Lectric XP 2.0 vs Himiway Big Dog: An eBike Comparison

Lectric XP 2.0 vs Himiway Big Dog: An eBike Comparison

Before purchasing anelectric bike, evaluate your purchase's entire cost and how frequently you will use it. This is because the cost per use of a thing decreases with each usage, whether it is a cookbook, a pair of shoes, or an electric bike. For example, if you spend $1,000 on an electric bike but only ride it ten times because it is sluggish or twitchy, your cost per usage is $100. However, if you spend $2,000 on a bike and ride it 100 times because it is quick and stylish, your cost per use is only $20. As a result, selecting high-quality, long-lasting items that you will want to use again and again is critical.

This article compares two excellent eBikes and will assist you in determining which one is superior.

Lectric XP 2.0

Folding electric bikes are nothing new, nor is the e-bike firm Lectric. When they originally debuted the Lectric XP at an impressive $899, they created ripples in the e-bike sector. Consumers responded well to the discount price, and the original Lectric XP quickly became one of, if not the, most popular folding ebikes on the market. The Lectric crew is back for round two in 2021, with the release of the $999 Lectric XP 2.0.

We've been impressed with Lectric's success thus far, and it's remarkable that Lectric was formed by two Minnesota residents, just one state over from Ebike Escape's home state. Even better, you get a small, portable ebike with a lot of power for a meager price. It's even foldable! Let us now examine Lectric XP 2.0.

What has changed with Lectric XP 2.0?

The Lectric XP is now in its second generation. So what else has changed except the $100 price increase?

- Adjustable front oil suspension for optimum shock absorption.

- Hooks for racks, baskets, and a bike lock.

- 3-inch tires for increased agility

- Wider handlebars enable the addition of mirrors and phone holders and a more comfortable riding posture.

- A new coat of paint.

- IP-65 electrical components for higher water and dust protection, allowing you to battle the elements.

Optional accessory packs are also new, including the $99—comfort pack, which contains a large seat and suspension seat post. The cargo pack, which includes a front rack, small basket, and large basket, costs $149. A fully customized Lectric XP 2.0 will cost you $1,247.00.


Himiway Big Dog

Himiway Big Dog ebike in black




The previous motors were excellent, but the new motors are much better. TheBig Dog shares the new enhanced motor featured in the Himiway Cobra and Himiway Zebra.


This new solid motor features an improved inner ring intended to endure high temperatures and provide excellent heat dissipation in harsh conditions. You'll need a good motor that can keep up with you while you labor day and night to do errands, bike the trails, or deliver deliveries. It appears that the Big Dog's engine will suffice.




The Himiway Big Dog now includes an inbuilt long-range battery. This implies it is built straight into the frame, which serves two functions. First and foremost, the integrated battery is incredibly elegant and lends this bike a sleek moped appearance. People may not notice that it is an electric bike until you speed away with ease. Second, the integrated battery offers adequate protection against wind, rain, humidity, and dirt. Because the battery is crucial and costly, this additional safeguard is a significant benefit.


As if the aesthetics and usefulness weren't enough, this battery offers a more excellent range than prior generations. As a result, a typical rider can travel 60-80 kilometers on a single charge. This is fantastic news! A long-range battery is a must-have for any bike that will accompany you around town and to and from work. Therefore we are delighted to see it here.




The Big Dog's frame is made of 6061 aluminum, and as a result of this higher-quality material and design, it is thicker and sturdier than many competitor frames. This increases its payload capacity to up to 400 pounds. The cables are integrated inside the frame, so they won't get hooked or tangled on your tools or equipment as you load and reload the Big Dog during the day. Himiway also offers a 10-year frame damage repair service since they stand behind their e-bikes.

What's the difference between a Himiway Big Dog and the Cruiser?


TheCruiser is a fantastic e-bike in its own right and well worth every cent, but the Big Dog is more expensive due to new technology and increased performance potential.


One of the most significant distinctions is that the Big Dog will travel around 20 miles more each charge. This is because we know customers would use the Big Dog cargo bike to commute, conduct errands, or even deliver deliveries, so we knew the battery range needed to be exceptional.


Another distinction is the improved motor. With the Big Dog operating longer and presumably under more stress, it required a motor that could withstand the added strain, which the new motor accomplishes.


The tires on the two bikes are also notably different. The Cruiser has tires with a diameter of 26 inches, while the Big Dog has smaller tires with a diameter of 20 inches. Because both tires are 4 inches wide, they will provide traction and comfort in riding conditions.


The final significant change is the rear rack, which comes standard with the Big Dog. Baskets and racks can be added to the Cruiser, but they are only standard if you locate an exceptional bargain.


Both bikes include mechanical brakes to enable safe stopping at a fair distance and lots of front and back lights to ensure you are visible to traffic and pedestrians at night.


The Himiway Cruiser is a nice bike, but for the most significant cargo room and some updated choices, the long-range electric Himiway Big Dog comes out on top.


After reading our Himiway Big Dog vs. Lectric XP 2.0 comparison, you might be interested in theHimiway Cobra andHimiway Zebra!

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