Definitive Guide To eBikes

Definitive Guide To eBikes

When it comes to electric bikes, consumers have lots of choices.  So finding an electric bike to meet your needs won’t be hard.  Today, we are going to take a deeper look at three of the most popular types of electric bikes on the American market and many of the benefits of owning and using an electric bike. 

Each of these ebikes has something different to offer as you will find out below.   So if you are looking to purchase a new electric bike in the near future, you just might want to pay close attention to the information provided below.

Folding Electric Bikes

Folding Electric Bike


If you are looking for an easy to store electric bike, the folding electric bike is for you.  Foldable electric bikes are often smaller than traditional eBikes and they have a shorter wheelbase because these bikes have smaller wheels making them easier to carry while on the go. 

These bikes are lightweight making them a breeze to handle.  Another attractive feature of the folding electric bike is the seat.  It sits higher than most bikes which will give you an added advantage when moving through traffic.  Good for short commutes, these bikes can be taken on trains, storage in the trunk of a car or brought inside while not in use. 

Many people who worry about their ebikes being stolen purchase these ebikes so they can bring them in during the night.  This is especially important for those who live in major cities where crimes can be an issue.  The foldable ebike can be used by many different age groups.  


Electric Mountain Bikes

Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike


If you are looking for a more rugged ebike, then you may want to go with a mountain electric bike.  These bikes are made to take abuse and are great for riding the trail.  Perfect for camping, electric mountain bikes can take on hills and other adverse terrains with ease!

But remember, when riding in nature, always make sure that you tread lightly and stay on designated trails.  These bikes also do well in the city and will allow you to jump on and off curbs without any issues.  Mountain electric bikes can even be used for commuting to work or going to the grocery store. 

When choosing a mountain ebike, make sure that you pick one that has at least 500 to 1000 watts of power. Having a powerful motor to assist you on the trail will keep your legs from being sore at the end of the day. This will ensure that you get the most out of your bike and be able to drive across rocks and logs with ease. 

While in many areas of the country you are allowed to ride electric mountain bikes in urban settings, some local jurisdictions may limit their use.  So before you purchase one of these bikes, make sure to check the local laws in your given area. 

Some cities limit the use of these bikes to parks and will not allow them in other areas of the city.  These bikes are good for many different age groups including teens and adults.  But before you purchase one for a smaller child, make sure that it is age appropriate.   You can read our Top 7 picks for fat tire electric bikes by clicking on this blog post here.

Electric City Bikes


Electric City Bike


City ebikes are a little different looking than the rest of the bikes on this list.  For starters, these bikes have fatter tires and are often made from steel.  They are designed primarily for getting around in the city streets and they are a ton of fun! 

Electric city bikes are designed to look elegant and they are sometimes designed around the retro look.  They are very comfortable bikes and are perfect for older riders who have trouble taking the bumps in the road.  But people of all ages can enjoy riding these beautifully designed electric bikes. 

While these bikes do great in city settings, they are not designed for hilly offroad areas or rough terrain.  You should keep this in mind when purchasing your next bike.  City eBikes would have a hard time keeping up on natural trails due to their design.  But if you simply want to cruise around town, then the city bike is perfect for you! 

You will often see these bikes parked in front of cafes and coffee shops in small towns and major cities alike.  They are a great way to show off your own personal style and finding one that appeals to you won’t be difficult.  Some riders take great pride in their city cruisers and they even have rider clubs in some areas of the country. 

One thing that you will need to keep in mind is that city ebikes are not built for speed or carrying heavy loads.  While they can be used as a daily commuter, you might want to choose a different kind of ebike if you are going to be hauling large items around. 

 As you can see, each of these bikes offers something different.  If you are looking for a bike that you can bring along with you, then you might want to choose a foldable ebike. Foldable ebikes can fit in small storage spaces and you can even take them on the train with you.


Emojo City ebike


On the other hand, if you are looking to take your bike up and down difficult terrain, you may want to go with the mountain ebike.  Mountain ebikes can handle just about any situation and are great for cycling in nature. 

If you drive in urban areas and you would like to use your bike daily, then a city ebike might be right for you. City ebikes are wonderful for pleasure riding and fun to cruise around on. 

But no matter which bike you choose, always make sure that you drive with caution and wear your helmet all of the time.  Also, each one of these bikes would make the perfect gift and kids seem to love them.  Now that you know more about each of these bikes, my question to you is:


Which Electric Bike Is Right for You?

hunter on fat tire ebike

Each of these ebikes has something different to offer so finding one that will fit your personal style and needs won’t be difficult.  Another aspect to consider is, which type of functionality are you looking for?  

Electric bikes are classified using several different features.  This classification system was developed in part to help lawmakers understand more about these bikes, which are quickly growing in popularity. 

Some factors that are included in the classification are power and speed.  This classification puts electronic bikes into two different categories; pedal assist and power on demand (throttle only).  Below we will learn about each of these categories and how the different types of bike work. 


Pedal Assist

One of the most popular types of electric bikes is the pedal assist.  These bikes are also referred to as pedelecs.  Pedelecs bikes are equipped with an electric motor which will only work when the bike is being pedaled.  The motor is activated by a sensor that picks up pedal action which in turn turns on the motor. 

In the US market, these bikes are limited to 20 MPH and the motors are limited to 750 Watts.  This is due to safety regulations that have been placed on these electric bikes by the government.  While you are limited to 20 MPH, these bikes provide ample speed for those who want to go short to medium distances. 

Another feature that comes standard with most pedal assist bikes allows the rider to adjust the level of motor assistance and the level of power being used.  This is perfect for riding in different terrain and will help with daily commutes. 

For example, if a rider is going to work and the first few miles of their trip is flat and easy to navigate, the rider can choose to limit the power being used.  But later in the commute when a hill comes up, the rider can add more power and assistance helping them overcome the steeper grade.

 Emojo range of ebikes

Power on Demand

This type of electric bike gives riders complete control over the motor regardless if they are pedaling or not.  The motor on these bikes is often activated by the rider using a twist throttle (like a scooter) or thumb throttle (a small button you press down with your thumb) that is located on the handle bars.  

Having this option is great for those looking for a bike that can get them from point A to B without the need to pedal.  But if the rider does choose to pedal, they can do so without difficulty and can easily turn off the motor and save it for later in the trip. 

Many riders will pedal the easy parts of their route and only use the motor when the terrain becomes hilly or difficult to navigate with just pedal power.

Power on demand bikes gives riders more options when it comes to control over the motor and will allow them to go longer distances without the need for pedaling.  But if the user chooses to get some exercise, they can simply disengage the motor and power the bike on their own.  This is probably why these bikes are one of the most popular types of electric bikes on the market today. 

The good news is, in the US today most new ebikes have both these capabilities, that’s right, you can buy an ebike with pedal assist AND throttle power so you can choose how much pedaling if at all you want.

 girl on ebike while hunting

What Are The Benefits of Using an eBike?

7 Health benefits of Electric Bikes

Riding an electric bike to work is a great way to save money.  But there are many other benefits that comes with ebike ownership.  When you think of electric bikes, you may not automatically think of your health but ebikes can provide you with many different health-related benefits.  Today, we are going to take a deeper look at 7 of the most common ebike health benefits.  So if you are looking to get in shape or you just want to feel better, here they are.  


Weight Loss


If you have a few extra pounds that you want to get rid of, a great way to do it is by riding an ebike.  Electric bikes are very similar to traditional bikes.  They allow you to pedal the bike using your legs which will give you a great workout.

You can burn calories while commuting to work or while you are out with your family for an afternoon bike ride.  Most cities are now ebike friendly and you can often find bike pathways thorough your home town.

The great thing about working out with an ebike is that you have the option of using an electric motor.  This is perfect for someone who has been out of shape for a while and needs to take things slowly.  

 hunter using Quietkat ebike to monitor trail cameras



For those of you who have been injured or you recently had surgery, one of the best ways to build strength is by riding an electric bike. 

As we have already learned, ebikes can provide you with as much exercise as you can handle, but they allow you to take things slowly.  With the help of the electric motor, you can slowly but surely rebuild your strength. 

When you are in the recovery process, building strength is very important.  While you will still need to do physical therapy, in most cases, riding an ebike can help you to get back to normal faster. 

Ebikes are a great tool that could help veterans who have been wounded or anyone who has suffered an injury and can't ride a traditional bike.

Your doctor may even recommend that you purchase an electric bike and use it during the recovery process.  Keep in mind that you should always consult with your doctor before adding any exercise routine to your daily activities. 

One recovery technique cyclists are starting to use is cold therapy. Even if you have an ebike you can still get a good workout in. And taking a dip in a cold plunge or ice bath can speed up recovery. 


Reduced Blood Pressure


Many Americans and people around the world suffer from high blood pressure.  This is a dangerous condition but luckily, it can be controlled with diet, medication, and you guessed it, exercise. 

One of the best ways to reduce your blood pressure is by hitting the trail.  Ebikes will provide those with high blood pressure a safe way to exercise.  Making your electric bike a part of your daily life can be an effective tool in reducing your blood pressure. 


Better Heart Health


Riding an ebike can help reduce your blood pressure which is always good for your heart.  But riding also has other heart-related benefits.  Those who ride their electric bikes daily will strengthen their hearts giving them an overall improvement of their cardio vascular system. 

Heart-related conditions take the lives of millions of people all over the world each year.  By improving your heart health, you can live longer and possibly avoid having a heart attack or other issue. 


Great For Senior Health



 Seniors on Bikes


As we get older, our bodies change and many of the things we used to love to do isn't possible any more.  Riding a traditional bike can be difficult for some seniors and can even be dangerous for those with underlying health conditions. 

A great alternative to a traditional bike is an electric bike.  Ebikes will allow you to enjoy rides through the park and you can even use them on small commutes to the store.  While ebikes can be totally powered by the motor, they can still be a wonderful way to stay active in your senior years. 

They will help you with your mobility and you can enjoy the great outdoors at the same time! 


Improve Mental Health



Depression is a huge problem in modern day society.  Many people suffer from depression which can takes its toll.  Not only does depression affect the person suffering from it, but everyone that is around them can be affected as well. 

The economy also takes a hit from depression.  In Europe for example, the total cost annually for depression for the year 2004 was 118 billion euro.  While medications may work for some people, for others they find relief from depression with exercise.  A great way to ward off depression is to take a nice relaxing ride on an Ebike. 

Riding an electric bike daily just might be the medicine you need to have a healthy mind.  The best part is there are no negative side effects!  Not only does riding an Ebike help to ease depression, it can also make you mentally sharper and some suggest that it can even help prevent Alzheimer's. 

Live Longer

If you would like to prolong your life, you just might want to think about getting an ebike.  A study conducted on past Tour de France riders showed that cyclists lived on average to be 81.5 years old while the general population lived only to be around 73.5 years old. 

While riding an electric bike is not the same thing as competing in the Tour de France, you will still be getting exercise and that alone will help you to live longer.  So if you want to add some years to your life, you just might want to think about buying your very own ebike. 


Now that you know more about the health benefits of owning an electric bike, why not go out and get you one?  Not only can an ebike help you feel better mentally and physically, it can also prolong your life.  So get out there and hit the trail on an ebike!  Your body will thank you if you do. 

While these 7 health benefits are all you need to be persuaded they are not the only benefits.

Economic Benefits


As you may already know ebikes are growing in popularity around the world. From Europe to America more people are choosing ebikes as their main source of transportation and for good reason.

There are many benefits of owning an ebike but today we are going to focus on the economic benefits of these very cool bikes. So if you have ever wondered if riding an ebike around town can save you money, you just might want to pay close attention to the information below.

They Are Much Cheaper Than Purchasing A Car


We all know that even a used car or truck can cost a lot of money. While some of us are fortunate enough to be able to pay cash for a car, the rest have to finance the purchase of a vehicle. This can add to the cost of your new car making it even more expensive.

Then you have to add in dealership fees and other taxes which you will have to pay before even getting on the road. Instead of paying a lot of money for a car, why not think about investing in an ebike?

For just a few thousand dollars you can purchase an ebike and you will not have to worry about making any more payments. While you could choose to finance the purchase, your monthly payments would be much less.

This will give you more financial freedom and you will have money to spend on other more important things in life.

Yearly Cost of Operation


After the initial purchase of your ebike, you are going to have a yearly cost to operate it. You will be happy to find that the cost of owning an ebike is much cheaper compared to other modes of transportation.

The average cost of driving a gasoline-fueled car for one mile will run you around 49.44 cents. This estimate includes costs such as gas, tires, general maintenance, insurance and taxes which covers the entire operation cost of the vehicle. Compare that to the cost of driving an ebike at just 18 cents a mile and you can see the savings.

This estimate covers the cost of tires, battery replacement, general maintenance, electricity and everything that it takes to operate an ebike.  So you can see why so many of those who live less than 20 miles away from their jobs are now biking to work instead of driving.

If you add up each year’s savings after a decade of riding an ebike, you really will be shocked at how much money you kept in your pocket.

You Won’t Have to Pay for Parking


When you live in the city and you drive a car you will have to pay for parking. While some apartment buildings and other residential buildings offer free parking many of them require you to pay.

For instance, in New York City some people are paying $300 or more per month just to park their car. Then you have to factor in the amount of money you will have to shell out when you go somewhere.

Stopping off at the store could cost you several dollars each trip when you have to feed a parking meter.

All this cost for parking can really add up. For those who ride ebikes most can find ample parking without having to pay for time on a meter. There are many bike racks in most major cities and even some small towns and you are allowed to keep your bike there for free.

You will also not have to worry about parking your ebike at your residence because you can simply bring it inside of your home. This will help keep your bike out of the hands of thieves at the same time.

Ebikes Save You Money by Keeping You Healthy


When you take the bus to work or commute in your car, you are really not getting any exercise. Many of us have sedimentary jobs and this can be very bad for our health. But what if there was something you could do about it?

Well if you ride an ebike to work you can! Being unhealthy can not only have a negative effect on your life, it can also cost you a ton of money. With medical costs on the rise, most people want to do as much as they can to keep cost down and an ebike can help you do just that. While ebike can be ridden without much effort, you have an option to pedal.

By pedaling during part of your daily commute you will feel much better and your health will surely improve. Being fit will help you avoid unnecessary injuries and it will even prevent certain types of cancers.

If you do your part to cut down on your own health costs it will also help to reduce the overall cost of healthcare. The less money insurance companies have to pay out, the less they will need to take in thus potentially lower the cost of premiums.

Another way that riding an ebike to work or to the store can reduce your medical costs is stress reduction. Riding an ebike means that most of the time you will not get stuck in traffic and you can navigate the city streets with ease. This makes people’s lives less stressful and more joyful.

As you probably already know being happier in life can help prevent stress which can be a major cause of disease and even some mental health issues. So why not do something to improve your health today by riding an ebike?

Less Road Repair Might Mean Lower Highway Taxes


Cars and other large vehicles can cause a lot of damage to roadways. Many municipalities have a difficult time keeping up with all the potholes caused by cars, trucks, and SUVs. It seems like most cities are constantly working on the roads which can make traffic a nightmare.

All this construction ends up costing you the taxpayer in the long run. A great way to help reduce this cost and improve our roads is by you guessed it riding an ebike.

These lightweight bikes will not cause any damage to the road and if more people ride them it just might help reduce costs. In turn, you may find that city taxes go down at the same time.

Also, the amount of parking charged by cities may also be reduced if they don’t have to spend extra money fixing potholes and other road issues.

If more people would bike to work, it would help to reduce the amount of gridlock we see in most major cities around the world.

An Ebike Can Help Cut Down on Commuter Time


We all know that time is money and the longer you spend commuting back and forth during the day the less time you will spend actually working. In today's world, many of us often have side hustles that we like to do after our traditional work day.

These extra streams of income can really help boost your bank account and provide additional funds for your family. But if you are stuck in traffic for an hour or more after getting off from your day job those extra dollars can be lost.

Ebikes can help save you lots of time by getting you out of rush hour traffic and back home in a fraction of the time. This will allow you not only more time for your side hustle but also you will be able to spend more time with the ones you love. Just think of all the time you will save by not getting stuck in traffic on your way home from work.

You Won’t Be Late for Work

As we have already learned in the above section ebikes can drastically help you reduce commuter time. We learned that ebikes can help you get home from work much faster, so you can enjoy your family and even make some extra money with your time.

But there is another way an ebike can help keep more money in your bank account. Being late for work may not be a common occurrence but it does happen to most of us and normally its due to traffic. Sometimes no matter how early you leave for work you get stuck in gridlock.

But most bosses simply don’t understand your frustration and will even dock your pay. Over time these small decreases in your pay can really put a dent in your overall yearly income. Also, some companies have a very strict late policy and you may even end up losing your job over being late.

An ebike can help you avoid getting docked and if you leave early you will always arrive at your place of work on time. You will not have to deal with morning traffic and you just might even get an award for being the employee that is always on time.

You Can Make Some Extra Money


A great way to earn some extra money is by using your ebike to start your very own delivery service. If you live in a city you can deliver food, laundry, and other everyday items to people who need them.

This will help you earn some extra money in your spare time and you will be helping to reduce pollution at the same time. People will love the idea of having an eco-friendly delivery service right in their hometown.

While you won’t be able to travel great distances, you will be able to deliver items to those who live in the same area that you do. Working as a delivery biker will help pay for the initial purchase of your new ebike.

Depending on the city you live in there may already be companies that hire new delivery riders so finding work will not be difficult.

Now that you have learned a great deal about the many different ways owning an ebike can save you money, why not consider getting one?

Ebikes are a fun way to commute to work and all the money you will be saving will really start to add up. Additionally, you will be a healthy person and you won’t have to spend all your hard-earned money at the doctor’s office.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out all the amazing Ebikes on and find one that fits your needs.

You might be surprised at just how many ebikes there are to choose from.

Generous Tax Incentives


When it comes to taxes no one really likes handing their money over to the government. But taxes are a necessary burden in life. Luckily there are some ways to reduce your tax burden simply by purchasing an ebike.

That’s right, the government in some parts of Europe and the United States is offering tax breaks for those who buy an electric bike! For example, in the country of Belgium citizens get a yearly tax break based on the number of kilometers they bike to work. Another country has also offered a similar tax break incentive.

In the year 2015 France introduced a kilometric reimbursement scheme for those who ride bikes to work. In the year 2012, the US government approved a one-time tax credit of $2500 for those who purchase an ebike.

The reason governments around the world are giving those who buy and ride ebikes a tax break, is because of the environment.

Governments are pressured by the international community to keep pollution down and reduce their carbon footprint. This, in turn, moves these same governments to give those who bike to work a break on their taxes.

So being a good citizen of the world by reducing the amount of carbon you send into the atmosphere will pay off come tax time.

The more money you can keep in your bank account at the end of the year the better you will be. Many people are taking advantage of the tax breaks offered to ebike owners and you should too.  Which takes us to the next huge benefit.  The environment.


Environmental Benefits


We now know that global warming is real and its impact on the planet will be huge.  Dealing with global warming is a difficult process that we are just beginning to tackle.  While governments play a huge roll in reducing global warming, we as an individual are just as important.  As citizens of Earth, it is our job to protect the planet for future generations.  One way that we can do our part is by reducing our carbon footprints by riding electric bikes.  Today, we are going to learn the environmental benefits of ebikes and how they can help you protect the planet.


Zero Emissions


 Because ebikes utilize pedal power combined with an electric motor, they give off zero emissions.  Unlike gas and diesel that give off varying amounts of carbon, ebikes run on clean energy that won’t harm the environment. In fact, riding an electric bike for 10 minutes saves around 500 pounds of carbon emissions from being released into the air. Ebikes can be used to commute to work, run errands, and cruise around with your friends.  By riding an ebike daily instead of your gas-powered vehicle, you will cut down on your carbon footprint. 


No Air Pollution


As you have learned above, ebikes are zero emission machines.  This means that they won’t produce carbon that is known to harm the ozone layer.  But this also means they will not pollute the air we breathe.  In most major cities, pollution in the form of smog is a huge problem.  Smog is known to cause all sorts of medical problems including respiratory illnesses that can be life threating.  To combat smog and other forms of air pollution, many are choosing to ride ebikes which is a great way to protect the planet we call home.  Having clean air to breathe will benefit not only those who live in major cities, but also everyone on Earth. 


Their Batteries Are Long Lasting


 Another environmental benefit of using an ebike is a reduction in waste.  Because the battery system on most electric bikes last for many years without the need for replacement, they won’t end up in the landfill as often.  Reducing waste is highly important because we only have so much room on our planet.  Not only will this help you save the environment, it will also help keep more money in your pocket.  These batteries can also be recycled which is an added bonus.  Many of the batteries used to power ebikes are lithium ion which does not contain lead which can be harmful to humans and the environment.  Most cars and trucks use batteries that contain lead which makes them bad for the environment.  So choosing an ebike with an ion battery just makes practical sense if you are eco-friendly. 


They Can Be Charged After Peak Hours


After a day of riding your ebike, it will probably need to be charged.  When you return home from work, the perfect time to charge your ebike is late in the evening after peak hours.  This will allow you to use the excess power that is generated by the power company.  Charging after peak hours will not put a strain on the power grid and no new electricity will need to be generated.  This will help the environment and it just might help you keep those electricity rates down for everyone.  Charging after peak hours will also help prevent blackouts and brownouts that occur when the power grid gets overwhelmed with users.  So do your part to help keep the power grid run smoothly for us all by charging your ebike in the late afternoon instead of during the middle of the day. 


They Can Be Charged Using Sustainable Energy


 While waiting to charge your ebike after peak hours help reduce your carbon footprint using, sustainable energy is even better.  Solar and wind power has become a viable source of energy in the United States and the sustainable energy industry is growing.  This means that many of us will be able to use solar or wind power to charge their ebikes which reduce the impact on the environment.  Sustainable energy is the future of the United States and the world.  That's why having a bike that can run off it is a very wise choice. 


 Less Wear and Tear on The Roads


 Cars and trucks not only pollute the air with their exhausts, but they also destroy roadways.  Because they are so heavy, most passenger vehicles can break down roads and cause potholes to form.  This requires expensive repairs and the machines used to patch roadways also give off emissions that contribute to global warming.  On the other hand, ebikes are lightweight and will not have an impact on roadway surfaces. 


Why Not Just Take the Train Instead?


 It may seem that commuting by train would be better for the environment.  Many people think that this form of mass transit is the most eco-friendly.  But the truth is ebikes are six times more efficient than rail. 

Additionally, you will be able to have the freedom of solo travel.  An ebike will give you the freedom to go anywhere you want and anytime without having to worry about polluting the environment. 


 You Can Have Fun While Protecting the Planet


Ebikes are not only great for commuting, they are also fun to ride on trails.  Mountain ebikes can handle difficult terrain with ease. These rugged bikes have powerful electric motors that run on long-lasting batteries. 

These eco-friendly bikes will allow you to get out into nature and have a blast all while protecting the planet at the same time. 

As you can see, ebikes are eco-friendly and have many benefits.  These bikes will allow you to commute to and from work without having to worry about your impact on the environment. 

Ebikes are also great for recreation and they will allow you to blaze the trail with your family and friends.  So if you want to help save the planet, why not consider getting an ebike of your own?

Sport & Recreation


One of the challenges ebikes face in the market today is acceptance for use in sports and recreation. They have been tagged as bikes for the lazy and riding cheats.

It is easy to make such a conclusion considering that you get assistance whenever you face the resistance of a hill or riding against the wind.

This is the assistance that takes away all the benefits that come with riding for fitness and recreation.


The idea of ebikes for sports and recreation can only be understood by mountaineers. This is the bike for a rider who wants to conquer more terrain and tackle the steep climbs.

There appears to be something wrong and unwelcome about having an engine on a bike. However, it is lack of understanding of the concept of ebikes that makes many people to come up with such a conclusion.

In fact, most of those who dismiss the use of ebikes for recreation might not really understand the idea behind the ebike.

How Can You Use An Engine Boost On For Recreation?


The tag of lazy and cheat for riders who use mountain ebikes might appear deserved. However, each rider has unique goals for taking the ride. In fact, recreation should not necessarily involve energy taxing activities.

It is possible to engage in recreation activities where other people consider body torturing terrains.

 The advantage of mountaineering with an ebike lies in getting assistance up the hill. If you have ever dreamed of conquering a mountain yet cannot muscle the energy to walk or ride an ordinary bike, the ebike provides a perfect solution.

It takes a lesser time and energy to complete steep mountain ranges and achieve your adventure goals. These goals are achieved using less effort. Nothing beats the experience of conquering a peak and taking that photo on top of the world.

With an ordinary manually powered bike, you are likely to give up halfway or be failed by your fitness.

 It is worth noting that ebikes come with alternating operation capabilities. You can switch between electric power and manual pedaling in the course of your ride.

When taking to the mountain, the first terrain when you are still energetic can be handled manually. This gives you a chance to exercise and push your fitness levels or goals.

As your body gets frail, you will not get stranded in the bush. You get assistance from the engine. It is also safe especially when going uphill because it reduces the chances of falling downhill.


Ebikes For Sports

Sports are about endurance and recreation. When bikes are used to test your speed and endurance, it makes no sense to engage an engine. However, ebikes present a unique opportunity to enjoy the future of biking.

For instance, the original bikes did not have gears. Over time, they were improved with the inclusion of gears. Something similar has taken place with ebikes. They have received modification to improve your riding experience on different terrains.

 The use of ebikes for sports purposes is gaining popularity. It is obvious that the conventional bike cannot compete alongside the ebike. This has led to the introduction of exclusive ebike races in different areas.

The races are classified based on the ages, amount of power the bike produces and other unique categories.


The popularity of ebikes in sports is raised by the fact that it is easy to ride on steep and rough terrains. The tests during these races revolve around ability to maneuver challenging steep slopes up and down.

Competitors are also required to showcase accurate judgment especially on where to engage the engine and when to stick to manual pedaling. There are amazing trails to be covered in different countries.

This is one of the attractions that have seen the entry of ebikes into competitions. They give individuals a chance to tackle new and more challenging terrains. This is the thrill of sporting.

 Sporting is about competition and speed. It is about conquering new grounds through individual push and assistance of available technology.

It leaves you breathless and raises your competitive spirit. In fact, if you dare disable the limiter, you are likely to clock the speed of vehicles.

 The amazing thing about ebikes used for sports and recreation is modification to achieve comfort. The shock absorbers have been modified to enable you hit a rough terrain without a lot of shaking and bumping.

Even when dropping on a steep slope and have to make a sudden stop, it feels as comfortable as though you are riding on an even ground.

 Increase in speed comes with own risks including injuries especially when taking turns. Ebikes designed for sports come with improved functionality including the ability to break instantly without endangering the rider.

Turning at high speed is easy to control which safeguards the life of the rider. This is the perfect modification to tackle the forested terrain and enjoy your encounter with the unpredictable trail without having to slow down.

Ebikes for sport and recreation offer an alternative to fatigue. They allow you to push your sporting spirit to the limits and achieve feats that are beyond the realm of mortals. This is your perfect tool of enjoying the thrill that comes with biking.

There is no terrain or distance that will limit your dreams.  With that said you still need to respect nature and the laws of the road.  So what are they?


Ebikes & The Law

What You Need to Know


While eBikes have been around for a while, they have recently exploded in popularity.  This has gotten the attention of law enforcement on both the state and local levels. There are now many different laws that have been put in place to protect not only riders but those in the community as well. 

Unfortunately, some of these laws can be confusing even to those who are put in charge of enforcing them. 

Federal Ebike Laws

The Federal government was one of the first governing bodies to draft ebike laws.  Since many of these ebikes are imported from other countries, the federal government has created several important laws that protect the citizens of the nation. 

The law states that all ebikes imported and sold in the United States should be limited to a maximum speed of 20-MPH on level ground with a rider who weighs 170 pounds using full motor power. This federal law can seem confusing due to its wording, but it basically means that all ebikes are restricted to a maximum speed limit of 20-MPH.

This law was put into place to reduce speed and prevent injuries.  Additionally, the motor of every ebike sold in the United States can only have a maximum motor wattage of 750 watts. 

By having a limited wattage, the government will be able to control the speed of each ebike sold on the domestic market.  Currently, the federal government does not require ebike drivers to obtain a license for the purposes of operation, but that may change with time. 

Following the Law in Your State

 As you probably already know, laws differ from one state to the next.  That’s why it’s very important to find out which laws affect your area.  One of the best ways to find out what the rules are when it comes to ebikes is by visiting your state’s department of motor vehicle website. 

There you will find a wealth of information including any laws or rules that have been implemented on the state level. Some states may have strict laws regarding ebikes and others may be more relaxed.  While many states will have this information ready and available, some states have still not caught up with the influx of ebike users. 

You may find that your state currently doesn’t have any laws in place.  But if you are driving on the roadway, you will always be subject to state traffic laws.  So make sure that you review them before you take your bike out on public roads.  This includes any neighborhood streets that you may be driving around on.

Understanding Local Laws

After you have learned about the state and federal laws governing ebikes, you will need to find out if there are any local laws that you will need to follow.  Some of these laws may include what personal protection devices you will need to wear and where you can operate your ebike. 

Many local communities restrict where you can operate an ebike which can include parks, sidewalks, and other areas of the city or town.  Some cities also limit the speed you can drive your eBike which may be below the federal guideline of 20-MPH law.

On the other hand, if you live in a rural area of the country or a small town, there may be no laws that refers to the possession or use of ebikes.  But to be completely sure, it’s a good idea to go to your local city hall or courthouse and ask.  This just might help you avoid a ticket and keep you inside of the law. 


Drinking While Operating an Ebike

 You might be wondering if having a few drinks and jumping on an ebike is legal.  The answer to that question can be difficult to answer without knowing your state laws.  In some areas of the country, driving an ebike while intoxicated will carry the same penalties that are associated with driving a car. 

But some states have no such laws on the books regarding ebikes.  So before you go out with your friends and have a few drinks, you might want to check with your state laws before getting on your ebike. 

By doing so, you just might save yourself an expensive trip to jail.  Even if there are no laws preventing you from drinking and then driving your ebike, you should always limit the amount you drink.  Getting on the road with other drivers while intoxicated may cause a serious accident that could even be fatal. 


Laws Are Created to Keep You Safe

 While some of the laws and rules that apply to ebikes may seem silly, they have been put in place for good reasons. Most laws that control ebikes are for the safety of the rider and those that share the same roadways.  

So it is your job to make sure that you are following these laws on all levels including local, state, and federal. Remember that the speed limit in all states in the nation is 20-MPH while under full motor power, and you will be required to wear a helmet in most areas.  Additional safety equipment may be required depending on your local laws. 

Now that you know more about the rules surrounding ebikes, you should be able to enjoy your bike while staying inside the law. Remember that both local and state laws will often differ depending on your location. 

That’s why seeking out more information on these rules is in your best interest.  This will help you not only stay safe while riding your bike, but also help you avoid getting an expensive ticket.  Before you hit the road or drive around in your neighborhood park, do your research so that you can have fun with your bike without being hassled.

If you have decided that you’re going to make that all important step for your health, lifestyle and the environment by purchasing an ebike go check out our collections of world class ebikes.  You’ll find something that suits your personality and daily needs. 

You can thank me later!


9 Responses

Mike Berg
Mike Berg

May 22, 2022

Great source of information. I think you covered all the bases and helped a lot of people make a healthy decision. Good job.


March 06, 2021

Great information. I just learned a ton of stuff before making a decision to purchase one. I believe my wife will have an interest once I have one. Can you tell me if the USFS allows ebikes on public land roads or old closed logging roads? I archery hunt elk. I first saw this bike on Corey’s elk podcast. I have lots of questions that I believe Corey could help answer regarding hunting using a trailer for packing meat out etc. Also does the $2,500 tax credit still apply? Thanks, Ron

Jason Cook
Jason Cook

February 18, 2021

This was very well written and thoroughly informative.

I was hoping to see the benefits of two ebikes for married couples. It seems to me there’s a notable portion of purchasers looking at pairs.

For me, a regular dude, I’m not ashamed to admit I really enjoy my wife and I just daydreaming about picnics. There’s a special magic that happy marriages have that make your health and mindset better for longer.

Anyway, great article!

James Aho
James Aho

February 17, 2021

Good information. As soon as I save up for the mule I’m buying one

billy k kutter
billy k kutter

October 21, 2020

Great article John! Very comprehensive plus it peaked my interest in the legal aspects of owning a e-bike. I have been looking at electric bikes for a couple years now, and have decided this is for me. After this winter is up I will purchase one for me and one for my wife.

John Erickson
John Erickson

September 30, 2020

A benefit I found with the Bakcou Mule with the different levels of assist was when I was pulling a loaded trailer uphill. I could handle level one with no trailer, but used level 3 with the loaded trailer.
I got the 27 inch frame Mule. I wish the drop frame model was out when I got mine as the Mule is a little too tall for my short legs. Still it was a great asset on my successful elk hunt. When anyone wanted to go 4.2 miles back to the base camp, they “had” to have the Mule.
Thanks: I appreciate what e-Bike Generation is doing to promote e-bikes.

John Murphy
John Murphy

July 31, 2019

Hi Tess, It’s not too soon to pick up an eBike. I would say the sooner you find your ideal eBike, the better!

Tess Boze
Tess Boze

July 31, 2019

Too soon?

Bob Hoverkamp
Bob Hoverkamp

April 26, 2019

Good info John,
Thanks Bob H.

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