5 Best Cheap Electric Bikes for 2024

5 Best Cheap Electric Bikes for 2024

The pleasure of riding e-bikes and the cost-effective convenience they provide to everyday commuting have helped electric-assist bicycles surge in popularity, particularly the inexpensive e-bike models under $2,000 mentioned below.

With rising petrol prices, these low-cost e-bikes have become an even more appealing choice for short excursions or leisurely amusement. While many non-assist bikes are difficult to locate owing to kinks in the global supply chain, many low-cost e-bikes marketed by consumer-direct firms are still accessible online and may be delivered to your home in a week or less.

We use the phrase "cheap electric bikes" to indicate their cost compared to the more expensive electric bikes available in bike shops and from some internet merchants. Many of those luxury e-bikes and electric mountain bikes have also been tested by us; some are amazing. However, they can cost three or four times as much as the versions are shown here. Some can cost up to $10,000. These bikes are less expensive, but our testing and research demonstrate that they are quite dependable for daily commuting and riding.

How Do You Pick The Finest Low-Cost Electric Bike?

Choosing the best affordable e-bike may be more difficult than just purchasing the best e-bike money can buy. After all, you're looking for the cheapest solutions since you're on a tight budget, and e-bikes aren't affordable. So, keep your expectations in check and be flexible regarding the pricing range. That's because you shouldn't sacrifice what you need merely to save a lot of money, especially if you want to use the e-bike for everyday commutes or weekend journeys over rough roads. Quality, performance, and features continue to be primary priorities.

Important factors include the engine for power, the battery for range, and the torque for hill climbing. Spending money on a low-cost e-bike that lacks the capability and capacity you want is a waste of money. You should postpone that purchase until you can afford a better-performing e-bike. Consider the motor location, pedal assist, weight, and foldability if space is limited. Of course, the type of e-bike and its design is also important.


5 Best Low-Cost Electric Bikes in 2023



 Eunorau UHVO

TheEunorau UHVO electric bike is a low-cost full-suspension trail rider with various upgrade routes and color options. We have black, gray, and red. The UHVO starts at $1,349 USD for the 350-watt model and $1,649 USD for the 750-watt model. Both variants of the UHVO include upgrading the battery for an additional $400 or $600.


The rack and fenders package is also available for $120, as is an enhanced two-year extended warranty for $200. So, if you get the fully upgraded 750-watt model with all the bells and whistles, you'll pay $2,569. That's a significant increase from the entry-level pricing, but Eunorau allows us to customize the UHVO.


The UHVO's efficient hub drive allows it to attain a peak speed of 20 mph right out of the box, which you may achieve by either the cadence-detecting pedal assist or the thumb throttle. In addition, the standard 48-volt, 16 amp hour locking and the detachable battery has a maximum estimated range of 38 miles, which is quite fair. 


The UHVO has 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes. This gives the UHVO the stopping power required to be a capable off-road electric bike. These brakes also have motor inhibitors, which rapidly reduce power to the engine to achieve the lowest possible stopping distance. Overall, the UHVO is an excellent value for money for anyone searching for a capable full-suspension trail rider. There are also many upgrade choices for individuals who want more power and range.




 Eunorau Fat tire AWD all black

Eunorau electric bikes are among the industry's most highly acclaimed electric bikes. The Eunorau e-bike range is unrivaled, with high-quality components and a lightweight framework compared to most electric mountain bikes.


This all-wheel drive fat tire e-bike is the ideal all-arounder. With fat tires, a rear rack, and fenders, it's the perfect trail companion for lengthier off-road excursions. This electric bike is the ultimate MTB Cruiser, with a sophisticated LED panel display and a comfortable saddle with suspension. 


A 250w front-geared motor and a 350w rear-geared motor are available. As long as the vehicle does not exceed 750w of power, it is legally categorized as an electric bicycle in several jurisdictions. The Fat-AWD is ideal for off-road riding where the route or trail is broken, gravely rutted, or has exposed tree roots. The two motors will grip the ground, enhancing traction and stability.


TheEunorau Fat-AWD’s system is powered by a single battery that locks into place, a single controller, and a single set of front-facing controls. The system is straightforward: on the right side of the handlebars, there is a red rocker switch that allows you to select which motors to activate. The throttle and pedal assist work the same way as any other, pushing the wheels based on the position of the rocker switch. With the button in the middle, both motors will be activated. When turned to the left, the front motor is activated, and then turned to the right, only the rear motor is activated.



Himiway Cruiser all black on white background. side profile facing right 


A pedal-assist electric bike, theHimiway Cruiser. To be more specific, it has large 4-inch-wide tires and front suspension, making it a fat bike. Or, more likely, it's a low-cost city commuter. Because of the off-road capabilities, there's no need to be concerned about whatever the city may throw at you. The Himiway brand may be unfamiliar to you, but if you're seeking a bike in this design, there are several with more brand awareness. You've probably looked at them all and want to know if Himiway has the attributes you're looking for.


The Himiway's frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. 6061 aluminum alloy is commonly used for bicycle frames. It's simple to weld, has a high stiffness-to-weight ratio, and is typically a low-cost alternative. Although aluminum is a low-cost material, it is a welcome addition to this bike. At the price of the Himiway Step Through Cruiser, a more cost-effective but heavier steel frame would not be out of the question.


The entire experience is soothing and relaxing. The electric assist settings need pedal rotation, although calling it peddling is a stretch. You could pedal if you wanted to, but you could just as well select a pace based on the amount of assistance and start to spin the pedals slowly. Use the throttle if you need to pull into traffic to pass a bus.


The Himiway All Terrain Step-Thru Electric Bike is an economical alternative at $1499. You can find out how they meet that pricing if you seek it. Several lower-end components were used to hit this pricing point. However, none of it is very significant.


Consider how the product fits together rather than looking for individual component specifics. You have a lot of power and a long battery life. It's both comfy and enjoyable to ride. We wouldn't advocate attempting to lift it and down stairs daily or even much transit on a rack, but it's a dream on the road.





TheHimiway Zebra is a high-powered electric fat bike meant to speak directly to Himiway's devoted client base of speed addicts and enthusiasts of big tire e-bikes, with hints of its predecessor but promises of new. The Zebra is based on a revised 750W rear hub motor that produces 86 Nm of torque and is supposed to dissipate heat more effectively than the previous iteration. Furthermore, this motor is linked to a massive 48V, 20Ah (960Wh) battery, which provides the bike with long-range capability.


A torque sensor replaces the cadence sensor that activated the motor on the original Himiway Cruiser in the Zebra. Torque sensors are often considered the superior of the two, allowing virtually instant motor activation and a far more sophisticated power distribution proportional to a rider's pedaling. One area where we saw improvement on this bike over the previous Cruiser was motor engagement, which was most likely due to this torque sensor.


Connecting the cranks to the engine is a standard-issue Shimano 7-speed drivetrain composed of a Tourney shifter and an Altus rear derailleur at this price point. Unfortunately, while the shifting performance is outstanding, one of the Zebra's primary flaws is its powertrain.


Himiway equipped the Zebra with a 14-28t freewheel, a standard configuration, but the front chainring is a shocking 36t. For instance, the bike's greatest gear ratio of 36t x 14t is not tall enough for Class 3 speed. We discovered that this gear was only comfortable to pedal up to around 15 mph - much faster, and you're just spinning the cranks while the engine performs all the work.


Front and rear Tektro HD E350 hydraulic disk brakes with 180mm rotors provide braking power. This is another enhancement from the previous Himiway Cruiser, which had less powerful mechanical disk brakes.


The Zebra rides on 26" x 4" Kenda fat bike tires, a front suspension fork, and an all-new modified aluminum frame that is more angular and conceals the battery within the downtube. For Zebra, it will come down to what a rider wants in an electric fat bike. It's not the most agile, and you may need to modify the gearing, but if you're looking for a blow-your-socks-off fast e-bike that can climb just about anything, the Himiway Zebra is one to consider.





TheE-Fat-Step is a fantastic value, and it is included in our assessment of the best, most economical (cheap) electric bikes on the market today. It has a step-through frame to make getting on and off the bike simpler (especially if you carry stuff on the rear rack, it saves you from having to lift your leg over the seat). It's also a folding e-bike, which makes it more portable.


The E-Fat-Step is powered by a 500W high-torque rear hub motor and a 48V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery. This long-range battery may be swiftly removed from the bike, taken with you, or charged remotely. The E-Fat-Step has a 7-speed gearbox and can be pedaled like a standard bike. However, a 5-level pedal aid system (PAS) and a thumb throttle are available. This provides you with a lot of versatility for any riding situation. It's also worth noting that the powerful hydraulic disc brakes have automated motor cutoffs, which means that when they're engaged, the motor stops functioning - a terrific safety feature.

Final Thoughts


If you're considering purchasing a new electric bike, weigh its performance, power, features, and everything else against its price. A low-cost e-bike does not always imply a deal. After all, e-bikes will never be dirt cheap at this stage. Instead, search for ones that are not only reasonably priced but also provide excellent value for money.


Of course, we urge that you test-ride any bike before making a purchase decision. However, our shopping advice on thebest affordable e-bikes should get you started in the right direction.

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