beat the morning traffic, cruise the beach or just run some errands about town, Green Bike USA has the perfect eBike for you.  

Below is the full range so you can explore each one and choose the perfect fit for your needs.  Whichever you choose you'll be blown away by how well they perform.  You'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner!

$2,499.00 Sold Out
SAVE $650.00
4 Reviews

Green Bike USA GB Infinity Electric Bike

Green Bike USA

$2,499.00 $1,599.00
SAVE $900.00
4 Reviews

Green Bike USA GB500 Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike

Green Bike USA

$2,299.00 $1,379.00
SAVE $920.00
3 Reviews

Green Bike USA GB500 Electric Folding Bike

Green Bike USA

$1,649.00 $1,275.00
SAVE $374.00

GB Carbon Light by Green Bike USA

Green Bike USA

$1,899.00 $1,175.00
SAVE $724.00
3 Reviews

Green Bike USA GB5 Electric Folding Bike

Green Bike USA

$1,999.00 $1,159.00
SAVE $840.00
4 Reviews

Green Bike USA GB1 Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike

Green Bike USA