Hunting Land Management for Easy Hunting with eBike

Hunting Land Management for Easy Hunting with eBike



The popularity of hunting with electric hunting bikes has sky-rocketed in recent years.  Given this trend, hunters all over are trying out eBikes for hunting on their property.  But a lot of hunters aren’t utilizing their hunting property for the best efficiency when it comes to the massive benefits you can get with an eBike.  So, in this article, we are having the experts fromGreen Hill Land and Timber give us their advice on making the most of your hunting property by managing your hunting land in the most optimum way possible with an eBike.  This way, you can maneuver the best hunting spots on your property in a way you never could before.

Land Management for eBikes

When it comes to land management, the first step in maximizing the use you get out of your eBike is mapping out your property.  I’ve known guys who have maps of their entire hunting properties, but I would suggest just writing out a square with dioramas of landmarks on your property and paths you typically take to begin hunting, and anything else you think characterizes your property and land.

Essentially, you want to mark out your hunting spots.  These may be deer stands, the start to a forest, or the hotspots where you have found deer or other animals before.  This is really useful for consistent results with hunting on your land, and is a great way to begin to get the lay of your land with an eBike.

You’re going to want to go out to these hotspot locations and figure out what may be stampering the efficiency with which you can get to each one.  The major blocks are likely to be:

  1. Dense forests and trees in the way: these are just tough and can lower your movement speed around your property.  It is a great idea to thin out your forests and trees in the area to allow for better speed andimproved deer populations.  But be as safe as you can with this, use a chainsaw and other safety equipment and do the job right.
  2. Undergrowth: the second most common restrictor to quiet and smooth movement across your hunting land is the build up of tall plants and undergrowth.  Although this can be good for deer populations, you are going to want to manage the growth of your weeds, shrubs, and all manner of tall plants so you can ride smoothly across your property with your electric hunting bike.


Hunter Checking Trail Cameras


To manage your land and forests and maximize the populations of deer, turkey, and other animals and allow for easy access via electric bike, you are going to need to manage the terrain of your hunting property; particularly, trees and undergrowth.  To remove trees, you are going to need to use a chainsaw or other piece of equipment.  Removing undergrowth for properties is not as difficult and can be done with equipment such as a machete or for the most efficiency, use a brush cutter.

Clearing Out Paths On Your Property

Once you have your property mapped out and thought about transversing your property, you will want to maximize the route you take between main hotspots.  The best way to do this is by clearing out certain pathways you can use to quickly move between your most common hunting spots and areas.  As I mentioned before, the easiest way to do this efficiently is by using a brush cutter which is an electric-powered cutter with a razor sharp blade that will do most of the work for you.

Map out where in your land you need to work on and find the paths you most often use.  A step further than mapping out, once you have ahunting bike, ride around your land and find out which places need to be managed for you to get the best coverage and get in the best position for hunting unexpecting white-tail deer and turkey.  We suggest setting up a deer stand or deer blind on one or more places on your property that you can ride out to.


Hunter kneeling next to the deer he caught


Hunting with an eBike

Once you have considered managing your hunting land for use with an eBike, you need to learn the ropes and routines of hunting a large property with a hunting eBike.  The first thing you should be familiar with is taking good care of your bike.  Few people experience many, or any, issues with eBikes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of them.  A good idea is to keep your chain lubed, check brakes, andkeep the battery charged at all times you can.  Nothing is worse than being far out on your property and your battery dies.

Overall, hunting with an eBike is an enjoyable and productive way to hunt your land.  To be most efficient, you are going to want to really get to know your land through and through with your bike, and take care of any excessive growth and dead or obtrusive trees.  You will also want to find your preferred time between sitting at a spot and quickly moving to the next.  Finding the goldspot for your hunting land is invaluable and helps with the efficiency of your hunting.

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