Specialized Turbo Vado vs Bakcou Mule: eBike Generation Comparison

Specialized Turbo Vado vs Bakcou Mule: eBike Generation Comparison

Bakcou is a name that keeps popping up in the fight of the electric bike rockstars. You've probably read articles comparing Himiway bikes to other e-bike models, seen review videos on YouTube from e-bike enthusiasts, and overheard e-bike enthusiasts discussing their favorite brands and models around town. We at eBike Generation enjoy the challenges that manufacturers present since pushing the limits of innovation, quality, and production is the most effective approach to developing the industry.

eBike Generation wants to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision about which e-bike will best fit your needs. Therefore, we've put up this post to compare the Bakcou Mule to another popular e-bike, the Specialized Turbo Vado. 

Specialized Turbo Vado

The original Vado debuted in 2017 and has a full-size (but still bespoke) engine with enough power for fast commutes. However, they are hefty, as are all full-power e-bikes, giving a lot of assistance straight from the start.

TheSpecialized Turbo Vado takes an unconventional approach because it has a lesser-powered motor and turns on more slowly. This allows them to employ a lighter battery and motor combination.

It's a Class 3 e-bike, which can help you up to 28 miles per hour. And it accelerates so quickly that you'll be racing automobiles at stoplights and smiling at the expressions on drivers' faces. It makes climbing entertaining by propelling you via swoops and swerves up S-turns at 15 or 20 mph, much like going down. Despite its added weight, the bike handles rapidly, allowing you to fly through traffic and fit through tight spots where vehicles cannot.

Even with the bike set to the lowest of the three help settings, you may ride to work up otherwise exhilarating hills and arrive energized rather than exhausted. You'll arrive quickly—often in the same amount of time you would take in a car—while traveling at over 30 mph. And you can do that while wearing pants, a hoodie, a bag, and barely a flutter of perspiration.

Although you won't receive the same exercise as on a non-assisted bike, studies have shown that e-bikes offer their advantages. It takes care of the final pieces of friction in the equation. Short journeys are more convenient than driving, and commutes are more enjoyable overall. It's incredible what an e-bike and a nice pair of panniers can achieve.


Bakcou Mule Electric Hunting Bike in camo paint


For the finest electric hunting motorcycles, we go to theBAKCOU Mule to see how it sets the standard for other hunting e-bikes. For starters, its peak speed of 35 mph automatically qualifies it as a candidate for the most outstanding electric bike, according to some. It can also handle challenging terrain because of its 750 mid-drive engine. Not to mention the numerous camouflage choices.

As you are aware, getting out there and to your following hunting location may be challenging, especially if you leave your vehicle at home and choose a more eco-friendly method - an electric hunting bike.

Yes, such a thing exists, and the BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike is here to demonstrate it. Outdoor enthusiasts created the BAKCOU bikes for other outdoor enthusiasts, all with the same objective of traveling further, climbing higher, and discovering more - while causing the least disruption to animals and the environment.

This electric hunting bike is designed to easily withstand rugged terrain and harsh circumstances, regardless of where your next hunting excursion takes you!

You can't go hunting on a bike that can't go off-road, period. When it's time to venture further into the woods, whether to follow a route, scout or put up your trail cameras, you'll need a bike that can handle the rough terrain.

The ULTRA is not only their most incredible motor to date but is also widely regarded as the "diesel engine" of mid-drive electric bike motors. Aside from combining tremendous performance in a heavy-duty frame, the integrated torque sensor adds intelligence. Instead of being trapped with fixed power levels, the sensors offer constant input to the motor, ensuring that it delivers precisely the degree of performance you demand at any given time.

Oh, and it has Walk-Assist mode, which reduces the speed to three miles per hour so you can walk beside your Mule while it does all the work. But, of course, you are not the first hunter to query the distances an electric hunting bike can cover. After all, the battery is what decides the bike's range.

And because the intelligent Bafang mid-drive motor understands how to use that battery power as effectively as possible, you can get up to 40 kilometers out of a single charge. So while the competition averages approximately 20 miles, the Mule provides double the range!

Final Thoughts

Aside from being extraordinarily well-made, durable, swift, and agile - even in the most challenging terrain - the Mule also receives credit for being available in various configurations.

The sheer amount of freedom available here is difficult to match! Furthermore, even at top speed, keeping control - something that the Specialized Turbo Vado struggles with on off-road trail rides - is straightforward. Despite massive levels of power and torque, the ride is natural and, most importantly, stable.

It isn't easy to find a cause to criticize, especially given the price. There are hunting e-bikes on the market that cost as much as - or more than - the Mule and yet need to provide the same performance levels and features!

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