How to Protect Your Electric Bike in the Cities

How to Protect Your Electric Bike in the Cities

A sleek-looking electric bike with premium features is an excellent companion to hunters, but unfortunately, it has become a target for theft. Riding your e-bike in the trails shouldn't be a problem, but if you bring it with you to the city, you must know how to protect it.

Even if you have purchased a good lock, learning how to keep protect your electric bike in the cities can strengthen its security. As the owner, practicing safety habits will give you peace of mind that your e-bike is safe and secured at all times.

Tips in Keeping Your E-bike Safe in the City

Here are the following tips to keep in mind onhow to protect your electric bike in the cities:

How to Protect Your Electric Bike in the Cities

Download an e-bike theft app.

Make use of the technology on how to protect your electric bike in the cities by downloading an e-bike theft app. Most electric bikes come with a serial number that serves as its ID.

If your e-bike gets stolen, you can report it to the police and track where it is using the serial number and application.

These e-bike theft applications are beneficial. You can create a lost e-bike listing and post it to find your e-bike faster. However, we recommend uploading actual photos of your e-bike. It's hard to take a picture of something that has been stolen from you. Hence, before bringing your e-bike to the city, make sure you have a few good photos of it for a possible listing and download the application ahead of time.

The moment your e-bike gets stolen, police, and people who have downloaded a similar application will be immediately notified.


 Always park your e-bike in a public area.

To lessen the chances of your e-bike getting stolen, choose a public area to park your e-bike. Thieves are most likely to target e-bikes that are parked in less crowded places. It would be difficult for them to break the e-bike's security system in broad daylight, where many people are passing by.

Besides that, avoid parking your e-bike in one place overnight. Take it home with you as much as possible.


Take all removable parts with you.

Some e-bikes have detachable parts, such as the display and lights. If that's the case, remove it yourself and bring it with you when you park your e-bike. If the handlebars of your e-bike are also detachable, removing it will assure you that a thief will never be able to ride away your e-bike even if they managed to break the lock.


Choose the right lock for your e-bike.

One of the best ways on how to protect your electric bike in the cities is by choosing the right lock. The appropriate lock varies on your needs. For instance, if you're only running some errands on a grocery store and wouldn't take an hour, then a medium security lock can provide enough security. On the other hand, if you're going to leave your e-bike for more than four hours, consider investing in a heavy-duty lock that is hard to break.

Aside from the primary lock, consider adding a second lock to strengthen the security of your e-bike when you're not around. You can choose from a cable lock, chain lock, or u-lock to do so.


Remove the battery of your e-bike.

When you are in the city and need to leave your e-bike alone, consider removing its battery. Battery packs are expensive. There is a big chance that the thief might end up destroying the battery while trying to break the lock. An e-bike with a broken battery is just as useless. Hence, make it a habit to bring the batteries with you if your e-bike is parked for more than four hours.

How to Protect Your Electric Bike in the Cities

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more heartbreaking to a cyclist or a hunter than getting his e-bike stolen. Hence, knowing how to protect your electric bike in the cities will assure you that it is secured when you're not around. The community of cyclists understands how crucial an electric bike is to anyone. So, before you take your e-bike to the city, practicing a few safety habits is highly advisable.


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