QUIETKAT Jeep E-Bike: A Review

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QUIETKAT Jeep E-Bike: A Review

Undoubtedly, QuietKat is one of the best e-bike manufacturers in the market. The brand is known for its all-terrain, all-electric bikes that are suitable for hunters.

For the first time, QuietKat has launched its first Jeep e-Bike that caught many hunters' attention. It is a legendary partnership that has been buzzing for years, and now its first-ever e-bike model is available in the market. The Jeep e-bike is the combination of high performance and technology combined together to bring the best electric mountain bike. It is now considered one of the top off-road electric mountain bikes in the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the QuietKat Jeep e-bike and determine if this ragged e-bike is what you're looking for.

QUIETKAT Jeep E-Bike: A Review


At a glance, Jeep E-bike features the following:

  • 750W motor
  • 48V Panasonic 14.5Ah battery
  • 160nm Torque
  • Torque Sensor + 2 Speed Sensors
  • Detachable Thumb Throttle
  • Up to 50 miles range
  • CST Roly Poly 26”x4/8” wheels
  • Color-digital display
  • 79-pound weight
  • 300-pound load capacity


The revolutionary Jeep e-Bike is a full-suspension electric bike built to explore the roughest of trails and terrains. It features a Fire-Link suspension system with a four-bar linkage that can deliver ultimate traction and high capability. It also has four-piston hydraulic disc brakes for optimal control when you are navigating terrains and riding rough roads.

It features a 26 x 4.8” fat-tire platform. It can ride through the depths of snow, sand, and hardpack rocks.

When it comes to the motor, the Jeep e-bike features a high-quality BAFANG ultra-drive 750-watt that can deliver up to 1500 watts of high performance and 160nm torque. Best of all, you can easily switch it from class 1, 2, 3 e-bikes.


When hunting, longer running time is crucial to a hunter. This e-bike can go up to 40 miles with just a single charge thanks to its powerful motor. Considering this e-bike emerging from Jeep® brand, it features the Fire-Link suspension that can give you the best tractive capability.


This electric bike is compatible with any QuietKat accessories in the market. You can optimize the bike using bags, trailers, fenders, lights, and many more. Rest assured that it can carry all your gears and take you to extreme adventures. 


The Jeep e-bike is available in medium (17 inches) and large (19 inches) sizes. If you're looking for an e-bike that makes it easy to zip up the hills and climb, it has a low stand-over height and innovative geometry to keep you balanced. Exploring the rough terrains has never been easier with this electric bike.

This bike comes with a thumb throttle that will activate the motor without having to pedal. However, if you are required to comply with the Class 1 motor, simply remove the engine, and it will automatically fall under the bike class 1.

QUIETKAT Jeep E-Bike: A Review

Brakes and train gears

This electric bike features a 10-speed drivetrain, partnered with the hydraulic disc brakes that allow you to navigate precisely even if the road is steep. The 9-speed drivetrain makes this e-bike superior to other bikes in the industry. Its 203mm rotors can deliver the best assistance even with heavy gears on your back.

Best for everyone

The Jeep e-bike is, by far, one of the best bike models that are suitable for everyone, not just hunters. Are you a wildlife photographer? Just bring your gears with this e-bike and get ready to go! Hunting and fishing gears are also welcome. It can even carry heavy equipment and large coolers to bring your snacks while exploring the trails. This e-bike can provide the utmost support for every outdoor enthusiast and hunters out there.

Final Thoughts

The Jeep e-bike started the revolution for the most rugged, durable mountain bikes that are not only limited for hunters. Other outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy this innovative e-bike thanks to its premium features and sturdy built. Whether it’s on land, sand, snow, or rocks, rest assured that this electric bike can take you further. It is a solid investment if you want an e-bike that can last for years to come. You can explore the woods in convenience, knowing that you are safe with the QuietKat Jeep e-bike.

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