Emojo Lynx Electric Bike Review


As a hunter, choosing the best e-bike is crucial. As the deer hunting season approaches, you must equip yourself with a noiseless electric bike that you can take with you to the forest.

Emojo Lynx is one of the most reputable manufacturers of electric bikes. Whether it's your first time buying a model from the company, this Emojo Lynx electric bike review will give you an insight into what to expect from the product.


A Closer Look at the Emojo Lynx Pro Ultra Folding E-Bike


If you are a fan of Emojo Lynx, you will agree that this model has got to be one of the best e-bikes released by the brand.

This ultra e-bike model is suitable for both novices and pros in hunting. All accessories that you need to hunt are included in the package. Here are the following items to expect upon receiving your item:

  •  LCD display
  • Rear rack
  •  Phone holder
  •  Front light

The Lynx e-bike is now ready to hunt. Purchasing this model is cost-effective as you can save from individually purchasing other accessories.


Suitable on Any Types of Terrains

One of the highlights of this Emojo Lynx Electric Bike review is the durability of this model. You can take this electric bike on terrain all day! Even if you go to beaches, streets, roadless areas, and forests rest assured that your electric bike can keep going.

The Lynx Pro Ultra is built to withstand mud, water, and sand. It can also take on heavy-duty use. It features huge 20’ rims and 4’ Kenda R20 tires that can roll on any surfaces without compromising the traction.

You can also set it up with Tektro Dual Disc brakes for optimal control, especially when you’re suddenly thrown in close calls.

Are you planning to hike for a few days? Good thing because the Emojo Lynx e-bike features a folding design. You can easily carry it and use it as alternative transportation when going to long-distance places. Folding and unfolding the bike only takes a few seconds before you are ready to roll.


Durability and High Performance in a Folding Design

Some hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are reluctant to purchase a folding e-bike, thinking that its folding design will affect its performance.

Upon deeper research of this Emojo Lynx Electric Bike review, rest assured that the performance is strong and reliable even with the folding design.

This e-bike can accommodate users weighing up to 230 pounds. Thanks to its compact design, you can fold and store it in confined rooms when not in use. This is the perfect e-bike for camping or exploring the trails. The ultra e-bike can go on for up to 30 miles. You can extend by pedaling to consume less power.


High Power for Hunting Use

Thanks to the seven-speed Shimano drivetrain, you can make the most of this e-bike when hunting. It is powered by an efficient 500-watt motor that allows you to climb hills without difficulty. With its maximum assist setting, zooming under challenging trails and hills wouldn't be a problem.

It also features a Class 2 Throttle that you can engage for up to 20 miles per hour. Not to mention that all the accessories that the package comes in amounts to over a hundred dollars when purchased individually.



Here’s a quick overview of theEmojo Lynx Electric Bike review.The following are premium specifications of this e-bike:

  •  500-watt DC brushless motor
  • 48-volt 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • 6-hour charging time
  •  Aluminum folding frame
  • 330 lbs maximum user weight
  •  Rear and Tektro front brakes
  • 40 x 26 inch Kenda tires
  • 55-pound weight with battery


Final Thoughts

Its lightweight aluminum frame, giant tires, efficient motor, and reliable batteries can take you to places. Best of all, it comes with all the necessary accessories that you will need when out in the forest. If it's your first time purchasing an e-bike, this model is highly recommended for its reliability, high performance, and affordability.

This model is a good investment if you are a hunter looking for a reliable e-bike. Unlike the common misconception, folding bikes can be robust and powerful, too. The Emojo Lynx Electric bike review has proven the e-bike’s benefits to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.



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