7 Best City Ebikes That Are Worth The Bucks

We are living in a decade where most of the technological breakthroughs happened. We now have smart gadgets, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and even electric vehicles! Surely, these things make it more and more exciting every day!


E-bike is more commonly known as “power bike” or “ booster bike.” It is the biggest and greenest advancement in the transportation sector! The reason behind this is that compared to petrol scooters, these electric bikes offer low-cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free transportation. Moreover, riding it also has physical and health benefits!


These electric bikes are also perfect for commuters, and it is an ideal substitute for the users of a regular bicycle who don’t want to sweat a lot. Would you believe that in 2017, it is recorded that nearly 837,000 rode a regular bike to work? However, there is a decrease of 30,000 bikers in 2018 because of the length of time and effort they spent to get to work on their bike.


This is why we will review the best city ebikes that are definitely worth the try!

Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

Before we proceed into reviewing the best city ebikes and decide which one to purchase, let’s discuss first why you should avail of an ebike. So, here is a list of the benefits that you will get from riding an electric bike:


Assisted biking

What distinguishes an ebike from a regular bike is its battery-powered “pedal-assist.” This is a machine that has been integrated or placed within the ebike to boost your pedaling. Through this pedal-assist, the stress and impact on your knees and thighs can be reduced. Furthermore, you can also now say goodbye to the sweaty rides!


Some ebikes are using more advanced boosting technology. The boost it can provide is so powerful that you will be able to conquer hills and inclines. This perk is good for the people who are adventurous and love challenging terrains.


Moreover, through this assisted biking feature of ebikes, more people of any age and health condition can ride a bike effortlessly and longer. We all know that longer rides mean more places to go!


Speed and flexibility

Ebikes make it possible for you to go places faster, requiring only minimal effort from you. This is because of the technology that gives you the extra oomph that you need to cover many miles of distance. Moreover, riding an ebike doesn’t just make things faster. It is also flexible. You can take advantage of the multi-purpose cycle lanes. Imagine how this will save you from the traffic, right?


Helps you stay fit

Would you believe that riding an ebike is just as good as riding a regular bike in terms of improving your fitness? Yes, you read that right! This statement is backed up by a study of scientists from Switzerland’s University of Basel. Even though ebikes are pedal-assisted, it is still an exercise that lets you cover farther distances, which is good for your health.


If you still don’t believe this, you should know that you can also customize your ebike to make it more suitable for exercise!

 7 Best City Ebikes That Are Worth The Bucks

Lets you save more

You must know how much fuel costs if you are initially a motorcycle, scooter, or even a car owner. Petrol and diesel are undeniably expensive, not just in the United States but also in many countries.


Furthermore, there are occasional price surges that may not be good, especially if you are working on a budget. This is the reason why using an ebike instead will let you save more as you don’t need to worry about fuel anymore. Most importantly, electricity is much cheaper!


It is nature-friendly!

Climate change and global warming are getting more and more dangerous every single day. One day the world will never be the same again-- this is why we need to play our part in our simple way. Ebikes are emission-free making it nature-friendly. Imagine all the pollution that can be deducted if everyone will be switching on bikes!

What to Look for The Best City Ebikes?

Now that you know the benefits of using an electric bike, let us also discuss what you should know when looking for the best city ebikes.

  • What is your preferred playground? However, you should note that this does not literally mean a place to play on. It is about the kind of activity that you will frequently be doing with your ebike. You have to know that the best city ebikes have different designs and purposes and you need to choose what best fits your needs.
  • Motor Mount. You should know that there are two types of motor mount: the first one is mounted in one of the wheels or “hub motor assist,”and the second one is installed in the crank and pedal area or “crank motor assist.”
  • It is essential that you choose a high-quality battery as it makes all the difference. You should opt for the more reputable and trusty ones. A good battery makes your ride longer and more efficient.
  • This is about the distance that you can cover with your ebike in just one go of your battery. Therefore, the longer the range, the better the ebike is.

7 Best City Ebikes

Since you already learned about the critical factors in choosing an ebike, let us review the seven best city ebikes that are worth your bucks!

Emojo Ram

Emojo Ram

Emojo Ram

Ride with confidence and comfort with Emojo Ram ebike! What makes this one of the best city ebikes is that it has a foldable sturdy aluminum, step-through frame. Furthermore, it is powered by a Bafang 750-watt electric motor, which lets you go up to 30 miles per charge. There are just a lot of routes that you can traverse with this kind of power! These features provide you with plenty of torque and power to cruise around and tackle steep uphills.


Emojo Ram ebike also has dual disk brakes and a 7-speed Shimano gearing that lets you conquer any route that you choose. The duals disk brakes let you ride with an added sense of safety. Furthermore, this ebike is also very versatile. It is equipped with 4-inch fat tires that let you ride on any surface such as road, dirt, sand, or snow. It is also very lightweight as it only weighs 55 lbs.


Fifield Seaside

Fifield Seaside

Fifield Seaside

Enjoy the feeling like you are at the beach with one of the best city ebikes-- the Fifield Seaside! This ebike boasts of its smart power-assist featuring a 350-watt rear-drive brushless motor that lets you cover 30 to 50 miles per charge. Moreover, the Fifield Seaside enables you to bring anything that you need and even comfortably transport your grocery bag as it has a back rack included.


This ebike is also proud of its superior safety, and as they said, it would “be able to stop any dime in any weather.” This is because the Fifield Seaside is equipped with a Tekro mechanical disk braking system. Moreover, it also has internal gears that can protect against damage from falls. You will also be more safely biking during the night as it features head and taillights, bell, reflective tires, and fenders.


It is also surprisingly lightweight as it only weighs 45 lbs! Lastly, you will surely enjoy its 2-year warranty for the frame, battery, and motor!


Emojo Wildcat Pro

Emojo Wildcat Pro

Emojo Wildcat Pro

The Emojo Wildcat Pro is an electric mountain bike, and it is the most stylish ebike that you would see! It is equipped with fat tires and lightweight aluminum rigid frame that provides you with all the torque that you need in conquering mountains! Moreover, it boasts of its 750-watt Bafang electric motor that can let you go 30 up to 50 miles in just one charge. This kind of power provides you with a boost that you need to push the limit!


For safety, it features front and rear hydraulic brakes. It also provides you with full control with its 7-speed Shimano gearing!


BAM Supreme

BAM Supreme


BAM Supreme


The BAM Supreme is the newest ebike from BAM power bikes! It is powered by a 750-watt geared hub motor, 48-volt 14 AH lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells that lets you go 25 to 45 miles of distance. Moreover, it has front and rear fenders, rear track, integrated front and rear electric lights, and rear brake light.


Furthermore, it has a front suspension fork and Kendra Juggernaut fat tires that make it useful in any terrain. This ebike also keeps you informed of your speed, distance, and battery life through a back-lit LCD.


Fifield Jetty 4.0

Fifield Jetty 4.0

Fifield Jetty 4.0

This ebike is Fifield’s best-seller! It is foldable up to 50% of its size so you can stock it in any place in your apartment or at home. Moreover, its entire frame glows in the dark, so it gives you a safe night-ride. It also boasts of its highly efficient 350-watt brushless motor that can take 30 to 45 miles away on a single charge!


It also has a Tekro Mechanical disk braking system, and it only weighs 40 lbs. Like any other Fifield bike, you may enjoy two years of warranty for the frame, battery, and motor!


BAM Step-Thru

BAM Power Bikes Step Thru

BAM Step-Thru

An endless possibility is all that you can imagine with the BAM step-thru electric bike. It is equipped with All-Purpose Kendra Juggernaut tires and features an adjustable front suspension fork giving you the ability to handle any kind of terrain.


Moreover, this ebike is powered by a 750-watt Direct Drive Hub motor and a five-level pedal-assist to boost your need. Lastly, the BAM step-thru electric bike has front and rear fenders and LED lights so you can be seen during the night.


Enzo Folding Bike

Enzo Folding Electric Bike

Enzo Folding Bike

If you are scared that someone might steal your bike, then the Enzo folding bike is the best choice for you! It is one of the best foldable bikes in the market, and you can take it inside anywhere you go. Furthermore, its frame is made of rigid aluminum alloy fork that is water-resistant and durable.


It also has a 7-speed Shimano gearing paired with 28T Cassette, which makes the ebike super fast. Moreover, it has a removable 36-volt Samsung battery, and it weighs 48 lbs.


Final Thoughts

We hope that you learned something about why you should buy an ebike, the factors to consider in buying one, and the specifications of the best city ebikes. Now, the final step remaining is making your choice!

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