6 Best Hunting Bags That Are Worth The Try

6 Best Hunting Bags That Are Worth The Try


Hunting, a leisure activity befitting for the royals, is now becoming a favorite pastime for many locals. Statistics even show that more than 13.5 million people in the United States engage in hunting every year. That’s a lot, right? So if you are one of them or still planning to be one of them, then you know that choosing the right gear is essential to hunting.

A hobby for the mighty and brave, hunting is also an opportunity to encounter the great expanse of nature. It is also a chance to stalk through woods and traverse along the trails. For some, hunting might be about bringing the right weapon and ammunition, however, it is also about having the proper gears and accessories. A backpack is one of these and it plays a huge role in hunting. I mean, you don’t want to carry all your things with your hands when you go hunting, right?

The best hunting bags should make you feel comfortable and convenient. We want you to find the best bag that is fit for you so to make your life easier, we have compiled a list for you!


Why is it Essential to Have The Best Hunting Bags?

The first thing that you might find yourself asking is “Why do you need a hunting bag?”. A hunting bag is essential as it holds your food and water. You don’t want to get hungry and dehydrated as it makes the hunt less fun. Moreover, it is also a place for you too put extra clothing. Hunting could be dirty as you need to sometimes cover yourself with grass and mud to camouflage, so a change of clothes will really be essential. 


The purpose will also be different if you are talking about a day hunt or if you will commence a 10-day backpack hunt. You should note that the longer you will be hunting, the more things you need to have and you will put all of that in your hunting bag. 

6 Best Hunting Bags That Are Worth The Try

Key Factors in Choosing The Best Hunting Bags

Before we proceed in giving you a list of the hunting bags that you should try, it is important to first know the essential things for you to look at in choosing one. Picking the right backpack for you can be confusing and intimidating as there are so many factors that must be considered. This section aims to make it easier for you. You will also become well informed when choosing the best hunting bags.

Durability and Comfort

Durability and comfort are the most important things that you should consider when choosing the best hunting bags. In hunting, you will carry a lot in your pack such as your essentials, weapons, ammunition, and also a piece of the meat from the animal that you hunted. We all know that it is heavy and can cause discomfort and back pains. Moreover, your hunting bag can also break from all the weight that it is carrying. Therefore, you should choose a hunting bag that is comfortable to carry and durable so that you could keep your peace of mind. 


For a backpack to be comfortable, it has to have the following elements:


  • A strong and stiff vertical frame; it should also be tall enough so that you can easily raise the shoulder harness off your shoulders. 
  • A hip belt that will not slip, rub, or bruise you.


On the other side, durability is about how the backpack is made and what materials were used in making it. It is not about how heavy it could carry, for even a 4-pound bag can be stronger than a 9-pound bag. It is about using high-quality materials that are sewn together nicely. Remember that catastrophic breaking should be prevented at all costs. I am sure that you don’t want your stuff breaking or getting dirty once it collapses. 


Volume, Weight, and Organization

We have come across a nice mantra that you might find interesting: “Volume is a necessity, weight is a priority, and organization is a preference.” 


Volume is a necessity. Yes, everybody hunting would totally agree with that. This means that volume is an important consideration because it needs to fit everything that you will pack. Furthermore, it can also define the number of days that you can go hunting in the wild. You can refer to the table below as a guide. 


The Volume of the Hunting Bag

Number of Days

3000 to 4000 ci

1 to 3 days

4000 to 5000 ci

3 to 7 days

5000 to 6000 ci

7 to 10 days

6000 + ci

10 + days


Weight is a priority. If two bags offer you the same comfort, durability, and volume then you must definitely go with the lighter pack. It shouldn’t always be heavy. Beginners in hunting usually pay for all the weight with pain except, if you are already weightlifting and used to carrying something heavy. 


It is also important to keep in mind that the total weight of your bag may slow you down. Moreover, it also compromises your ability to gain elevation and it would also give you sores for the following day. More importantly, you should know that the bag and the pack is one of the heavier gears, percentage-wise. 


Organization is a preference. In here, you should look at some manufacturing preferences. It is essential to note that the more pocket that your hunting bag has, the heavier and more complex it will be. Moreover, those pockets mean more opportunities for water to penetrate your bag. 

Fabric and Materials

There are several criteria in which you can judge the fabric and materials used in your hunting bag. These criteria are as follows:


  • Is it water repellent? At what degree of water repellency?
  • The tear strength and puncture resistance
  • The abrasion resistance
  • Noice


You should know that the most common fabrics used for a hunting bag are nylon, nylon packcloth, microfleece or fleece, and high-tech fabrics such as X-PAC laminate or Spectra X-Grid.

The 6 Best Hunting Bags

Now that you know about the importance of hunting bags and the key factors that you should know when looking for one, we have also compiled the best hunting bags that are worth the try. These hunting bags are rated from the comfort it can provide, its durability, the volume, weight, and organization.

So, if you are excited to know about these bags then check this out!

2020 Quitekat Pannier Bag

2020 Quitekat Pannier Bag

2020 Quitekat Pannier Bag

Bid your goodbye into carrying bags over your shoulder with the 2020 Quietkat Pannier Bag. You can hang the bag on whatever side of the rear wheel of you hunting electric bike. What a huge comfort it brings, right? 


The Pannier bag is also one of the best hunting bags for its waterproof feature. It is made of marine-grade, waterproof materials that make them perfect for a great adventure. The design of this bag also allows fast attachment and removal from the rack on your rear wheels. Furthermore, these are sold as a set of two bags for only $89!


Rambo Waterproof Saddlebag

Rambo Waterproof Saddlebag

Rambo Waterproof Saddlebag

Just like the Quietkat Pannier bag, you also don’t have to carry the Rambo Waterproof Saddlebag. This bag is made as a perfect combo with your Rambo hunting e-bike. You can definitely add more storage for your hunting gears with this camo luggage bag. It is made of durable, waterproof fabric. Moreover, it has a reflective trim detail. However, you should have an R150 rack so that you can properly install and use this hunting bag.


Furthermore, you can get the Rambo Waterproof Saddlebag for only $99!


Backou Waterproof Trailer Bag

Backou Waterproof Trailer Bag

Backou Waterproof Trailer Bag

One of the cheapest but most durable bags, the Backou Waterproof Trailer Bag boasts of its dimensions. It is 11 inches in width, 25 inches in length, and 15 inches in height. Imagine how many things you can put in that kind of dimension! What makes this bag different is that it has a shoulder strap that makes it easier to carry. And just like all the other bags, the Backou Waterproof Trailer Bag is made from high-quality waterproof materials. Moreover, you can buy this one for only $39!

Rambo Waterproof Single Saddlebag

Rambo Waterproof Single Saddlebag

You can add storage to your Rambo hunting e-bike while keeping the other side totally accessible or free for another add-on. This is made possible with the Rambo Waterproof Single Saddleback. Its features are completely the same as the Rambo Waterproof Saddlebag. The only thing that is different is that it is single and you can avail of this bag for only $49!


Quietkat Front Handlebar Dry Bag

Quietkat Front Handlebar Dry Bag

Quietkat Front Handlebar Dry Bag

It has the same quality as all the Quietkat bags. However, what distinguished the Quietkat Front Handlebar Dry bag is that its insides are lined with hard plastic for the extra rigidity. You can place the meat of the animals that you hunted inside here! Another plus factor is that you can equip this of the front of your Quietkat e-bike which makes it totally comfortable to carry. 


Backou Dual Use Backpack or Pannier Bag Pack

Backou Dual Use Backpack or Pannier Bag Pack

Backou Dual Use Backpack or Pannier Bag Pack

Just like the Pannier bag that we have featured at the top, the Backou Dual Use Backpack has the same quality. The only different thing is that you can easily convert it to a backpack when you switch from hunting to hiking. Moreover, it has a big, highly reflective Backou logo so you can be seen while in the dark. 


The other thing that makes this one of the best hunting bags is that it has 20 liters or 1,221 cubic inches of gear capacity. Moreover, you can get this bag for $219!

Final Thought

In choosing the best hunting bags, you might be overwhelmed by all the factors that are mentioned above. However, we believe that only you can make that decision because only you knows your needs well. Just keep all the things written here in mind and we believe that you could make the best decision in your hunting life!

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