Best Electric Bikes for Hunting: Rambo Bikes or Rad ebikes?

Best Electric Bikes for Hunting: Rambo Bikes or Rad ebikes?

If you're an avid hunter, chances are you already know how electric bikes provide the ultimate edge when it comes to hunting. Electric bikes allow you to carry lots of gear, help you cover more land in little time, make recovering prizes that much more comfortable, and on top of it all, they up your stealth game to a whole new level! Now, we are going to review two of the best electric bikes for hunting in the market. 


However, between all the different models and brands out there, the choice can be somewhat confusing, so how about we make things easier for you? Today, we'll be reviewing 2 of the top brands in the electric bike world: Rambo Bikes and Rad Power Bikes.

Our Comparison of Electric Bikes for Hunting

Rambo Bikes

Rambo Bikes Logo


Working under the motto "takes you places you've never been," the folks at Rambo Bikes aim their design and manufacture resources towards electric bikes fit for true outdoor lovers. Their bikes are all built using durable premium-quality materials to ensure years of reliable companionship. That is why this brand is known as one of the best electric bikes for hunting. 


Rambo Bike 


Rambo invests a great deal of time and money into the making of their electric bikes, which shows in their attention to accommodate every need of a hunter in the construction of many of their bikes.


They're known for putting fat tires onto the wheels of their hunting bikes to enable hunters to travel through all sorts of tough terrain, with particular emphasis on stubborn fields and woodland. The bikes come complete with a camo paint job to add to the stealth factor of your journey, concealing your presence from wild game.



Rambo Electric Hunting Bike


Rambo produces electric hunting bikes equipped with Bafang motors, which are the best motors on the market, famous for their powerful performance.


They're available in several options ranging from 750 watts to 1000 watts motors, mid-drive, or read hub motors, meaning that whatever your preference is regarding the output and the price of your e-bike, Rambo has got you covered.


The company offers a one year warranty on all of its electric hunting bikes for the frame and components, assuring your investment is safely backed up.

Rad Power Bikes

RAD Logo


Ever since building their very prototypes of an electric bike back in 2007, the Rad Power Bikes team have made it their ultimate mission to design high-quality ebikes that are packed with features yet available at affordable prices for the masses, breaking through the traditional reputation of electric bikes costing hefty money.



RAD Rover


The secret behind their lower prices, when compared to other brands out there, lies in 3 words: direct customer business, that and the fact that Rad ebikes stick to the rear hub motor and avoid the more expensive hill-climbing mid-drive motor. This means that Rad Power Bikes intentionally surpass the whole third party distributors and retailers, reaching straight through to the customer with ebikes half the price of their competition.


Rad headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, where they design all their electric bikes in-house by a group of ebike enthusiasts dedicated to delivering the best possible riding experience. The company provides outstanding full-time customer service and support, backing up its products with a 1-year comprehensive warranty on the frame and components. The company is known as one of the top manufacturers of the best electric bikes for hunting.


The Rad ebikes selection is a wonderful choice for those getting into hunting and looking for an affordable, decent performance on average terrain. Unlike Rambo, Rad Power Bikes don't offer a 1000 watt motors option. Only a 750-watt option is available. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just not the ideal choice for long-time hunting fanatics who are looking for a step-up.


Moreover, Rad ebikes are equipped with either gear hub motors or direct-drive hub motors also from Bafang. However, once again, no mid-drive models which are crucial for more difficult grounds.

Rambo vs Rad: The motors

We've already established that Rambo electric hunting bikes bear mid-drive or rear hub motors while Rad ebikes are powered by gear or direct-drive hub motors. Let's clear up the difference between the two:

Mid-drive Motors

Mid-drive motors are located between the pedals, enclosed within the frame itself. Such integration delivers a high force that's more balanced and evenly distributed to give you a smoother ride.


RAMBO Mid Drive motor


This type of motor is quite known for its powerful performance and high torque when compared to hub motors in general. The construction of a mid-drive motor allows for a seriously superior advantage when it comes to handling slopes and hills.


Why? Well, that's because a mid-drive motor drives the crank itself rather than the wheel, which means you'd be able to make full use of the bike's gears, multiplying its power to take on riding and climbing rough terrain. This is the reason Rambo bikes are better for hunting as you'll be able to conquer just about any road.


Owing to their design and functionality, mid-drive motors are more expensive than hub motors. Consequently, ebikes equipped with a mid-drive motor will have a higher price point.

Gear / Direct-drive Hub Motors

A hub motor, on the other hand, either sits inside the back (rear) wheel or the front wheel. The rear side is typically preferred for a hub motor since it provides more traction and friction.


A hub motor delivers a performance similar to a motorcycle with brute force pushing from the back to direct your ebike forward. This motor actually drives the wheel itself, making it better suited for somewhat "flat" grounds.

Rear Hub motor


However, this also means a bike equipped with a hub motor will struggle to handle steep hills or stubborn terrain, which is the case with Rad ebikes. They're good as an entry-level hunting bike, but you should expect to need an upgrade later on.


Hub motors come in 2 types: geared and direct-drive. Geared motors are smaller and lighter, offering more torque as well as less drag. They're also noisier with a slower top speed.


Direct-drive motors, alternatively, are quieter, faster, and heavier. They're also larger yet sturdier.

Best Rambo and Rad Electric Bikes

Now that we've compared both brands in terms of construction and performance, here are 2 of their most popular models:

Rambo R1000XP G3 Camo Electric Bike

The Rambo R1000XP G3 ebike features a powerful 1000-watt Bafang mid-drive motor, 4.8" fat tires, and a ruggedized bike frame with front air suspension and large hydraulic disc brakes. Dipped in camo paint, now wonder hundreds of keen hunters adore this electric bike. 


Rambo Bikes R1000XP


RadRover Electric Fat Bike

The RadRover bears a 750-watt Bafang geared hub motor, 4" fat tires, and a front suspension fork along with 180mm mechanical disc brakes. Overall, RadRover is an affordable option for light-duty terrain.

Wrap it Up

We sincerely hope you found this article helpful in deciding as to what is best electric bikes for hunting among the two brands, Rambo or Rad ebikes. While each brand strives for making high-quality bikes, both the design and features of Rambo bikes deems them the more reliable choice for hunting.


If you want to see our full list of top picks for hunting check out our Electric Hunting Bike Review here.

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