How to Fold Up An Emojo Electric Folding Bike

How to Fold Up an Emojo Electric Folding Bike

Emojo has earned a solid reputation among outdoor enthusiasts, bikers, and hunters for producing reliable and affordable folding bikes over the years.

Established in 2012, Emojo is now a trusted dealer of electric bikes worldwide. If you are planning to purchase your first e-bike, you should learn how to fold up an Emojo electric folding bike.

In this guide, you will learn how to fold up an e-bike properly and other tips to lengthen its lifespan.


How to Properly Fold Up an Electric Bike?



Here are the following steps on how to fold up an Emojo electric folding bike:


Folding the headtube.

Start by folding the headtube. Make sure that the left pedal is pointed towards the front wheel. The headtube buckle should be released in an anti-clockwise direction and then fold it.


Fold the e-bike.

The next step is to release the buckle from the frame and then turn it towards the front wheel on the frame's exterior. The buckle should be pulled up before folding the bike.

The front should be locked, and the rear wheel should be by the frame buckle.


Lowering the saddle.

After you have folded the electric bike, lower the saddle. If the Emojo electric folding bike has a foldable pedal, press it towards the frame and fold it upwards. Make sure the other side is the same.


Tips in Using Your Emojo Folding Electric Bike

Emojo Electric Folding Bike

Now that you knowhow to fold up an Emojo electric folding bike,here are the following tips to keep in mind to lengthen the lifespan of your e-bike:


Always keep your battery charged.

Before you go, make sure that your battery is fully charged. Sometimes, recharging your e-bike can be burdensome when you had a long day at work. Hence, your routine should include immediately recharging your e-bike each time you get home.


Conserve the battery by pedaling harder.

You can conserve the battery of your Emojo electric bike by pedaling harder. If you have to run some errands and the battery is running out, pedaling harder allows you to thrive even on a low battery. That way, you don’t completely drain out your battery. When zipping up the hills, don’t completely rely on the assistance alone. Pedaling hard can help conserve your battery and improve your range.


Invest in a second charger.

If you plan to use your Emojo electric bike intensively on a regular basis, consider investing in a second charger. It is advisable for employees who have to go through a long commute every day. You can recharge your e-bike in your office building to ensure that it can assist you when you go home that night.


Buy a second battery.

This is ideal for hunters and hikers. If you go on a long trip, the last thing that you want to experience is getting your battery drained in the middle of nowhere. Hence, consider purchasing a second battery. Many manufacturers, including Emojo, are offering to install the second battery on your bike. This will double your range and allow you to go long distances without worrying about your battery.


Make sure the tire pressure is always up.

Low tire pressure will require much energy both from you and your bike. As a result, it eats up the battery faster than expected. On the other hand, over-inflating your tires can cause problems in the long run.

A standard Emojo electric bike should have a tire pressure of 50-60 psi. Investing in your own floor pump is highly recommended.


Fold and store your e-bike properly.

Refer to the guidelines above on how to fold up an Emojo electric folding bike. Folding it properly and storing it in a secure space will lengthen the lifespan of your e-bike. It also helps to maximize space in your garage. Don’t just stash your folding e-bike in a corner after getting home.



Knowing how to fold up an Emojo electric folding bike helps preserve the vehicle in the long run. Even if a folding electric bike is designed to withstand heavy-duty use, it may rot with improper use. With proper maintenance, rest assured that you can keep your bike running for years.


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