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David Z.
United States United States
The most amazing bike!

My bike arrived just a bit late due to the Covid backup but it has been worth the wait. It honestly was so much more of a bike than what I thought it would be. It rides like a dream, and already I have visited places on it that I haven’t been to in years. Im’ still waiting on a few accessories but they have not hindered the performance in the least. Well worth the money and the wait.

Marcus W.
United States United States
bought 3 of these bikes

We are starting up an e bike rental business and found many bikes on back order. We purchased this bike in hopes that it would work well. All three bikes had one common issue and one had another issue. First, on all three bikes the front fender strut is designed to connect to front fork near and under the brake caliper. One must bend the strut out from or below the caliper and brake cable in order for the brake caliper to not hang up or rub on the caliper. In doing so, one must also adjust the other strut or the fender is out of true and rubs the tire. On one of the bikes this was easy and on the others more difficult. It is still occasionally an issue and it has been time consuming to adjust the fender struts. Second, on the first two bikes, we put them together, went for a test ride no problems. On the third bike, turned throttle and took off but when switching to lowest gear the deerailer brought to chain to far inward and chain came off with the derailed sprockets scratching the motor hub. After some adjustment no problem, but motor hub still scratched. Also, the seat does not have a level adjustment, only up and. down, and back/forwards. If the nose of the seat creates discomfort, too bad, no way to adjust it down. Overall I would probably purchase a different bike in the future for our rentals and certainly a different bike for personal use. We will see how they hold up.

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