How To Ship An Electric Bike Or Motorcycle

How To Ship An Electric Bike Or Motorcycle


No one gives much thought to motorcycle shipping unless there's actually a need for it. Relocation, delivery after purchase, and starting a motorcycle road trip at the other end are the top reasons why people require shipping services for their motorcycles. 

For someone that has never shipped a motorcycle or ebike before, the prospect of shipping one might seem like a daunting task. 

But shipping a motorcycle is easy and affordable if you know how to go about it and this is what this article is all about. Continue reading to learn how to get your motorcycle anywhere you want.

Choose A Professional E-bike Or Motorcycle Shipper

Unless you decide to transport your bike yourself, you'll need a shipping company to get your e-bike or motorcycle to your destination. While you can potentially save some money if you move your bike yourself, there are different ways things could go wrong and you are better off letting the professionals do what they do best. 

It's not enough to choose any shipping company to transport your bike. You need to choose a company experienced and equipped to transport motorcycles or e-bike. 

"Transporting ebikes or motorcycles is quite different from automobiles. Specialty trucks and hardware like tie-downs are needed to secure the cargo and ensure it's safely transported from point A to point B," says  A-1 Auto Transport Inc, a company with many years of experience shipping motorcycles, RVs, and automobiles.

So, before you commit to any shipping company, ask them about their experience transporting motorcycles and how they intend to keep your bike safe during transit. An experienced shipping company will have clear answers for this and even provide you with a free, non-binding quote.

Open Vs Enclosed Shipping

You can either transport your e-bike or motorcycle through open or enclosed shipping. In open transport, your bike is transported on a flatbed trailer with other vehicles. All the motorcycles are properly fastened to the trailer to ensure they stay in place during transport.  

With an open transport shipping method, your bike is exposed to rain, sun, dust, road debris, hail, and so on. And there's always the risk of the motorcycle suffering some kind of damage. 

In enclosed shipping, motorcycles are transported in enclosed barriers that provide protection from the elements. This is the best way to transport motorcycles, especially expensive models. You most likely want your pricey shiny toy to arrive in pristine condition. Also, damage to expensive motorcycles or e-bikes can be costly to fix. 

It's worth mentioning that enclosed transport is significantly more expensive than open transport. Most people tend to go for open transport due to its affordability which is alright if the bike isn't too expensive or already used and you are willing to accept the risk of damage that comes with open transport shipping method. Should there be any damage, it won't cost much to fix them. 

However, if you are transporting a really expensive motorcycle or classic and collector items, it's highly recommended you choose an enclosed shipping method to protect your investment and ensure your precious bike arrives in pristine condition. 

Differences Between Shipping An Electric Bike And Motorcycle

Motorcycles are larger than e-bikes and this means they must be shipped in bigger, sturdier, and more padded boxes. In fact, motorcycles are shipped exclusively by enclosed shipping. The bigger sizes and need for enclosed shipping means it'll always cost more to ship an motorcycle compared to an e-bike.

Prepare Your E-Bike or Motorcycle for Transport

You have some work to do to make your bike shipping-ready. Start by thoroughly cleaning the motorcycle or e-bike and inspect it for any damages. Take photos to document the current condition of the bike including any existing damage. Ideally, you should take pictures from multiple angles, put dates on them, and show them to the shipping company at the time of transport. 

If you are shipping an electric bike, ensure the battery is in top condition as any issue with the battery may constitute a safety issue. 

All loose items, accessories, and valuables should be removed from the bike prior to shipping. These include GPS systems, toll tags, removable stereos, luggage rack, and so on. 

You should also check all fasteners and ensure they are firmly in place. If not, vibrations during transport can make fasteners come off and parts may fall off the bike. 

Check the pressure of your tires and inflate them if necessary. It's important that your tires are properly inflated before shipping. Also, check the fuel gauge and ensure your fuel doesn't exceed quarter tank. This is for safety reasons and if you don't comply with this, your shipping company may have to siphon excess gas and this means more expenses for you. 

Warehouse or Door-to-Door Delivery

Two delivery options are typically available when shipping motorcycles or e-bike and these include doorstep delivery and warehouse delivery. Doorstep delivery is convenient and your motorcycle or e-bike will be delivered to your name as the name implies. However, this usually comes at extra cost and your property needs to be tractor-trailer accessible. 

The other option is to have your motorcycle delivered to the shipping company's warehouse or motorcycle ship closest to your destination. Then, you can pick your motorcycle when it arrives at the warehouse. This method tends to be faster as you get to avoid last mile shipping hassles and pick the motorcycle at the warehouse at your convenience. 

Remember to inspect the bike for any damage during delivery. If you choose a reputable shipping company, your bike will be in the same condition it was when you handed it over.

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