Benefits of Using Ebike for Hunting

Benefits of Using Ebike for Hunting

Are you an avid hunter that is always looking for ways to make your day out in the wilderness better?  If so, then you just might want to consider purchasing an electric hunting bike.  No matter what type of hunting you enjoy, an ebike is a game changing experience.  Today, we are going to look at a few of the benefits that ebikes can provide, and we will also take a look at a few models that are perfect for hunting. 

 So what are the benefits of using an ebike for hunting?

You Can Make Stealthy Moves


Rambo Bushwacker in the woods with rider standing beside the bike 


Getting to your hunting positions without being noticed is one of the challenges of the sport.  Moving into your duck blind or deer stand without making a lot of noise is highly important.  While walking to your destination is a great option, carrying all your gear along can really be difficult.  Some hunters choose to use ATV’s for this job, but they can be noisy and scare off game.  A great alternative to this issue is to use an electric hunting bike.  Ebikes are very quiet and they can carry you to your location in virtual silence.  In fact, riding an ebike will even make less noise than walking and is scent free!

They Make Recovering Game Super Easy


Once you have bagged a nice buck or other game, you will need to bring it out of the woods.  Trying to carry a heavy deer carcass out by hand can really be a challenge.  It can be bad for your back and even dangerous if you are not extremely careful.  Instead of doing this job by hand, you can easily pull along your game using an ebike.  Some ebikes have 160Nm of torque so pulling heavy loads is easy.  An ebike cargo trailer will allow you to easily load your game and bring it back to camp for processing.  This takes a lot of the load off of you.   Even larger game that would normally require two people to carry out of the woods can be quickly moved by just one hunter.  So if you want to make your next hunting trip easier and more successful, then you just might want to consider purchasing an ebike for hunting. 

You Can Carry Lots of Gear


Hunter on eBike towing a trailer 


Depending on the type of hunt you are taking part in, you just might need a lot of gear.  If you are hunting in a remote area, you will need enough supplies to sustain you and keep you safe while out on the trail.  Not only will you need to bring enough food and water for several days, but you also need to pack some type of shelter and of course all your hunting gear.  Having an electric hunting bike with saddlebags will allow you to carry your gear and extend your time out in the wilderness. Saddlebags combined with handlebar bags and a pannier rack will give you ample storage space for all your gear. Many of these ebike models have a load capacity of up to 330 pounds and attaching a trailer you can carry more than that.  This will give you a greater chance of bagging that trophy you have always dreamed of.

They Handle Difficult Terrain with Ease


Many of the places that hunt are in remote locations.  Many of these destinations have rough terrain that is difficult to traverse and can limit your ability to hunt.  If you would like to dive deeper into the wilderness and go where the game is, you’ll need a strong, stealth ebike.  These rugged ebikes can handle difficult terrain without slowing you down.  You will be able to go down extensive trails that you never thought possible.  As you probably already know, the greater your ability to access remote areas, the better your chances of finding that deer. 

They Are Easy to Handle


Hunter on eBike climbing a small hill 


Because these ebikes are so lightweight, they are easy to handle and can be carried just about anywhere.  Not only are they lightweight, but they are also easy to store.  So if you are traveling a long distance for your next hunt, you can bring along your ebike without any issue.  Many of the ebikes can even be carried with you on a plane.  To bring your ebike along with you on your next long-distance trip, all you need to do is have it checked with your airline and retrieve it once you have landed at your destination. A small additional fee may be needed but it will be money well spent. This is very convenient, and you will be able to enjoy your ebike even if you are thousands of miles away from home. 

And if this 2020 whitepaper is anything to go by, the number of hunters turning to ebikes is growing rapidly.


One of The Best Electric Hunting Bike Brands for Hunting


As you probably already know, there are a lot of electric bikes on the market today.  While many of them are great for handling difficult terrain and some of those can even be used for hunting, there is one brand that stands out from the rest.  Bakcou are gaining popularity among the hunting community that has already embraced electric bikes for hunting purposes.  Their most popular ebike is the MULE.  The Mule comes in both 750 watts and 1000 watt motors are built with the best Bafang on the market, the Ultra Mid Drive motor, built for performing well in tough terrain and great on steep hills.  The Mule actually featured in another blog post as the stand out winner of all the top electric hunting bikes where I briefly highlighted 9 top performing ebikes.  If you want to see that full post to go through the list of ebikes you can do so and read the full article here.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you should consider using an ebike while hunting.  No matter what type of hunting you enjoy, an ebike can help you gain access to better locations and you will have plenty of room to store your gear.  Not only are these ebikes easy to operate, but they are also lightweight and won’t slow you down.  So if you want to improve your hunting experience, you should really consider checking out a few of these models. 


We recently asked some hunters what they thought about using an ebike for hunting and these are some of the reactions we got:

“Without a doubt I can say that using my Rambo eBike has changed the way I hunt, I’ve always incorporated a MTN style bike in my hunts for years, I felt like it gave me an advantage by being more mobile, I could get back into places I probably wouldn’t have walked, with the Rambo eBike I’ve taken the even farther because it’s slowed me to go farther. I don’t own an ATV .. never have, I just love being stealthy and quiet so ATV is definitely not the way I want to go. I even use my Rambo eBike on my private property that I can drive my truck into, the less I can disturb a property the better is my feeling. As far as public land, the Rambo eBike has been a GAME CHANGER! I can go farther into places faster, in most cases these would be places I might not even go because the trip walking would be to far and exhausting and the pack out would be the same .. long and exhausting. So to say that my Rambo eBike has made a difference in my hunting would be a grave understatement!”


Tim's Instagram image with Tim and his Rambo eBike

Tim Endsley - @tim_endsley.wildhorse


“When I first started using my QuietKat ebike I realize how quiet and quickly I could get in and out of my hunting area with minimal disturbance. Not only can I go further off the beaten path I’m nearly eliminating my overall footprint. As a bowhunter I want to do everything possible to eliminate any scent and noise accessing my treestand. Utilizing the ebike allows me to ride to and from my treestand eliminating scent on the ground and overall body odor. When deer hunting I’ve found when deer do see you they have a higher tolerance for the ebike then if you were just walking through the woods or field.

Currently during turkey season I use my ebike to cover more ground riding field edges, stopping and calling trying to get a response. I carry a lot of gear on my turkey hunts (blind, decoys, camera, tripod, etc.) so having a game cart in tow allows me to manage everything rather than carrying it all on my back.

I also ride my ebike to check my non-cellular trail cameras. Prior to having the ebike I would use my ATV. Now I’m in and out with most of the deer and turkey having no clue I was there.

I would tell other hunters that if you’re on the fence about purchasing an ebike I would say Do it! I have no regrets buying mine and honestly I couldn’t imagine not having one. I didn’t realize how much I would use it until I owned one. I ride it not only during hunting season, but find myself on it year round . I can honestly say my ebike has contributed immensely to my overall hunting success.”


Andrew Gue Instagram photo of Andrew and his Quietkat ebike out his ground blind

Andrew Gue @gonewildoutdoors


The amount of ground you can cover is insane, zero scent and virtually no noise. I would highly recommend them


CopeCreative Instagram photo with Rambo eBike and 2 wild turkeys

@copecreative & Redneck Tech Podcast


I like that Ebikes are quiet,  making it easier to sneak up on things and less noise, they are durable, easy to take on a road trip (you don’t need a trailer), plus it makes the pack out

easy 😂 yes I would recommend it to others.   It helps you access a lot of places that might take you a long time to hike to.

If you ride in 5 miles and out 5 miles.  That’s a lot less hiking you have to do and you can get to some really good areas that way!


Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook @kristylee15


I personally have not used one for any purposes but through my work with Disabled Outdoorsmen USA I’ve seen them extend the range of hunters with disabilities. It is another tool helping people of any ability level enjoy the outdoors, get deeper into the backcountry and open up hunting opportunities. My only caveat to my praise of ebikes would be that I do feel they need to be regulated and relegated to only being used on established trail systems.

I would recommend the use of ebikes to others. They have a myriad of uses.


Keith Naylor

Keith Naylor @spike_bull_outdoors



Do any hunters out there want to add any other advantages to this rundown?  leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you.


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