Emojo Cougar Electric Bike: A Review

Emojo Cougar Electric Bike Review

Downhill bikes are the latest craze among hunters today. It is the ideal electric mountain bike on the go for exploring the forest, cruising down the beach, or hunting in rocky lands. Take a look at the latest Emojo Cougar electric bike—the perfect fit for mountain ripping!



At a glance, the Cougar features the following:

  • 25 miles per hour maximum speed
  • 6-hour charging time
  • USB charging port for electronic devices
  • Adjustable rear DNM air shock and front shocks
  • 6061 aluminum alloy frame
  • 330-pound rider capacity
  • 59-pound bike weight
  • High-grade robotic welding
  • SHIMANO Tourney 29-speed gears and shifters
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Suntour front suspension
  • Zero sales tax


Emojo Cougar Electric Bike Review

Excellent Performance

The Emojo Cougar electric bike is built to be stronger and more reliable than a standard electric mountain bike. It features a hydraulic Tektro front and rear disc brakes that give optimal control with minimal hand power. 

Furthermore, it also features Suntour front shocks with DNM rear suspension and ragged 27.5' x 2.1' tires. Rest assured that this e-bike would be running all seasons tirelessly.

The Cougar is built with a 6061 aluminum alloy. It is lightweight and durable. It can deliver maximum assistance with its 27-speed Shimano Tourney system and 500W DC brushless motor to give the best crank feedback and excellent chain response.

If you are still new to hiking mountains, you may find it hard to advance to steeper inclines. Thanks to the Cougar's pedal-assist settings, you'll be able to zip up hills with no problem.


Battery Range and Torque

Its 48V 10.4ah Lithium-Ion battery can let you go up to 30 miles in a single charge. Depending on how you want to preserve your battery, you can choose between three levels—normal, economy, and full power.

Using the full throttle, you can ride your e-bike with 40 kilometers per hour while the range will vary depending on the pedal assist level you're using. The Emojo Cougar electric bike gives you a sense of security to reach your destination without getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Recharging the battery only takes roughly six hours, making it an ideal choice for anyone who's always on the go.


Rain or Shine Speed

Be ready to strike anytime and anywhere. With the Emojo Cougar electric bike, you are protected in both dry and wet situations. The battery is enclosed in a fully-sealed house, and its frame is rustproof and weatherproof. Its fully-protected components give you the confidence to embark on any thrilling journey anytime.

Thanks to its maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries, users can enjoy the optimal performance of the Cougar. The LCD screen is easy to read. At a glance, you will know your remaining power, range, odometer, and PAS setting. The Cougar also features an unusual USB port for charging your smartphone or other devices. This feature is only available on this electric mountain bike.


Emojo Cougar Electric Bike Review

Easy to Adjust Settings

The Cougar is built to provide optimal convenience to the user. It has a wide range of easy-to-adjust settings such as the rear DNM air suspension, rear pivot linkage system, and front shocks. Riders who are over 5'7 can use this e-bike without discomfort.

Moreover, it also features a 27-inch rim that is supported by the torque underneath the feet. Rest assured that even when riding dense terrains, this downhill electric mountain bike can adapt to the suspension level that you'll need.


Hassle-free Assembly

If this is your first time owning an electric bike, do not worry because the Emojo Cougar electric bike is shipped pre-assembled. You only need basic bike knowledge, and it's ready to go. You can download the assembly video for references while doing it.

However, if you are not confident enough when it comes to tinkering your new electric mountain bike, professional assembly is also recommended. You can get tips on maintaining your new Cougar electric mountain bike from a professional assemblyman while ensuring proper installation of parts. It also protects your warranty in case something breaks in your e-bike.


Final Thoughts

The aggressively-styled Emojo Cougar electric bike can give you the ultimate riding experience. Whether you're a hunter, a wildlife photographer, or an outdoor enthusiast, the Cougar is reliable transportation to the roughest trails and woods.


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