Top Hunting Influencers

Top Hunting Influencers

#1 Field & Stream

Field & Stream Logo

Field & Stream is a magazine featuring fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities in the United States. They have been publishing hunting and fishing content since 1895.

#2 Realtree

Realtree Logo

Realtree is the world's leading camouflage designer. Their website is filled with amazing hunting information and videos. They also have tv show by a similar name "Realtree Outdoors".

#3 Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life Magazine

First launched in 1898, Outdoor Life is an outdoors magazine about camping, fishing, hunting, and survival. It is a sister magazine of Field & Stream. Together with Sports Afield, they are considered the Big Three of American outdoor publishing by Money.

#4 Meat Eater

MeatEater Logo

MeatEater is an outdoor lifestyle company founded by renowned writer and TV personality Steven Rinella. Who is the host of the Netflix show MeatEater and The MeatEater Podcast, Rinella has gained wide popularity with hunters and non-hunters alike through his passion for outdoor adventure and wild foods, as well as his strong commitment to conservation

#5 Deer & Deer Hunting

Deer and Deer Hunting Loog

Started in 1973, Deer & Deer Hunting was founded by Jack Brauer and Al Hofacker, two ultra-serious whitetail hunters from the Upper Midwest. They offer comprehensive and practical information about white-tailed deer and deer hunting techniques.


BowHunting Logo is the #1 bowhunting community and the best source for bow hunting news, information, product reviews and hunting gear at reasonable prices. Their weekly bow hunting video series Bowhunt or Die can be seen on, Roku, iTunes and our YouTube channel.

#7 Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited Logo

Ducks Unlimited is an American nonprofit organization 501 dedicated to the conservation of wetlands and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, other wildlife, and people. It has over 700,000 members since January 2013

#8 Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes Lifestyle Image

Cameron is famous bow hunter with a passion for hunting the wild, pure backcountry and a love of the written word, his greatest love is bowhunting the remote wildernesses of the West.

#9 Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey Lifestyle Image

Eva Shockey is an author, a top TV personality, a rising social media star, a lifestyle blogger, an acclaimed bow hunter, a conservationist and a brand ambassador. Forbes called her an “[outdoor lifestyle] brand-building force to be reckoned with.”

#10 Remi Warren

Remi Warren Lifestyle Image

Remi Warren is a hunting influencer has been hunting his entire life with a passion about sharing his knowledge and adventures with others. He is also the host of the popular TV show Solo Hunters.

#11 Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey Lifestyle Image

Jim Shockey is a Canadian outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter and television producer and host for many hunting shows. He also owns several exclusive outfitting territories in the wild lands of Canada, including the renowned Pacific Rim Guide Territory on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and the famed 12,000 square mile Rogue River Outfitting in the Yukon Territory.

#12 Hunting Life

Hunting Life Logo is a national source for Hunting and Conservation News, Gear Reviews and their Pro Staff articles and reports. Their Mission is to spread the great news of hunting and the North American Conservation Model.

#13 goHunt

goHunt Logo is a Western hunting company focused on technology, media, & lifestyle. They offer a tool-set to make your life easier. Everyday they bring their users closer to the outdoors through professional content, breaking news & lifestyle media by engaging & educating hunters when they are not able to be in the field.

#14 Wired To Hunt

Wired To Hunt Logo

Wired To Hunt is hunting podcase where you can dive deep into the world of whitetails with leading expert Mark Kenyon. Each episode of the Wired To Hunt podcast covers specific and actionable strategies for the next generation of whitetail hunting addicts.

#15 Elk101

Elk101 Logo is home to awesome elk hunting content aimed at increasing your elk hunting success. From detailed elk hunting articles to a popular chat Forum - and everything in between - you'll find what you need at

#16 Keith Warren

Keith Warren Lifestyle Image

Keith Warren is an icon in the outdoor industry and a devoted conservationist. He has been producing and hosting television shows specifically geared to outdoorsmen for three decades and has been featured on numerous networks including Outdoor Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, Sportsman Channel, and Pursuit Channel.

#17 Seek One

Seek One Logo

Seek One is a Youtube Channel that is all about Bowhunting giant whitetails in the Atlanta suburbs. The channel features Lee Ellis, Drew Carroll, Jay Maxwell and Kendall Golightly.

#18 Hushin

Hushin Logo

Hushin is a popular youtube channel that is all about hunting, fishing and the cooking of wild game. They have over 367K subscribers. Click the link below to check out their channel.

#19 Growing Deer TV

Growing Deer TV

Created by Dr. Grant Woods, is his means to share his love for managing and growing white-tailed deer. His goal is to provide current, useful information about deer hunting and deer management in an on-demand video format.

#20 Big Game Hunting Blog

Big Game Hunting Blog Logo

Started by John McAdams, The Big Game Hunting Blog was created as a resource to give average hunters the straight scoop and help them make the most of their time afield.

#21 Outdoors Allie

Outdoors Allie Lifestyle Image

Started by Allie, She started documenting and sharing her outdoor adventures on social media in 2015 through the Outdoors Allie channel as a way to connect with like minded folks; those who hunt for their food, care deeply for wildlife, public land conservation, and enjoy sharing a cold one around a campfire.

#22 Midwest Whitetail

Midwest Whitetail Logo

Midwest Whitetail is a digital only hunting series hosted by Bill Winke. They also produce a digital series called "Chasing November". Their web-only shows take you through the season with over 200 pro staff members located in all parts of the Midwest - actually from North Carolina to Montana. The episodes are broken up by state and come out right after the hunts occur - on a regular schedule on the site.

#23 Big Deer

Big Deer Logo

Started by Mike Hanback, Big Deer Blog is where he documents his hunts and shares awesome tips to help you have a great season.

#24 Miss Pursuit

Miss Pursuit Logo

Started by Carly Brasseux, Miss Pursuit aims to inspire women to pursue an extraordinary outdoor lifestyle by creating an online hub of information and inspiration through useful and inspiring content—expertly curated and tailor-made for their readers.

#25 Morning Moss

Morning Moss Logo

Morning Moss is the greatest hunting, fishing and all things outdoors site. On their site, you will find everything from awesome tips to cool gear reviews.


#26 Archery Topic

Archery Topic Logo


Archery Topic is a bow and deer hunting site where you can find trustworthy advice from top experts. Besides that, you will save your time and money searching for the products to assist your hunting endeavors.

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