Rungu Dualie eBike Overview Top 7 Features for Hunters

Rungu Dualie eBike Overview Top 7 Features for Hunters

Just one look at the Rungu Dualie, and you're sold. Those dual front wheels make it clear that this beast is built for the ultimate adventure. 

Now, you might feel like you're just judging a book by its cover and jumping to conclusions, and it's only fair to be skeptical. After all, your parents taught you all about what kind of you know what makes assumptions. 

Well, the good news is that the Rungu Dualie is just as suited for hunting as you'd imagine, if not better. But because everyone loves to know exactly what makes one eBike better than another, it's only right to highlight everything this monster does better than most. 

Top 7 feature for hunters

1. Superior stability 

Don't worry. There are some performance advantages to ogle at. However, one of the most important advantages the design of the Rungu Dualie brings to the table is improved safety. 

The two front wheels make it far more stable than most other eBikes. While you might be willing to risk it on a traditional layout, it's wise to think it over based on the fact that you and your expensive equipment will be riding over some seriously tough terrain.

2. Unmatched climbing

Alright, onto the fun stuff. The Rungu Dualie utilizes the weight-forward layout nicely. The geometry and additional wheel make climbing over logs, stumps, and up hills feel like child's play. 

The platform also features an extra-long wheelbase. This makes going down those embankments just as effortless. To make a long story short, there's nothing that'll stand in the way of this beast.

3. Better in any setting period 

Your hunting blind might not be at the top of some non trekkable mountain. Still, you're sure to encounter plenty of obstacles along the way, even if you've already cleared your path of stumps and stones. 

Mud and snow are just a part of the mix, and there's no way you won't encounter them.

Thankfully, the Rungu Dualie won't sweat over these either. The layout advantages highlighted above also work to plow through the soupy portions of terrain you're bound to encounter in the wild.

Rungu Dualie electric hunting bike

4. Fat tires

Would it be a hunting eBike discussion if fat tires weren't thrown in the mix? Make no mistake. The front wheels weren't narrowed down to double down. You'll find fat tires on all positions on the Rungu Dualie. 

Fat tires are an ideal option for hunting for several reasons. One, they improve offroad traction, which only helps further the capabilities of the Dualie. They also help to soften the ride up some, so you won't dread the ride out after a long day.

5. Superior capacity 

Three-hundred twenty-five pounds. That's what the Rungu Dualie Standard is going to hold. For reference, that's almost 100 pounds more than many of the other hunting eBikes on the market. 

That extra capacity is nothing to take lightly. After all, the weight the bike can support may ultimately determine if it's right for your travels. 

So what if it's overkill? The lower the rider weight, the fewer trips you need to make in and out of the woods after a successful big-game hunt.

6. Tow like a pro 

Ok, you're not slinging the take over your shoulders while you ride. That's what the dolly is for. How much can the other eBikes tow, though? It's a detail often left out of the discussion. 

The Rungu Dualie can tow up to 300 pounds. That's a lot more than you'd think and is certainly more than enough for the average hunter.

7. Double-Up Batteries 

Thanks to the Double-Up eBike batteries, the Rungu Dualie summons an odd number when you read into the range.

As advertised on the website, this thing can go anywhere from 17-309 miles on a single charge. No, it's not a typo. 17 miles if you stay on the motor, but 309 if you use it only when you need to. 

309 miles is further than your econobox will go on a full tank. Heck, that's further than many other electric vehicles, period.

Sure, the stand might only be a mile or so into the woods, but at least you know you've got more than enough juice to make it home safely if the hunting truck calls it quits. 

Rungu Dualie eBike for hunting review

Variety is the spice of life 

You can call this the eighth feature if you want, but that's kind of cheating. The Rungu Dualie comes in a total of five variations. That means you can pick the platform that best suits your budget and intended use. 

Aside from the Standard, which is mentioned earlier, the XR Steep, XR Rubicon Trail Edition, Rugged, and Steep, are available. 

Each brings its own unique advantages to the table, including improved weight capacity, storage racks, Maxxis tires, and saddlebags. So before you jump on whatever version is first to cross your path, it's best to read into each to make sure you get the ultimate experience. 

That said, these eBikes are available in Class 1, Class 2, and Off Road only levels as well. That means hunters from all over the country can ensure they're ok to use this monster to conquer the hunt, even if there are no rules on what kind of power their eBike can produce. 

At the end of the day, the Rungu Dualie, in any one of its forms, may just be the ultimate hunting eBike. 

To recap, it's more stable and safer to ride than most eBikes. It's also designed in such a way that no obstacles are out of the question.

The added weight capacities and extended range only sweeten the pot as keeping upright over just about anything are what most hunters are going to care about. 

Still not sold? That's alright. This is a considerable expense, and there are plenty of other great eBikes for hunters to take advantage of that you should check out too.

If you're looking for recommendations, you may want to read into more of the top eBike picks for hunters of the past year. 

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