7 Tips to Catch More on an Electric Bike

7 Tips to Catch More on an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a new and exciting gadget that every serious mountain biker, hunter, and now fisherman can’t wait to get their hands on. An electric fishing bike is essentially the same as any other ebike, except it’s been repurposed for fishing. 

These electric bikes make it easy to carry your gear, travel to and from your favorite places, and make it hard to come up with excuses not to go. 

In addition, an electric fishing bike is ideal for climbing rough terrain and having a little bit of fun in between carrying your equipment. Furthermore, your fishing bike can double as an electric hunting bike when not in the fishing season. 

So say goodbye to making multiple trips to your truck. Instead, comfortably carry all of your equipment in one trip on the back of your ebike. 

However, if you want to take your fishing game to the next level using an ebike, we have seven tips to make that happen. 

7 Tips for Fishing on An Electric Bike

1. Do Reconnaissance 

Get out and ride that eBike to different fishing spots and learn the lay of the land. Figure out what spots you can reach safely. If you’re not sure where to go, get advice from local fishers. 

An ebike can be a quick way to travel from place to place quickly, especially if you’re trout fishing or angling and trying to find the best spot for fish. 

Furthermore, you’ll be able to travel up and down rough terrain near rivers or around lakes in a jiff with your ebike. 

2. Make Use of Cargo Capacity

eBikes can hold a ton of gear. Some can even pull trailers that you can load with coolers, fishing equipment, and even spare clothing. Make use of it. 

Pack a couple of meals, bring some extra clothing in case it gets warm, and definitely load up any and all of the fishing gear you think you’ll need to catch different fish throughout the day. 

Explore your cargo options and find ways to carry rods, tackle, and fish all in one trip.  

3. Get a Waterproof Bike

Lots of bikers like to ride their bikes into the water. For this reason, be sure your ebike is entirely waterproof and safe from intense water exposure.

The last thing you need is a shorted battery or flooded motor…literally. 

4. Pack the Right Shoes and Pedals

Waterproof mountain biking shoes with a large heel provide the best of both worlds. Not only do these shoes offer excellent grip for your pedals, but most are waterproof so that you can take them into the water. 

Bring extra clothing to be safe, especially socks. 

Furthermore, be sure to upgrade your pedals to ones with better grips so you can enjoy your ride through regular terrain and water without losing your footing. A fat tire ebike will also be ideal for traveling through water and wet terrain. 

5. Make Use of Range

eBikes can take you to new and interesting places, including fishing paces the rest of the weekend warriors aren’t willing to walk to.

Use your electric bike to travel swiftly between different places before setting up camp in one location that’s not netting you any fish. 

Electric bikes are also nifty if you have nets and limb lines set up between different fishing locations and don’t have a boat. Your ebike will take you to each location swiftly so that you can catch a few extra fish on top of your stationary fishing.

6. Tactical Tackle. 

If you’re traveling around to different locations or fishing in an area with huge biodiversity, it pays to carry the right tackle. Research your fishing location first, and pack the right tackle and bait to catch the fish you want most. 

Just don’t pack too much because you don’t want to weigh your bike down or take up too much room in your cargo basket. 

7. Get to Sites Earlier 

Finally, eBikes don’t just take you further; they significantly cut down travel times. That means you can stay on the water longer, which gives you more time to catch fish. However, bear in mind that some areas do have rules on what time of day you can fish. 

Any seasoned angler will tell you that time of day makes all the difference if you want to be successful when fishing. Some fish feed more in the mornings, others throughout the day, and some go crazy at dusk. 

Learn what’s biting when, use your bait accordingly, and get ready to haul more fish than you know what to do with on that eBike — so long as you’re within legal limits. 

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There's no doubting that you'll catch more fish when you put these tips to work for you. 

While many of you may have experience with a traditional mountain bike, fishing on an electric mountain bike makes fishing much more enjoyable. Even better, if you find a waterproof model, you’ll be able to perform all of the same maneuvers like a regular mountain bike without fear of getting stranded. 

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