eBike Maintenance 101: From Brakes to Costs


What’s the one thing you do after each hunt? Clean your gear. Mud, water, and debris cover your equipment, preventing them from working correctly.

You know that cleaning your binoculars and tearing your firearms down is essential to ensure they’re around for the long haul. 

So, even if you might spend a few hours each night cleaning them between hunts, you’ll do it translates into a stress-free day outdoors.

What about your eBike, though?

It’s no secret that anything you take in the woods will experience some abuse. eBikes, just like anything else, will need attention. We’re here to introduce you to proper electric bike maintenance, so you never have to worry about them hiccuping on your trek to and from your favorite hunting spot.

eBike maintenance 101

How often does an eBike need servicing?

Like any other vehicle, many eBike parts are designed to wear down or will simply breakdown over time due to normal wear and tear. Also, like any other vehicle, how frequently they require servicing depends on how often and what kind of use. 

Under normal conditions, eBikes used every day typically need routine service once per year. However, those that see hard use along the way will likely need servicing every six months or so. 

That probably doesn't answer your question, though. As a hunter, your eBike does see hard use, but you might only use it for a single season each year. Sure, it might get a little bit of exercise when the weather's nice but hardly enough to put any real mileage on the parts. 

If that's the case, we still recommend servicing the bike at least once a year—ideally before hunting season. It's wise to give everything a once over to ensure it's in working order. Otherwise, any potential issues may make themselves known once you start riding down the trail or, worse yet, on your way out with a take loaded on the dolly. 

Are electric bikes hard to maintain?

The level of difficulty associated with maintaining eBikes depends on the part of the bike that needs attention. 

Thankfully, it's not all that different from maintaining any other bicycle for the most part. Of course, you do need basic knowledge of mechanical components to get the job done, but it's nothing you can't figure out on your own, just like you did your firearms and optics. 

That's the case for the mechanical components, at least. 

If the more complicated systems fail, such as your motor or the electronics, you may need the help of a specialty shop. Keep in mind that entire businesses run on eBike maintenance for a reason. 

eBikes for hunting are built to last, though. While the electronics certainly aren't invincible, you shouldn't have to worry about issues with these components for quite some time if you respect their limitations.

What are the most common parts that need servicing?

Like we said, maintaining an eBike isn’t all that different from maintaining any other bike. Most of the maintenance is likely familiar to what you did with your bicycle in your childhood. 

Below is a list of the most common areas that need attention, and you might be able to service in your home garage at least once per year.

  • Brake pads
  • Brake calipers
  • Chain and sprocket
  • Tires and inner tubes 
  • Wheel alignment (trueing) 

Pretty simple, right? Aside from wheel trueing, you’ve probably done it all before and are comfortable tackling it.

Though, wheel trueing does bring up an important point. Without proper equipment and knowledge, making sure the wheels are riding warrants visiting a professional shop correctly. That isn’t the only reason for you to schedule an annual appointment, though.

Battery and motor diagnostics are two things you want to make sure you have done every year. Not because these parts are prone to failure, but because you don’t want to take the risk of missing an issue. You may consider having that business servicing the other components for you during that same visit to save a little time. 

electric bike maintenance costs

How about electric bike maintenance costs?

Servicing eBikes isn't free. On average, eBike owners spend around $100 to $150 on parts and materials every year. Professional service fees mirror those expenses, so you can spend around $300 per year on eBike maintenance. 

You can stand to save some money by doing a lot of the work yourself. It is wise to visit a shop for some jobs as we mentioned. Still, it isn't exactly required for changing brake pads, tires, replacing the chain, and so on. 

Just remember that going to a professional is always a good idea whenever you run into a maintenance routine that you're uncomfortable performing. There is a chance for things to break if you don’t do things properly, leading to more expenses on repairs.

How long will my eBike last? 

The average lifespan of an eBike is around 10 years. That's just an average, though, and only partially accounts for bikes that last much longer. It also takes into consideration those who simply dump an eBike when something like thebattery is due for replacement after 2 to 4 years. 

With proper care and mindfulness of an eBike, you can expect it to last well beyond that average number. Keep in mind that as long as the replacement parts are still available and you care for the bike properly, an eBike can last indefinitely.

Remember that bit about cleaning your optics and firearms? Why do you clean them so frequently? 

It's not because a little bit of dirt or moisture will prevent them from functioning. It's because they will cause serious headaches down the line if left unchecked. That's the real reason most hunters keep their gear surgically clean, even if it's bound to get dirty the next time they step foot in the woods. 

That same idea applies to your eBike. It's called preventive maintenance because it prevents failure outside of normal wear and tear. 

Cleaning the bike after a long day's ride, keeping the parts lubricated, and storing it properly are all things you want to be doing as they will prolong the life of your eBike. 

Don’t just look to the more obvious components like the chain and brakes; know your bike inside and out. For example, something like afolding eBike has hinges that should also be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Care for your eBike like you do your firearm, and we’re sure you’ll keep it in service for a surprisingly long time. 

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Carter Anderson

May 22, 2022

You should have more on how to use battery to make it last as long as possible.

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