Why Is An Electric Bike So Expensive?

Why Is An Electric Bike So Expensive?

Electric bikes are becoming popular in the market. Outdoor enthusiasts love the idea of being out in nature without getting tired. Thanks to electric bicycles, even aging people can explore the trails despite their limited mobility.

Despite all this, you may be wondering why an electric bike is so expensive? 

Electric bikes are more pricey compared to a traditional bicycle. But it is cheaper compared to cars and motorcycles.

In this article, you will learn why these e-bikes prices range from $800 to $1500. Here's an overview of an electric bike and how it's features justified its price.

What Makes an Electric Bike Expensive?

If you are planning to purchase and wondering why electric bikes are so expensive? Think about the additional costs that come with this bike. It includes the battery, battery charger, motor, and motor maintenance. Since these bikes are powered by electricity, it needs to be waterproof, too. This feature allows you to use your bike even on rainy days. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the features of an electric bike that makes it a bit pricey compared to normal bikes.

E-bike battery

    When riding a standard bike, you can ride for hours until your legs are sore. On the other hand, a motorcycle can go on for miles until it needs refueling.

    Electric bikes rely on batteries to go on. It has a running time that can last up to four hours. It means you can go about riding without pedaling and getting tired for a couple of hours. Recharging the battery can also take a few hours before you can use your e-bike again.

    Also, it may take a while before the prices of e-bike batteries in the market lower. Most manufacturers nowadays are focused on improving battery technologies so it can have a longer running time. They also aim to shorten the recharging time of the battery for optimal convenience of the user.

    Electric bike battery


      The main distinction of an e-bike from a traditional bicycle is the motor. This highly-engineered part will boost your bike when riding uphill, zig-zagging, and even on plain roads. 

      Compared to a traditional bike, electric bikes are quieter and more powerful. You can ride it for hours without getting tired. Hence, aging and disabled people prefer using an electric bike due to the convenience. It is one of the reasons why electric bikes are so expensive. The delivery of power, accessibility, and gears of this vehicle is undefeatable. 

      Electric Bike Motor

      Is an Electric Bike Worth an Investment?

      Now that you know why an electric bike is so expensive, it’s time to decide if it is worth an investment. 

      A common misconception about e-bikes is that it is purely an electrically-powered vehicle that does not require pedaling. In contrast, an electric bike can still be used for working out. You still have to pedal so that the bike would move. The motor will only boost your pedal, so it is smoother, quieter, and easier to ride on rocky terrains. It is similar to riding a traditional bike; only you are exerting less effort with this vehicle.

      What are the Benefits of an Electric Bike?

      Due to its nature, electric bikes are beneficial to people of all ages. For instance, it is popular among hunters because it is quiet and easy to use. Bringing all gears in the forest can be cumbersome without an e-bike. It is ideal because it runs quietly, allowing you to explore the terrains without startling any animals.

      It is also beneficial for aging people with limited mobility. Since it does not require the same amount of energy when using a traditional bike, it is easier to ride an e-bike and do your errands independently. 

      Many people are starting to use electric bikes as well. It is useful and easy to use when doing groceries, exploring the terrains, walking your pet, or commuting to work. Due to the benefits that it can offer, many people are starting to invest in an electric bike. 

      Final Thoughts

      Knowing why an electric bike is expensive will give you an idea of what to expect on your first e-bike. It is not quite an investment, so you need to choose a model that will suit your needs. There is a wide selection of electric bikes in the market designed for a variety of uses. Given the benefits and ease of use, the prices of electric bikes are reasonable and worth every penny. 

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