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Joshua W.
United States United States

After looking and reviewing multiple bikes different manufacturers and different bike shops I stumbled upon John at ebike generation. After speaking with John @ ebike generation and Tim @ bakcou I decided to buy the bakcou mule. Yes these bikes are rather expensive but worth every single penny. It took about a week to get to me after ordering. Very easy to put together I think from the time that it was sitting on my porch in the box to the time that I had it on the driveway for the initial ride was somewhere around 30 minutes. The bike came in pristine condition no damage at all in shipping. After one ride down my quarter mile long dirt driveway I was blown away. Never would have I thought that these bikes would be that powerful and easy to operate. Since that initial ride I put almost 200 miles on my bike in a week and a half. If anyone is on the fence about whether to buy from John or buy a bakcou all I can say is you will not be disappointed from the service from John to the quality of the bike the craftsmanship is by far the best that I've seen on any of the bikes that I reviewed or looked at. Thanks John!

Rodney C.
United States United States
Bike is a beast

Love this bike ... it is everything is was advertised to be

Andre P.
United States United States
Looks great and pulls like a mule

This is my first foray into ebikes. I wanted something rugged and strong that would go through virtually any condition. I also wanted a comfortable ride. This has been a terrific choice for me. There are two downsides: 1) pricey, and 2) the seat needs to be replaced with something more shock absorbing. I realize there are other ways around making the ride softer, but the seat is probably it’s only weak point. Otherwise, the bike is built like a brick $hithouse and hauls a$$.

Paul G.
the mule has been great so far

the mule has been great so far. ive ridden it it on some dirt roads and to check my hunting stand.yesterday I took it off road on a trail near me,it has all the power I need.cant wait to haul that big one out on opening day!

Curt R.
United States United States

Great in all categories, loving it, just ordered a bike rack from you guys

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