Quietkat Apex eBike Overview [Top 7 Features for Hunters]

Quietkat Apex eBike Overview [Top 7 Features for Hunters]

eBikes are an amazing addition to any hunter’s collection. Even with an entry-level model, the benefits they deliver will surely revolutionize your hunting experience.

Just when you think the situation couldn’t get any better, you find a model better suited to the use that’s the best on the market. Then a little while later, an even more impressive model drops.

It’s almost as though better and better models are released every second. It makes you wonder if there’s actually such a thing as the ultimate eBike for hunting.

Well, that just might be what the QuietKat Apex is. Don’t believe us? The top features will surely make you a believer in this magnificent machine.  

Why do you need it for hunting?

1. Big Power 

750-watt motors are impressive. They can easily haul you and all of your gear around. Even with your take on the dolly, it does just fine. You might feel as though that’s enough, but you know that you’ll end up wanting more power just as you do with your new hunting trucks.  

The QuietKat Apex is no slouch with the available 750-watt, 1,000-watt, and 1,500-watt motor options. That’s more than enough power to get the 325 max-weight capacity moving in a hurry, which will come in handy when the sun starts setting on you.

If you’re wondering why that 750-watt motor is even there, it’s because it ensures the QuietKat is an option for all hunters.

Remember that some areas do not permit the use of anything larger than a 750-watt motor. That’s right. It’s just as versatile as it is powerful.

QuietKat Apex specs

2. Let the gear do the work 

Gearing is everything. Your new truck can drive around town comfortably, haul heavy loads, and cruise down the highway without a hitch because of the 8-speed transmission it has to work with. The QuietKat Apex helps you get moving with nine gears.

The high number of gear ratios helps this bike to remain versatile. That, combined with the big a powerful motor, allows this bike to tackle even the most demanding obstacles without a problem. It also gives the bike the range it needs to traverse over forgiving surfaces with respectable speeds.

3. Stopping power 

Setting things in motion is one thing. Bringing them to a halt is another. Its powerful Tektro 4-piston calipers vastly complement the Apex’s ability to traverse rough terrains.

This adds tremendous safety to the bike as it won’t have a problem stopping you on a dime.

That can save you a nasty fall when riding over rockfaces with your pack loaded with gear. Even with a dressed buck in the back, these brakes shouldn’t have a problem bringing you to a stop when you need them to.

4. Walk-assist 

eBikes offer tremendous riding experiences. But as much fun as they can be, hunting is not about blasting through the woods on your new toy. At some point, you will want to walk alongside it. 

The walk-assist feature helps the Apex shine there as well. Instead of overcoming the weight of the bike and your gear, the motor can help you. That will make your experience far more enjoyable, and you won’t be dreading those last few yards that stand between you and your stand because of it.

QuietKat Apex caters to hunters of both big and small game

5. Supreme comfort 

The Apex is powerful, but it’s not geared toward making life miserable. Instead, this platform comes equipped with a QK 150mm inverted air-suspension fork. This will help the bike maintain stability on rough terrain while minimizing vibrations.

Just another detail that keeps you from leaving the woods exhausted and discouraged by the idea of doing it again come sunrise.

6. Fat Tires 

We highlight fat tires on every bike we discuss, and we’re not about to skip it here. These tires are essential to any successful hunting experience. That’s because they offer superior traction to any traditional bicycle tire.

The wide contact patch increases the amount of rubber on the ground, and the aggressive tread bites into the terrain. If that’s not enough, these tires also double as shock absorbers, making for the most comfortable ride you could get on an eBike. 

7. Frames for you 

The Apex comes with not one but three different frame options. That’s a huge deal because it allows hunters to pick a bike that’s sized correctly for them.

By making sure the bike isn’t too small or too large, the rider will get the best riding experience possible. In addition, it improves their control over the bike and allows them to get more out of all of the other features we’ve discussed. This ultimately proves that you really can’t go wrong with the Apex.

Quietkat Apex is ideal for hunting

Take it up a notch with the Ultimate Hunter Kit 

You should know that the Apex does target itself directly at outdoorspeople. One of the ways to tailor it to your use is by suiting it up with theUltimate Hunter Kit available from QuietKat.

This kit includes a Tannus Armour tire liner, a Gator Gripp HD rack, a QK 1UP bike rack, and the QuietKat cargo trailer. Match that up with the optional camouflage finish, and you do have an ultimate eBike for hunting.

We should point out that an Angler’s kit and Overland kit are also available for when you choose to enjoy the great outdoors in other ways.

As you can see, it’s hard to ignore the QuietKat Apex. Between power, comfort, and features like fat tires, and ample gearing, it’s one of the top contenders on the market today. We might not have squeezed it into our top11 eBikes for hunting in 2021, but we just might have to reconsider. 

Speaking of which, we do suggest you check that article out if you’re picking out your first hunting eBike. Also, make sure you read through the rest of our blogs as it’s loaded with tips and discussions on the subject. We’re confident that we have everything you need to track down the perfect eBike for hunting.

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Ronald Sopow
Ronald Sopow

November 09, 2022

Hi Dave can you tell me ratios for the rear gear set 11 to 41 or some thing else?


May 22, 2022

Are there distributors in Ontario Canada? Can you send me a list?

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