Rambo Rebel 1000W Carbon Electric Hunting Bike Review

Rambo Rebel 1000W Carbon Electric Hunting Bike

The Rambo Rebel 1000W Carbon Electric Hunting Bike is what everyone needs. I would personally recommend you guys to get this bike, and I will tell you why? In this article, we are going to take a look at this awesome hunting bike.

The Rambo Rebel bike gives you effortless comfort, it's effortless to control and handle, covers more distance, and it's perfect for all the hunters who like to hunt the big Elk. Even if you are one of those who are not into hunting, you can still use this bike as a vehicle in the woods and mountain. So let's go and look at some of the features that you will be getting on this bike.

Rambo Rebel 1000W Carbon Electric Hunting Bike



Bafang High-Torque Mid-Drive 1000W Motor

1000W Motor is one of the best things about this hunting bike. Experience the pure power that this Bafang Mid-Drive 1000W provides you with a high-torque motor. The motor is easily accessible by the thumb throttle attached with the handle, and you can also use it by pedaling with its smart pedal assistant technology.


With this incredible power, you don't have to worry about any hill or mountain, and you can now dash through them without losing your balance and momentum. Even when you have extra supplies in your carrier, you don't have to worry as the motor is powerful enough to support you and your supplies weight.

Durable frame

If you are a hunter, you may often end up getting stuck in the bad weather, and in those times, if you don't have a good frame, it will only get rusted after a while in rainy weather. In Rambo Rebel, you get a durable and rustproof frame that gets made from 6061 aluminum alloy.


It's super lightweight and won't make yourebike heavier; with this frame, you can take your bike in any weather, no matter if it's a sweltering sunny day or a stormy, rainy day.

8-inch fat tires

Most of the time, while you go through the woods, your tires start to lose grip on the slippery slopes and surfaces. Although with this bike, you won't have to worry about that, as it comes with 8-inch wide fat tires that give you super grip and stability.

Cover longer distance

When you are riding this hunting bike, you can sit back and relax without having any trouble, as with the help of the 48V Panasonic battery of this bike can cover up to 20 miles with just throttle power. If you use the pedal assistant, you can take this even further than 20 miles.

Rambo Rebel 1000W Carbon Electric Hunting Bike


Like we read above, the Rambo Rebel 1000W Carbon Electric Hunting Bike is, without a doubt, one of the best hunting bikes you would see. It's great for everyone whether you want to go hunting in the mountains or you just want to use it for transportation in the city.


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