5 Best Mid-drive Electric Bikes in 2024

5 Best Mid-drive Electric Bikes in 2024

Electric bikes are the fastest-growing sector of bicycles, and that demand benefits you, the e-bike buyer. Designs continue to improve, technology becomes more dependable, and capacities grow. You can get anything from foldable e-bikes to fat-tire e-bikes, electric-assist road bikes, and a sea of commuting and city electric bikes, whether online or at a merchant. E-bike design has blossomed because it was freed from some of the traditional bike restrictions, such as weight and gears.

Mid-drive e-bike motors power premium electric bikes. They are the most powerful, efficient, light, and long-lasting form of motor. A mid-drive eBike features a more natural-feeling ride than inexpensive hub drives. To get the most out of it, you must use the entire set of gears. Mid-drives with torque sensors can provide a proportionate amount of assistance that feels smooth when pedaling.

eBike Generation researched various top models to ensure they gave plenty of acceleration and speed to help you pick the finest mid-drive electric bike for your travels. We particularly appreciated electric bicycles with long-lasting batteries that charge rapidly and those with several safety measures, such as dual hydraulic braking systems. Read the list below to find the top electric bikes based on overall performance.


 Bakcou Storm fat tire ebike painted in tan color and image is on white background


The Bakcou Storm is a full-suspension electric fat bike with the spirit of a four and the guts of an ultra-powerful eMTB, intended to go where few others can.


Bakcou, located in Utah, was founded by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who sought a quiet yet competent method of transportation in the wilderness that wouldn't disturb animals. Bakcou specializes in all-terrain electric fat bikes that can accomplish almost everything you ask. Their flagship model is the full-suspension storm.


Bakcou is one of many ebike firms catering to the hunting and outdoor community, a rapidly expanding niche in the e-bike sector. While they may appear to be more competent electric fat bikes or rugged eMTBs, they are pioneering a new type of e-bike. We call it the 44 categories, although we wonder if that truly describes it. Whatever we name it, the Storm is an ultra-capable full-suspension fat bike that'll get you into the sticks and back without missing a beat.


It's good off-road, but calling it an eMTB feels wrong; it's simply too strong and beefy for that classification. But it's also not your typical electric fat bike, a class of e-bikes that sell the image of adventure but are more suited to light-duty dirt pathways.


Instead, we believe the Storm falls into a new "all-terrain" category created by these hunting and outdoor e-bike firms. This bike and a few others in this category are built to go places that few other bikes can. They're strong, hefty, and designed for traction. The Storm is an e-bike version of a four-wheel-drive Jeep or side-by-side.

Bakcou Storm Full Description Product Page



Hunter standing over the Rungu Duallie 3 wheeled ebike on a dirt trail

Rungu is a bike company that produces one of the greatest e-bikes on the market. To achieve this, Rungu focuses solely on one product, theDualie electric fat tire hunting bike. The firm is a subsidiary of Standard Bearer Machines, which produces its products in California utilizing imported components.


Rungu's dedication to quality is exemplified by its extensive quality control methods. The firm backs this up by offering a 2-year warranty and performance guarantee with each Rungu bike.


With unrivaled traction and stability, the Dualie Rungu 3-wheel bike sets the standard for off-road e-bikes, allowing you to go where other bikes cannot. In addition, this bike has a few key features that make it especially well-equipped to travel off-road securely and comfortably. 


This bike's weight distribution and front center of gravity allow you to climb steeper slopes without getting out of the saddle, which is where you would normally lose traction on a traditional bike. In addition, the extra-long wheelbase further improves stability and performance when climbing and descending. Other prominent features include the super-comfortable step-through frame design, which makes mounting and dismounting the Dualie easier, and the stand-alone capability, which eliminates the need for a kickstand.


Rungu created this hefty e-bike for rigorous use; therefore, it has a big payload capacity of 332 to 351 lbs. The Dualie also has a fine 1120W mid-drive motor, huge batteries across the board, and dual battery capacity in premium variants.

Full Description for the Rungu Duallie Collection


 Jeep ebike in the woods with hunter standing behind the bike dressed in camo


While QuietKat does produce a street-legal Jeep, the one we're looking at is not. This bike is intended for usage in off-road OHV areas or on private land, similar to where you'd ride a non-street legal dirt bike.


This Jeep is equipped with the Bafang Ultra 1,000W mid-drive motor, which, although unsuitable for usage on roads or bike paths, is an absolute beast in OHV regions. That motor produces a staggering 160 Nm of torque and appears to have little to no speed restriction – and believe me, this thing travels quickly.


If you want the Jeep in a street-legal version, QuietKat does sell one with a 750W motor and a Class 2 speed setting.The Jeep belongs to a very new and enigmatic class of e-bikes known as all-terrain or off-road. However, there has yet to be an official name for these e-bikes.


Bikes in this category fall between a street-legal e-bike and a full-fledged electric dirt bike. They're generally powerful, with thick tires — the Jeep has 4.8-inch CST tires — and are designed with solid components that can withstand extended punishment in off-road settings.


These bikes evolved from the hunting category of e-bikes, a class of off-roaders meant to transport athletes and their gear into the bush silently and effectively (hence the name QuietKat). However, the producers of these hunting e-bikes quickly discovered a demand for slimmed-down versions that can shred fire road, double track, or even some of Moab's iconic Jeep trails, as QuietKat appears to do often.


The Jeep's ability to tackle off-road terrain is very astounding. We usually refrain from labeling most e-bikes we test mountain bikes, but the Jeep comes dangerously close. It's still likely too hefty to be much fun on a single tight track at 70 pounds, but it's outfitted with mountain bike components.


The drivetrain is the tough SRAM X5 9-speed groupset, which shifts quickly and manages the motor's weight while shifting. It's a full suspension e-bike with 150mm of front and rear travel. The rear shock is a RockShox Monarch SL, while the front fork is an inverted design by GT MRK, a relatively unknown fork firm that appears to create just OEM components.


Front and rear Tektro Dorado 4-piston brakes with 203 mm rotors provide braking power. Finally, the battery on this bike is a 48V, 14.5Ah (696Wh) unit built into the frame.

Quietkat Jeep Full Description Product Page




 Rambo Rebel fat tire ebike image on white background. Color is carbon grey paint


Suppose you spend a lot of time in the woods and need a dependable ride to keep up; select Rambo Bikes' all-new 2023,The Rebel Electric Hunting Bike! This high-performance fat tire electric bike was created in response to client demands for a bike with only the best components and features. This electric off-road bike boasts a ruggedized, custom-built chassis and a strong 1000-watt BBSHD high-torque electric motor, one of the most powerful on the market, for conquering even the most difficult terrain.


It performs admirably on sand, dirt, gravel, grass, and bush for genuine all-terrain capabilities, and it also rides smoothly on the road. This big tire electric bike is great for hiking through the bush or meadows, in addition to being a handy ride for commuting in the city. It's the ideal electric hunting bike or off-road bike for adventurous excursions like big game hunting and long-distance mountain biking in the forest, on grass, and the beach.


This electric motorcycle with big tires is designed for high performance. Enjoy the 1000-watt electric motor's power and torque, double-walled rims, and a high-performance GT860 Air fork for exceptional off-road performance and gentle landings on big jumps. It has a large power reserve for a long-range and will easily drive uphill or ride in steep grade circumstances. In addition, this model is available in a variety of stunning color combinations.


It is a strong and competent bike that is highly recommended for nature photographers, ranchers, hunters, farmers, foresters, and anyone who likes the outdoors. With Rambo Bikes, The Rebel Hunting Electric Bike, you can conquer any path and enjoy the journey!

Full Description of the Rambo Rebel Fat Tire Ebike




 Bakcou Mule ebike tan color paint on a white background image


TheBakcou Mule, our best-selling electric bike, is an electric fat bike with an ultra-powerful mid-drive motor (aptly named The Ultra Motor) designed to transport you and some stuff into backcountry locations discreetly and effectively. Bakcou is the fastest growing electric hunting bike company in the world. Though they're expanding on those origins and taking over the off-road/outdoors, all-terrain electric vehicle industry, the initial Bakcou bikes were designed to replace the noisy and foul-smelling ATVs or side-by-side hunters used to reach wilderness spots. Because motorized cars disturbed animals, e-bikes proved an excellent option. As a result, Bakcou's e-bikes are now designed for anyone attempting to access difficult-to-reach terrain.


Bakcou designed the Mule around the extraordinarily powerful Bafang super mid-drive motor, which can generate 1,000W of power and 160 Nm of torque. That's a lot of energy, and it's more than what's authorized for street usage in most U.S. states and on certain public property. Bakcou tackles this issue by allowing users to set the power down to 750W, making the bike consistent with the three-class legal system that governs e-bike regulation in most regions of the United States.


So why does Bakcou even create unclassified supercharged e-bikes? The solution is straightforward: You can use the motor's maximum 1,000W output on private land or in regions that allow OHVs like ATVs and side-by-sides — frequently the same sites hunters and outdoors people use — without breaking the law. And that power isn't only for speed; the Mule is designed for towing gear-laden trailers into regions that traditional e-bikes would struggle to reach.


The Mule is powered by a Bafang mid-drive motor with a torque rating of 160 Nm and a nominal power rating of up to 1,000W. In addition, the engine is powered by one of three semi-integrated battery options: the standard 48V, 17.5Ah battery, a 48V, 19.2Ah mid-level option, and a 48V, 21Ah extended range battery.


It includes a Bafang display that allows you to choose between a sport mode and an eco mode, as well as five pedal assist settings per mode. The bike also features a throttle, which is restricted to 20 mph in a street-legal categorized mode.


This makes sense. Over the years, the Mule has been Bakcou's best-selling e-bike – it's economical, competent, and accomplishes exactly what it was supposed to do. The handling was excellent, and the power from the mid-drive motor was incredible. It's difficult not to see this bike through the prism of a more traditional mountain bike, but I'm beginning to believe that firms like Bakcou are building their unique category of e-bike. I'm naming it the "all-terrain" category, referring to a subset of off-road utility e-bikes that can go where few others can.

Full Description of the Bakcou Mule Electric Hunting Bike


Buyer's Guide for the Best Mid-Drive Electric Bikes


The Most Important Considerations


Mid-drive Motors


Mid-drive motors are well known for their strength, especially when climbing steep slopes. However, there are knockoffs, so be sure the bike you buy has a real mid-drive and a strong motor. Because of the arrangement of the motor, mid-drive motors provide an even and consistent center of gravity, boosting safety during long rides. These electric motors often feature aided speed settings as well as pedal support. Mid-drive motorcycles' power makes them useful as cargo bikes when equipped with a rear rack. Remember that if your present bike lacks electric power, you can always acquire a terrific bike conversion kit.



Security Features


Look for electric bikes with several safety measures to keep you and your family safe on your everyday trips. Reliable hydraulic braking systems, sturdy suspension forks, full-suspension shocks, and integrated LED headlights and taillights are among the safety features. Other safety-conscious features include built-in bells, horns, and ultra-durable frames, which are frequently made of aluminum alloy. Also, compare brake pads vs. disc brakes for e-bikes to remain up to speed on your electric bike's best type of brake safety.

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