Aventon vs Himiway: eBike Brands Comparison

Aventon vs Himiway: eBike Brands Comparison

Two well-known e-bike manufacturers are Aventon and Himiway. Both corporations are regarded for creating some of the market's most powerful and efficient e-bikes. Furthermore, these manufacturers have produced various great electric bike models and combinations, each with unique qualities, making it difficult for ebike fans to decide which brand to buy from.


Aventonis a specialist bike company that thinks people of all ages and abilities can enjoy riding. The company creates one-of-a-kind and long-lasting electrical models, guaranteeing that riders constantly have enjoyable rides.

The Spanish word for "give a ride" or "push." Taking inspiration from this concept, Jianwei Zhang and Augusto Peraza III, college friends, sought to transform their passion for cycling into a successful business. As a result, Aventon was established in 2013, with its headquarters in the sunny valley of Los Angeles.

Aventon is recognized for its high-performance electric motorcycles, which include outstanding craftsmanship in low-temperature painting, hand polishing, hydro-foaming technology, and flat-position welding. In addition, Jianwei and Augusto have complete control over their production, working tirelessly to include all of their favorite features in their original designs.

Aventon Reviews

After researching what the internet says about Aventon, we discovered that most customers favor this brand. There are hundreds of reviews on their corporate website, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Riders have reported that their bikes were simple to build once they arrived. Others said that their models were easy to use and pleasurable to ride. According to sources, their models give a pleasant riding experience because of their numerous features, such as thumb throttles, front and rear wheel brakes, and high-powered batteries.




Himiway electric bikes are a relatively young e-bike startup created in 2017 and headquartered in Shanghai, China. However, it primarily serves customers in the United States and Germany and maintains a warehouse in California.


It was founded on passion, much like many other e-bike firms, by "2,000 e-bike aficionados." Its corporate philosophy is bold, and this applies to the quality of its e-bikes. Having said that, its name is inspired by the tremendous heroism demonstrated by the great American writer Ernest Hemingway.


The brand combines affordability with power, which is nearly always a winning combination for e-bikes. There's also some adaptability, as indicated by the simple fact that the models are all fat, all-terrain vehicles.


Despite its current modest inventory, there is lots of variation. Each of its five main e-bike models falls into a separate category, although they all have fat tires. Most, if not all, have powerful 750W motors, high-capacity batteries with enough range, and are well-equipped with necessary peripherals.


Himiway eBike Lines

Himiway Hybrid Model Line


Given that it's touted as an all-terrain choice, theZebra is the closest thing in the category to a simple fat e-bike. However, it's a powerful alternative when combined with the powerful gear hub motor that can achieve up to 27 mph on throttle alone mode and above-average riding ranges that can reach up to 80 miles (130 km).


Himiway Zebra Step Through electric bike in white paint color 


The model has also just received a top-tier hydraulic disc brake, which provides adequate braking force for its excellent powertrain. As a result, the e-bike excels in its ability to quickly overcome inclines and extraordinary braking ability.


We also enjoy how it comes with many handy extras, such as a rear rack, fenders, front lights, and a kickstand.


Himiway Cruiser Model Line


Because of the large tires, considerHimiway's Cruiser a more adaptable and strong alternative than other manufacturers. Moreover, with the upright seating posture, there is an apparent emphasis on comfort - even more so if you pick the Step-Thru.


Himiway Cruiser fat tire electric bike in all black. image is side profile facing right


While it has the strength of its cousins, it is intended for more relaxed riding. Although not the best, the Shimano 7-gear shift mechanism does help extend the riding range. Furthermore, even though the frame is made of less expensive metal, it is sturdy and well-painted.


Regarding this comfort-oriented e-bike, you're undoubtedly getting your money's worth, but don't anticipate much more than what you're prepared to pay.

Himiway Commuter Model Line


TheEscape moped-style e-bike has the most adaptability, which the maker openly touts by labeling it "multi-functional." It has all the features you'd expect from an everyday commuter bike, such as fenders, lights, a rack, and a kickstand.


Himiway Escape Pro ebike in black. side profile facing right 


The 750W motor provides about the same power as the other versions, but the riding range is reduced since it utilizes a lower-capacity 17.5Ah Samsung battery instead. Add in the broader tires' improved traction and stability, and there's almost no space for criticism - except for its 92-pound (42 kg) weight.


Himiway Mountain Model Line


Himiway's specialized eMTB, theCobra, is one of its most excellent offerings. It comes with a higher-end Pro option that improves the motor and gear shift mechanism and adds a double-suspension system to the original Cobra's remarkable features.


Himiway Cobra fat tire ebike in snake skin camo paint


The most substantial incentive to go with it is that it can do all this while being $1,000 less expensive than its Pro sibling. Choose the Pro only if you believe that mid-drive and additional shifting choices are superior or that an eMTB cannot provide adequate power.


Himiway Cargo Model Line


Himiway's version of a cargo e-bike is theBig Dog. It's not a typical cargo choice, but it boasts an outstanding 400-pound (180 kg) payload capacity with its rear rack, a feature unique to vehicles in that category.


Himiway Big Dog electric bike


Despite matching most of its specifications, the Big Dog is substantially more costly than the other e-bikes in the catalog. This is primarily because it comes standard with the spacious rack, unlike the Cruiser, where the racks are optional.


What Do Riders Have to Say About Himiway?


The fact that these e-bikes provide enough power and range without charging exorbitant prices explains why Himiway has amassed a relatively strong following in the few years since its inception. The firm makes no pretense of catering to anybody other than those who don't want to spend ridiculous prices merely to ride an e-bike, especially ones already in the mid-range spectrum in terms of features.


Overall, it's one more popular and go-to option in the US, but the fact that it has grown during its short lifespan speaks volumes about the brand's staying power.

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