QuietKat V Rambo - The Best Hunting Electric Bike Brands

If you are an avid hunter that is looking for a quiet way to get to and from your hunting locations, you have come to the right place.  Today, we are going to review two of the best hunting electric bike brands the world has ever seen.  Each of these manufacturers produces high-quality bikes that you can be proud to own.  Let’s get started learning more about these amazing brands!

QuietKat Bikes


When it comes to getting around in rough terrain all while not disturbing the wildlife, QuietKat bikes will get the job done!  With a large selection of electric bikes to choose from, it won't be hard for you to find one that fit your needs.  So if you enjoy hunting, camping, or simply riding off the trail, one of these bikes will be perfect for you. Designed to carry heavy loads, these bikes are perfect for installing trail cameras or simply scouting the landscape.  Below we will take a deeper look at several of their most popular models. 

The Warrior 1000 (available from early March 2018)


An outstanding electric bike for hunting and fishing, the Warrior 1000 will help you overcome even the most difficult terrain.  This model comes in basic black and camo for those who like to blend in with the natural surroundings.  The bike has an unassisted maximum speed of 25MPH that is powered by a Bafang BBSHD 1000w Mid-Drive.  You can carry a lot of hunting gear on this bike and it is rated for a 300-pound load carry.  Driven by a stainless-steel chain that won’t rust and will hold up to the elements, this bike will last you for many hunting seasons. A spring Coil Hydraulic Suspension will provide you with a smooth ride while hitting the trail.  The Warrior 1000 comes standard with a 48v/11.6ah Panasonic battery.  An easy to use digital display will help you keep track of battery life so that you never run out of juice. 

The Apex 1000 (available from early March 2018)


One of the best ebikes for hunting, the Apex 1000 has a maximum unassisted speed of 25MPH.  Just like the Warrior 1000, this ebike can haul a lot of gear and has a load capacity of 300 pounds.  The bikes also share the same BBSHD 1000w Mid-Drive motor and a 48v/11.6ah Panasonic battery.  A digital display is also included with the Apex 1000 which makes keeping up with the battery life a breeze. This will help to prevent running out of juice and you will know when it is time to head back home for a charge. Ride in comfort no matter the terrain with Mozo Air Suspension. This bike comes in two different colors including black and camo.  Shimano Deore 9-Speed gearing and a stainless-steel drive chain will help you blaze new trails.  The Apex 1000 is the perfect bike for those hunters looking for both quality and value. 


Rambo Bikes


Another well known and popular brand of electric bikes that is great for backcountry hunting is the Rambo brand.  These bikes are all made of high-quality materials that will last for many years.  Rambo has put a lot of time and money into the design of their bikes which really shows! Many of their bikes are geared towards hunters and some even come complete with a camo paint job.  Let’s learn more about two of their most popular ebikes for hunting and off trail riding, shall we? 

The R750XP G3 TRUE TIMBER (available from April 25th 2018)

Designed with the hunter in mind, the R750XP G3 TRUE TIMBER will allow you to check game cameras without disturbing the game.  Whisper quiet, this electric bike is perfect for traveling to and from your deer stand or duck blind.  An aluminum alloy 6061 frame will hold up well against the elements and you will never have to worry about your bike rusting.  Stay hidden in the woods with True Timber Viper Western pain pattern.  This ebike features a strong Bafang 750W BBSH02 High Torque Mid Drive motor that will help you traverse difficult trails with ease.  The Panasonic 48V 11.6AH battery will allow you to travel up to 20 miles without the need to pedal.  It also has a maximum speed of 19MPH unassisted.  The bike features Tektro HD-E350 2 piston Hydraulic 180mm front and rear brakes for your safety.  You will also be able to carry a lot of gear on this model and it has a 300-pound load capacity.  A DP C10.UART display will help you stay on top of battery life and monitor your distance. 

The R750C G3 MOSSY OAK OBSESSION (available from March 5th 2018)

A true hunting electric bike, this model was built to provide maximum range and comfort.  You can go just about anywhere with this bike so getting to those hard to reach hunting areas will not be a problem.  This bike features a Bafang 750W BBSH02 High Torque Mid Drive and a long-lasting LG48V10.4AH battery. The Mossy Oak Obsession paint pattern makes staying concealed in the woods easy!  To keep riders safe, this eBike has SRAM BB5 160mm breaks on both the front and rear tires.  The bike has a maximum range of 19 miles and a maximum unassisted speed of 19MPH.  A thumb throttle is also included with this amazing model.  Just like all the ebikes on this list, the R750C G3 MOSSY OAK OBSESSION has a maximum load capacity of 300-pounds which will let you move around lots of gear.  A durable Aluminum Alloy 6061 will easily hold up to wet conditions without the need to worry about rusting.  This will allow you to cross streams and ride in the rain. 


As you can see, both of these electric bike brands are great for hunting.  Each of their models offers something different but they all are made from durable materials. Each bike on this list was designed to travel long distances under rough conditions without making a sound.  If you are thinking of getting a new ebike for the purpose of hunting, you really can’t go wrong with either of these brands!  So check them out for yourself to see which might be right for you. 

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