UBCO 2x2 Electric Bike Overview [Top 7 Features for Hunting]

UBCO 2x2 Electric Bike Overview [Top 7 Features for Hunting]

Does your hunting truck have 4wd? Would you even consider taking a truck through those trails if it didn’t have 4wd? Probably not. Why should your hunting e-bike only have one drive wheel? Single-drive e-bikes do just fine. 

Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t much to be desired especially when you have plenty of low-traction scenarios to overcome on your way to your deer blind. 

The UBCO 2X2 is an electric bike that comes standard with two drive wheels, and available in two models: the 2X2 ADV (adventure) or the 2X2 WRK (work). Both the front and rear tires will go to work, ensuring you make it to your destination without so much as flinching at whatever you throw at it. 

Does that make it an ideal bike for hunting? To be honest, an electric bike needs to bring more to the table for hunters. This is why we’re going to take a look at everything the UBCO 2x2 brings to the table for hunters. 

UBCO 2x2 Electric Bike for hunters

What makes it good for hunting?

We won’t beat around the bush. We want to get right to the heart of the matter and talk about everything we think hunters will love about the UBCO eBike. That way, you too can ogle over its features and decide if they’re enough for you to bundle it into your hunting load out.

1. It offers superior off-road performance.

 An additional drive wheel works wonders on the trail. Just like 4x4 on your truck, this gives the bike improved torque, power, and traction. As you traverse through mud, over leaves, through the creek, and up hills, the bike’s performance will remain consistent, providing effortless and safe travel.

2. Powerful, yet quiet

Despite featuring an additional drive wheel, the UBCO is as quiet as any other electric bike on the market. Not only will you be able to blast through any obstacles that stand between you and your destination, but you’ll also creep right by any game unnoticed along the way.

3. It’s more than fast enough

Speaking of power, the UBCO 2x2 has a top speed of 50 km or just over 30mph. While it’s not the fastest bike on the market, that’s a higher top speed than many electric bikes can achieve. That kind of speed paired with superior off-road performance makes it a well-rounded bike for hunting and other recreational uses.

4. The robust frame will endure the environment 

A prominent feature of the UBCO 2x2 is the robust frame. The tubular structure offers the kind of rigidity Powersports equipment brings to the table. However, it’s not as unforgiving as you may initially believe, as it’s paired with an advanced suspension system. These characteristics coupled together make for a bike that will endure harsh environments without sending excess energy through the rider. In other words, it’s strong and comfortable.

5. Frame can double as mounting point 

Known as "the utility bike,” the UBCO 2x2 can be paired with several accessories from the manufacturer. However, tubular construction makes it a prime candidate to mount a wide range of other gadgets and gear so long as it is compatible with proper mounts.

6. Little downtime needed between hunts 

Batteries take time to charge. That’s a natural fact. Still, the UBCO 2x2 has a recharge time of just 6 hours. That means you’ll never have to wake up worried if it’s ready for the day, no matter how early you prefer to hit the woods.

7. It will go the distance 

Not only is the UBCO 2x2 faster and more capable than many electric bikes, but it’ll also go further. This bike has a range of 105 to 125 km, which’s roughly 65 to 77 miles on a single charge. For reference, many e-bikes will go just 20 miles before needing a recharge—the UBCO 2x2 more than triples that distance.

hunting electric bike from UBCO

What else do you need to know?

Hunters across the globe regularly rely on the UBCO 2x2 for their hunting adventures deep into the woods. The features above are partially to thank for that. However, the litany of accessories available to it is also a major benefactor. 

Large side bags, handguards, and portable power packs help this bike accel in the wild. We can’t leave out the fact that factory lighting can be the difference in making it out of the woods safely or having to wait until morning.

That said, the UBCO 2x2 is not a perfect machine. Some factors may pose as significant issues to hunters. For one, the bike isn’t as tall as others. While many are willing to make that sacrifice, larger hunters might not find it enjoyable or even feasible to ride this electric bike through the trails.

Despite being somewhat short, the bike is no lightweight. The UBCO 2x2 weighs in at 150 lbs. That is much lighter than an ATV or motorcycle one may ride through the woods before moving to e-bikes, and it is considerably heavier than many models. 

Furthermore, state laws and regulations for e-bikes in your state and those you hunt in may not permit you to ride an e-bike that ways more than 100 pounds. 

Multiple models of the UBCO 2x2 are available, such as the 2x2 ADV adventure bike and the 2x2 WRK work bike, but neither is widely available. There’s a short wait period with any model you select.

So, even if there is the perfect configuration for your needs, you can expect to have that patience you learned in the deer blind be put to the test.

UBCO ebike battery

When it’s time to bring home the trophy, the UBCO is an excellent platform for many hunters. It’s robust, fast, quiet, and far more capable than much of the competition. Still, there’s a lot that can cause hunters to consider another platform. Mostly, the waiting periods and state regulations may drive many away.

Keep in mind that the UBCO is not the only 2x2 bike on the market. If off-road superiority has piqued your interest, we suggest you check out other AWD models to determine which truly is the best for your hunt.

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ken ellisor
ken ellisor

May 22, 2022

how much ? how available?

Rod Friis
Rod Friis

May 22, 2022

This 2 × 2 bike should have a mid-drive motor and front hub motor. It should also have a rear hub gear system and a gates belt drive.

Only then will it be a true adventure/hunting e-bike which we can sell to outr Police and Defence Force and Anti -Poaching teams in Southern Africa.

Make an affordable one like that and we will sell thousands of them!!!!!!

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