Best Big Game Hunting Accessories For Your Next Hunting Trip

Best Big Game Hunting Accessories For Your Next Hunting Trip

There are various ways of executing hunting. Each hunter has their preferred mode of hunting their prey, whether using traps, crossbows or guns. But, to increase your chances of catching your animal prize and making your hunting time more satisfactory, you can use hunting accessories to  elevate your hunt.

This article aims to help you in preparing for your next hunting trip, especially if you are going on a big game hunting expedition soon; it is best to have an armory at your disposal. Sit back and read on as you read through the curated hunting essentials.


What is Big Game Hunting?

Suppose you are a beginner in this activity; before considering which hunting essentials and accessories are best for you, it is best that you first understand what big game hunting is.

First and foremost, the term big game refers to large, wild animals usually hunted for sport and leisure. The category of animals differs per territory. In Africa, big game include lions, elephants, leopards, and rhinos, while in North America, big game hunting involves bison, moose, and black bears.

As you can see, it is different from the animals most found in the woods and those in proximity, like rabbits and deers. Big game hunting is about searching and shooting rare large animals. It has been popular for centuries, and its existence even dates way back. Hunting animals for entertainment have already been present in records from 4,000 years ago to around 600 B.C. during the Assyrian Empire.

Big game hunting provides a thrill, which attracts shooters—mostly men to the sport and the satisfaction of catching rare animals. During ancient times, hunters used rocks and spears, but today, hunters use different accessories. They can use tree stands for waiting and watching for their prey, or they manually stalk the animals through looking for footprints and pathways they can follow. 

Some use vehicles driven close around animals to catch up with them or to trap them. It is not surprising to hunt using helicopters, which gives shooters the shooting advantage, but game management officers only use this method.

Traditionally speaking, hunters usually hunt big games using bows and arrows. But, in this modern times and with the advent of modern machinery, powerful crossbows are sometimes used. Although, big prey are now usually hunted using handguns and rifles. Most use big game hunting accessories, and you can do that too.

Best Accessories For Big Game Hunting

Hunting Boots

In any hunting trip, the boots you wear matter just as much as your other hunting gear. Since hunting involves walking, climbing, and sometimes running, you must choose the proper footwear that can keep up with extended hours of physical activity. That is why you should invest in high-quality boots as part of your hunting essentials.

Picture this: you are on a big-game hunt, and you are in the middle of stalking a huge buck. Then, your feet start to sore, and you begin to feel uncomfortable because you crossed a creek. You try to tread on lightly and keep up with your prey, but soon enough, the combined feeling of pain and wetness becomes unbearable and distracting. It’s hard for you to keep focused. The next thing you know, you can’t find the buck anymore.

That’s just one of many examples of how the wrong footwear can impact the success of your hunt. Hunting boots are vital for you to be able to cover all that hunting ground. While you may have anelectric hunting bike in your possession, you can’t always rely on it. Plus, a good pair of hunting boots do more than provide comfort. They give support and help prevent twisted ankles, sprains, and broken feet.

The right kind of hunting boots will protect your feet from harsh weather conditions. When it’s cold, you want boots that can provide insulation. Plus, waterproof hunting boots keep your feet dry and comfortable. Hunting boots also help control scent, and the thick soles help you navigate through all kinds of terrain. A good pair of boots make all the difference in how far your feet will take you on a big game hunting trip.

Overall, a good pair of hunting boots is highly essential in a big game hunt.


Hunting Optics & Scopes

Hunting attire is not the only thing essential here. Hunting accessories play a huge role as well in the outcome of your hunt. Before you can actually get down to business, you first need to see your prey, right? That is why hunting optics and scopes are essential, primarily because they help you spot your game.

Now you might be thinking, “I’m hunting big games which are pretty easy to spot.” But, when you're hunting elk, deer, or any other big game, you must be able to see ahead a long distance. How can you look past all that rugged terrain without hunting optics? You wouldn’t want to spend your precious energy on a treacherous hike for nothing.

Moreover, a good spotting scope will help you make sure that you are hunting a legal game. It’s advantageous when there are sex restrictions and established legal sizes. You wouldn’t want to accidentally kill a young buck or the wrong animal. A hunting scope can also help you assess whether or not a game is worth stalking. It is a convenient tool when you are formulating a hunting strategy on the spot! These are essential, especially for far-away games on barren slopes and open fields.

On top of that, hunting optics provide brightness and clarity that your naked eye cannot give. These factors will enhance your scouting skills. But of course, this must-have accessory for big game hunters can offer way more than that! When you have better vision, it doesn’t only improve your spotting skills, but it increases your shooting accuracy too. On top of that, you are also able to target prey that is further away from you. You’ll have a more extended range, and the chances of your game escaping are reduced because you don’t have to get closer.




Hunters can get lost inside the forest, most especially if they are not familiar with the place. It can happen to you if you don’t take precautionary measures seriously. As a hunter, you will be walking around and chasing animals within the area, resulting in getting lost in the woods. It is pretty sure that when you are hunting in a forest or the middle of nowhere, the chance of having no signal is high.

So, you may want to bring hunting accessories, including a portable GPS or a compass and a radio to establish communication outside the border. Fortunately, there are also accessible mobile applications for GPS tracking. The fact is, if you aren’t using a GPS with mapping, you are missing out on an incredible tool that will not help you to understand your hunting territories better.

Utilizing a GPS is as good as wearing protective gears inside a forest. Imagine getting lost in the woods, where you cannot ask for help because they don’t know where to find you. It can be dangerous, thinking that there are other animals around the area. Also, getting stuck inside the forest offers scarce resources for eating, drinking, and sleeping. Make sure to bring a GPS to your big-game hunting adventure.

Don’t fret because you can mark essential way outs through the aid of GPS. Navigate the place without worrying about where you at and where you can exit. Thanks to this system, you can enjoy your big-game hunting to the fullest.

How does GPS Work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, where a network of satellites to identify your current location or exact position on Earth. Every hunter must own a GPS to help them locate themselves or help other people determine where they are. Some GPS receivers provide a precise and accurate location identification.


Hunting Knife

For some hunters, the least essential tool they think about is a hunting knife. However, it is a crucial hunting tool for big-game animals. It is made of steel and a blade that is essentially thin with a sharp-edged. It can be used for cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, mincing, peeling, separating, and other kitchen and hunting tasks. 

We will never know when big-game hunting will require you to stay and camp within the location. It would be best if you prepare your hunting gears ahead of time, including a knife. It can help in trimming bushes and fabric or rope, which is typical in camping. In times of cooking, it also performs well in boning, capping, and skinning the meat. You won’t need to bring many kitchen knives to perfectly cook a dish inside the woods because the hunting knife can manage it.

The primary reason why carrying a good hunting knife is necessary for your hunting journey. Because, unlike other knives, its design is ideal for skinning the meat. But it does not affect the quality of meat. Some hunting knives have rounded point, which helps the flesh to separate from the skin.

Apart from their useability, most hunting knives have a cool modern design, making them more attractive to carry around the woods. Before going on a big-game hunting adventure, make sure to bring your hunting essentials together with the knife. At the same time, look for a durable hunting knife that can last for an extended period. Upon purchasing a good hunting knife, make it a point to take good care of them.

This must-have accessory for big game hunter can be beneficial even for newbies and pros. Take note that you need to be careful in handling this knife. Be responsible since it can hurt other people.


Illumination (flashlight, headlamp, and extra batteries)

Did we miss any vital hunting gears and tools? Well, don’t forget your source of light when in the woods. While some hunters prefer hunting in broad daylight, some go into the woods while it is dark. Also, there are big game animals during nighttime. By carrying a flashlight or headlamp, not only you can track the animals, but you can also ensure your safety in darkness. It also helps in the success of your hunting.

The flashlight is one of the most common equipment in hunting. It is a portable torch that uses batteries to illuminate the dark, especially when you are hunting in a forest in the middle of the night. Using a torch is not advisable because it causes air pollution and is not a convenient item for hunting anymore. Do not forget to bring extra batteries because you might run out of charge in your batteries.

The top reason you need to bring a source of light is to help you monitor where you are during the nighttime. Also, you can read the maps and GPS efficiently through a flashlight. If you are new or an expert in this field, you know how important it is to avoid creating unnecessary noises. Moreover, you can confidently navigate the are without the fear of getting lost.

Another thing you should consider is the safety of other hunters. Carrying a light in the dark sends a signal to others that you are nearby the area. With a flashlight, you can inform them that you are tracking and hunting an animal near their location. This can avoid security issues amongst hunters. It would also be helpful if you bring an extra battery in case your flashlight runs out of energy.


Choose Wisely

Choosing the right weapon depends on your prey's hunting location and which hunting mode you are comfortable using. It might be relatively easier to gauge which ones to use when hunting small games, but you should be extra prepared in the case of big game hunting. 

It would be of great help to have a must-have accessory for big game hunter ones like you. For a faster and more efficient hunting experience, you can try anelectric fat tire ebike, or you can opt to upgrade your rifles and gear accessories instead. Whichever you choose, bigger games require better preparation.

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