5 Prep Tips for Your First Ebike Hunting Experience

5 Prep Tips for Your First Ebike Hunting Experience

The ebike has become the preferred mode of city transport because of its multi-functionality, flexibility, and low environmental impact. People in cities use ebikes for commuting, exercising, shopping, and running errands. Outside the city limits, the ebike lends itself perfectly to hunting, especially in locations where cars can’t travel. Ebike hunting can be exhilarating, but there are also plenty of risks involved, which is why you should soak up these five tips before heading out on your first trip. 

Prepare Gear Beforehand

Before you head out on any hunting trip, it’s essential to prepare your equipment beforehand, and ebike hunting is no different. The last thing you want is to get out in nature and realize you’ve left a vital component at home - like running out of ammunition. If you need to stock up, you can find  comparatively cheap options by following the link. To ensure you don’t miss anything, write out a list of everything you need and tick it off as you pack it into the bag. 

As well as making sure you’ve got everything you need, it’s essential to check that everything works, which includes giving your ebike the once over and  repairing any damage before you head out. Making your bike safe will reduce the risk of having an accident and ruining your first experience. 

Avoid Steep Slopes

Steep slopes always look fun when you’re on about, but they’re not your friend when you’re out hunting. If you choose to explore steep hills, you could end up having an accident and being stuck in an awkward position. Naturally, there is no other way around a steep slope. If youmust traverse a steep slope, make sure you cycle at a low speed and the right angle. Where possible, walk with your bike until your reach the top - the electric functionality should make this relatively easy. 

Watch Out for Puddles

The chances are you’ll come across some form of a puddle on your hunting trip. Unfortunately, you never know how deep a puddle is until you’re in it, especially if you’re on uneven terrain. Therefore, we recommend going around puddles where you can. Alternatively, use a branch or something similar to check out the depth before you enter. As well as being dangerous, crashing into a deep puddle with your ebike is likely to leave it damaged. After all, ebike manufacturers didn’t have water immersion on their minds during the design phase. 

Check Speeds

When you’re out on the hunt, you’ll want to be as quiet as possible, which means high speeds don’t count for much. As well as alerting nearby animals to your presence, traveling at high speeds over uneven terrain is a one-way ticket to disaster. To avoid getting carried away, add weight to your bike by packing gear. 

Avoid Loose Ground

All-terrain ebikes are fantastic for hunting because they have strong tires that will aid navigation through dead leaves, heavy mud, and snow. However, avoiding this type of surface is the best way to approach it, no matter how sound your tires are. Typically, this type of surface can be spotted from some distance, so make sure you search for alternative routes. If there is no way around it, then cycle at a slow and steady pace. 

Take Away

Ebike hunting offers a fantastic experience and is a great alternative for those looking to break away from the traditional hunt. The key to having a fantastic first time is forward planning and a sound awareness of your surroundings. If your cycle recklessly in the field, you’re asking for potentially life-threatening trouble. 

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Robert Prehn
Robert Prehn

March 04, 2023

if you are using a trailer:
practice with a medium to lighter load.
Get used to its tracking and pulling up hill.
Be careful downhill as trailer can push you off course.
Get used to starting on uphill with throttle assist.

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