Top 9 Benefits of a Folding Fat Tire eBike for Hunters

Top 9 Benefits of a Folding Fat Tire eBike for Hunters

We might romanticize hunting be a raw experience, but plenty of gear is necessary for success. Between the proper clothing, the right opticals, supplies, and firearms, cargo space in your vehicle is taken up rather quickly.

That means fitting an eBike in the trunk might not be an option and you’ll need to invest in bike racks. Well, that’s where folding electric hunting bikes shine.

Folding eBikes are great for many reasons, but they have anatomy that hunters will certainly appreciate.

In fact, they can seemingly revolutionize your entire experience from the moment you load up to your arrival home. We’re here to explain why you want a folding fat tire eBike for hunting.

What is a folding fat tire eBike?

A folding electric bicycle is exactly what it sounds like—an eBike that folds up. 

No, it's not a compact model that serves more as a novelty than a practical piece of equipment. It's a full-sized bike tailored to meet the demands of many utilitarians, including hunters. 

The way it works is by incorporating folding joints into the frame. When the bike isn't in use, you simply fold it into itself. Folding eBikes transform from a seemingly normal bicycle that you can easily store or transport anywhere. 

A folding fat tire electric bike is no different other than the inclusion of larger, more capable tires.


Top 9 Benefits for Hunters

Now, we can already see the wheels turning. You're putting two and two together, realizing that there's a lot to love about folding fat tire eBikes. Still, we want to take a minute to talk about what we consider to be the top nine benefits this platform offers hunters.

1. Fits in any vehicle 

As we said initially, folding fa tire eBikes can squeeze into tight spaces, such as the trunk of a car. Chances are you aren’t taking a car hunting, though.

You’re probably taking your truck with a large bed. Well, what happens when you load all of your firearms and gear back there, then a slammer buck? A fixed-frame bike might be a problem.

A folding eBike is perfect for this situation as you can collapse it and store it in an already loaded bed or in the cabin with you.

2. A camper’s best friend 

Maybe you're not going for larger game. Maybe you take you're taking your truck on an overland adventure where small-game and fish will be your meals. The bed of your truck is just serving as a place for you to catch some sleep. 

Well, it's still loaded up, and you definitely don't want to sleep next to a bicycle. You might also be able to keep it in a decent size tent with you if you're worried about other campers taking off with it.

3. Easy to hide 

We know that other hunters aren't likely to make off with your equipment. Still, you might want to hide the bike in your deer blind or in the brush as you hunt. 

That can be easier said than done with a fixed-frame eBike. A folding bike, however, can fold down to a much more manageable compact size.

4. Easy to carry when you can’t ride 

The outdoors are unpredictable, and you can come across puddles or obstructions that an electric bicycle can make it through. You might have to push a normal electric bike in these situations, but not a folding eBike. 

You can collapse a folding eBike whenever you want to. When the trail gets rough, you can fold it up for easy carrying, allowing you to make it through those unforgiving areas much more safely and quietly.

5. Fat tires provide better traction 

A folding electric bicycle with fat tires is just as capable as another, non-folding model. So, not only do you have the advantage of a folding frame, but you can make it anywhere the other bikes will.

Those larger tires don't just conquer terrain though. They're also comfortable. A smoother ride is easier on the joints, and that will keep you in the woods longer.

6. No compromise to power 

Motor size is also left intact, despite a folding frame. You still have access to 750W and even more powerful models when you use an electric bike.The increase in power only helps these bikes to keep up with fixed-frame models in terms of performance.

On top of that, you still have access to pedal assist. That will help you get over large hills at the least, but can also prove helpful in maximizing your range. 

7. Quiet as ever 

You might think that hinged joints make for noise issues, which is obviously an issue for hunters. After all, one of the main draws to eBikes for hunting is how quiet they are. 

Noise still isn't an issue, though. Designers keep this in mind and manufacture these electric bicycles in such a way that they remain quiet while you ride.

8. You can still have a rack 

Many folding eBikes come with rear bracks. These are great for hauling additional equipment or even attaching dollies.  While it may seem like a simple feature, selecting a model with it will prove that it's necessary for any hunter.  

9. Comfortable and ridged 

The foldable frame does not compromise tire or motor size. It also doesn't create a significant weak point for many hunting situations, nor does it flex under normal circumstances.

In other words, you can enjoy this bike as you would any other without having to worry about it breaking apart or being too uncomfortable to ride.

QuietKat Voyager Fat Tire Folding Ebike

What is the best folding fat tire eBike?

Every hunter wants different things. So, there's no way for us to say what the single best folding fat tire electric bicycle on the market is. We do, however, carry a decent selection of foldable eBikes we encourage you to browse through. 

If we had to suggest any, we'd say that theQuietKat Voyager andEmojo Lynx Pro 750 are two you should at least consider. Either of these models features a full-size motor that can hit respectable top speeds and impressive range on a single charge.

The QuietKat is the more expensive of the two, but its front suspension, higher weight capacity, and lower weight are highly desirable features. 

The Emojo has just as much to love, including the lower bar that's easier to step over and the entry-level price tag.

Folding eBikes simply make sense for hunters. We get it if the models that have a folding frame don't meet your demands, though. We still have you covered there too.

Our inventory is loaded with options for every hunter. However, our guide to theTop Fat Tire eBikes for 2021 for more suggestions and tips on what models are good for when!

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